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For those who are familiar with the novel and in the movies, Van Helsing is the one archenemy of the vampire count, Dracula. There are many words to describe Van Helsing but all point towards him being a master of wealth, experience, and education. Though there are several renditions and adaptation of the character, his popularity is something that cannot be denied. Countless movies have already appeared featuring either Dracula or Van Helsing. And that popularity has also affected the casino gaming industry so much that WMS has decided to create a slot game with him as the game’s main theme So, what it is about this Van Helsing Slot game that most slot enthusiasts are talking about?

What is Van Helsing Slot Game?

This game utilizes a unique layout. The game has two different sets of reels in one screen. The first reel is the basic layout. It follows a 5x5 layout. There are 5 rows and 5 reels for the first set. There’s another set of reels and this one is much bigger than the first. The second set adopts a 12x5 layout. However, the second set of reels utilizes different length symbols. This allows multiple winning patterns to be triggered in one spin. It also maximizes possible rewards that every player can get.

The game follows the standard practice for most slot games. The symbols are based on the popular novel, Dracula and features characters such as Dracula, and Abraham Van Helsing. There are also other symbols like a red-haired woman, a blonde woman, two ravens, a perfume vial, a castle, and the game logo. Low-tier symbols are represented by playing card symbols such as spade, hearts, clubs, and diamonds. These symbols yield lower rewards compared to the game’s character symbols but could dramatically increase the player’s earnings if paired with multiple symbols of the same type. There are times that the reels will show full-length symbols. If multiple full-length symbols appear simultaneously on either the first or the second set of reels, you can expect that you will be bagging a huge reward after that spin.

Although the game might look and sound a bit too complex, playing the game is surprisingly easier than you might have imagined. Even if you are new to these types of games, the help section is just a button press away. The help button can be accessed immediately and is being displayed at the bottom part of the screen. So, you can check some information while playing the game.

And like other popular slot games, Van Helsing slot also has its own jackpot rounds and free spin sessions. In order to win big, WMS designed the game to have more control during bonus rounds. So, what does it mean? If the player manages to reel in a wild symbol during free spin rounds, the wild symbol will retain its position until the session is over. Getting two or more wild symbols would tremendously increase your winnings.

These bonus rounds don’t come up as often. If luck isn’t on your side for most of your spins, a bonus round can easily fill in your losses or give you back even more. Once the bonus round is over, the game will collect your total winnings during the bonus round and add it to your current credit when you go back to the standard round.

One of the best things about the game is the ambiance it creates through its sound effects. Sound effects can also play a huge part to keep the excitement in the game. WMS did quite a pretty good job with the graphics and audio of the game. Whenever the player manages to reel in wild symbols, the game plays a suspense background music to keep the player’s attention glued into the screen.


The game is pretty good in all aspects whether the gameplay, background music, graphics and animation, and the reward system. Truly an outstanding achievement by WMS. For those slot enthusiasts and newbies alike, who haven’t played the game yet, this is the best time to try it. It offers a great amount of fun and excitement expected of a modern slot machine game.

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