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New online casinos have become a common occurrence, with new software updates and latest gaming trends, big welcomes bonuses, and bright, brilliant animations that attract customers. In addition, many of these fresh casinos are adapted to work on mobile platforms and online browsers, so that the site will be easy to use and the games easy to find.

Many of them have an exclusive slot to tempt players or promise to transfer you to a casino in Las Vegas thanks to the great realism and fun offered by the games. All this comes along with a spectacular lobby that seems to have been designed in an art studio, with dozens of innovative ‘Missions’ and ‘Achievements’ available, whose victories can be boasted about by players on social networks.

What about the Games used by New Casinos?

In many cases, new gaming websites usually have exclusive partnerships with video game software developers, so you can find fresh sthlm casino slots and games that you will not find in other online casinos.

  • Some newly-marketed sites have introduced the player “missions” and “achievements”, that is, special markers that can be achieved during the game, such as hitting a progressive jackpot, win on red/black, etc., and reward you through cash incentives or player points.
  • They are a direct influence of the free-play social casino that you will find on many social networks. You can see all your achievements, big wins, and hot or cold games through the detailed pages that appear in the player’s account after you register.

Software is Easy to Use

A new casino, besides often having great software, allows players to download the software or access the games through a web browser. They typically have a mobile application for Android and iOS devices. Even the interface and design can be specially designed specifically for multiple platforms.

Most modern online casinos work perfectly online, whether on a Mac with iOS or on any other PC that has Windows, as well as on mobile phones and tablets. Generally, all of them will have homepages and lobbies designed to be easy to use on all of these devices. This way, there is no loss of performance regardless of where you are playing. Finally, you should know that it is possible to log in with the same username and find a lot of games accessible through your web browser.

With the wide variety of games available to play, it’s good to create a filter in the lobbies where you can save your favorite games and make the search so much easier. Most of the newer online casinos, on a general level, allow you to customize your lobby to allow for a much more personalized experience.

When you register, you can also subscribe to receive emails and stay updated with the latest offers and even get the latest news through social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

Awesome Bonuses, Promotions & Giveaways

Due to the high competition that exists in the sector of online video games, new sites are always looking for ways to highlight and attract players online, be it by offering great welcome bonuses, gifts, exclusive slots, or additional features.

New gambling sites always have the same type of problem; of starting to attract people to their games. One of the fastest and most effective ways of getting fresh players is to offer awesome bonuses and promotions that are way better than the ones being offered by existing casinos. This means that your best rewards will many times come from these gaming sites.

New casinos offer many unique deals focused on bringing new players, and they will be slightly larger than regular deposit bonuses. Players are of course very encouraged when they know that their deposit will be expanded by 100% or 200% for that casino, simply by meeting the requirements presented by the site. This is a great time to make your first deposit and play casino games.

If you like to travel the world, new online casinos are great for you as they love to give out goodies such as trips to the Caribbean. Players that make it up the player leader-boards playing roulette or slots many times enjoy large money giveaways as well.

You Are Worth More

With long-standing casinos, you might easily just be another numbered account in a mega group of customers that are playing there already. These gaming sites will of course still do their best to help you have a jolly great time but they are aware that inevitably, they will lose some of their players while gaining others. For this reason, they will rarely go the extra mile to please someone who is unsure whether to join or stay loyal?

With new casino sites, you are one of a small number of very important clients, helping to bring in money to a new business that is still finding its footing. Provided that you are one of a few players in the first months of operation, it is crucial to the owners that you stay loyal and they will probably maintain much more personal contact with customers like you to ensure that you are happy and satisfied, with higher chances of coming back often.


All new casinos must have the proper gambling license in place before they are released, and they are issued by reputable and importing jurisdictions worldwide. They are based on a set of practices to be in operation and carry out several regular tests on the software, as well as regular checks of all payments made.

Casinos entering the market will have SSL security, ensuring that all the personal information such as bank and other details of the players are kept safe at all times.

You will find new casinos on the web all the time, some with numerous high-quality slots and generous promotions and others with limited games from not-so-attractive developers. Do some research, read our reviews and pick the right ones.