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Many people play at online casinos for different reasons: some want to win big, while some are seeking the thrill and excitement of games of skill and chance. Online casinos are continuously coming up with new promotions and special offers but customers are always seeking new bonuses and fresh offerings. A new type of casino is gaining popularity online – one that gives their valued customers cashback bonuses.

What is a cashback bonus? A cashback is a type of refund given as a bonus and may be given as extra credits for playing or even cold, hard cash. Cashback casinos usually reward their players with cashback bonuses based on the percentage of their net losses. Since you have already bet on your favorite casino games and lost some money, you don’t have anything to lose when you join this type of special offer. More and more online casinos are offering cashback rewards which have now become a popular choice for online casino aficionados.

Cashback Casinos: How it Works

As mentioned earlier, a cashback bonus is typically rewarded based on a percentage of a player’s net losses computed for a specific period or game. The percentage applied to a cashback will differ for every online casino site but usually falls in the range of 5% to 25%. The cashback reward may also be given to you in two different ways: as bonus playing credits or as real money. Here are some examples of how casinos give cashback rewards to their players:

  1. Play Jurassic Park slots and you get 5% cash back of your total net loss: If you play 100 euros on Jurassic Park slots, you will get a cashback of 5 euros which will be credited to your account.
  2. Play any online slots and you will get 25% cash back of your total net loss up to 50 euros: After wagering at different slots in the casino, your total net loss came down to 1000 euros. You will get a cashback of 50 euros since the promotion states that the maximum cashback to be given at any time is 50 euros.
  3. Play at any Microgaming-branded slots and get 5% on your total net loss for the day: You begin playing with 100 euros in your account and luckily end up with 200 euros at the end of the day. You will not get any cashback since there is a net profit of 100 euros.

These are just examples of possible cashback promotions and scenarios. Every online casino will have a different kind of cashback promotion to offer. Make sure to understand the mechanics of the promotion before you start playing.

Cashback Casinos Eligibility Requirements

In order to be eligible for a cashback bonus, you must meet the requirements of the online casino. The following are typical eligibility requirements in order to get a cashback reward:

  • The player must be a member of the casino’s loyalty program

To be eligible for a cashback bonus, you must be a VIP player or a member of the casino’s Loyal Player club.

  • The player should opt-in to the cashback promotion

Some casinos require a player to opt-in and agree to the terms and conditions of the promotion before a player can be awarded a cashback bonus.

  • The player should play within the dates specified in the promotion

While some casinos have an ongoing or daily cashback promotion, some cashback programs will require a player to play on specific dates set for the promotion. This means if you are not playing on certain dates, you will not be eligible for the cashback bonus.

  • The player should meet the casino’s wagering requirements

The casino has the right to state the wagering requirements to join the cashback promotion. These wagering requirements include the minimum bet required for playing the slots games or the minimum total net loss a player should have to receive a cashback bonus.

Cashback Casinos Advantages

Online casinos know that the best way to attract new customers and retain existing customers is to come up with new deals and promotions every now and then. You often see online casinos giving away welcome bonuses for the initial deposits of their players, or rewarding their loyal or returning players with reload bonuses. However, not all players are aware that there are online casinos that give back a portion of their net losses. Cashback Casinos are gaining popularity because players can get a certain amount from their total net loss – which means more reason to play online casinos!

Although cashback bonuses are not going to make you filthy rich, you will be glad to be actually compensated for your losses. Cashback bonuses should not be confused with welcome bonuses and reload bonuses since cashback bonuses have different terms of use as well as eligibility requirements. One of the best benefits in playing at a Cashback Casino is the fact that players will have a safety cushion and insurance that you will recoup some of your losses – even if it’s a small amount. If you’re lucky, your cashback bonus may be the key for you to recoup all your losses. Remember that in gambling, anything is pretty much possible!

FAQs on Cashback Casinos

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Cashback Casinos are unique types of online casinos that specialize in cashback rewards for loyal patrons. Cashback programs are a great way for you to redeem a certain percentage of online casino losses. These cashback rewards may not be that much but at the end of the day, it’s definitely better than nothing! It gives you insurance that you can recoup even a small percentage of your total net losses. Think of it as an incentive for being a loyal online live casino section player. Cashback Casinos give you more reason to play your favorite online casino games!