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The classic slot machines have 3 reels compared with the video slot games which consist of 5 reels, and they also look very similar to the first slot machines games that were created. Classic Slots have a straightforward pay table and do not offer any extra bonus features or game feature.

Depending on what symbols the classic slot game have, the classic slot machine games are sometimes being called Fruit machines. Compared with video slots, classic slot machines games usually only have 1 payline, whilst video slot games usually have 20 paylines or more. In some of the classic slots you can find wild symbols and multipliers, but special bonus and game features are usually not included, whereas in video slots these bonus and game features are very popular. Usually the classic slot machine game does not have a progressive jackpot, but there are exceptions. If the classic slot machine game has a jackpot, then the player can win this if they get certain symbols on specific paylines.

What exactly are classic slots?

Classic slot machines are the slot machines you used to play at the pub, snack bar or even at the Chinese takeaway. They are the real old timers among the slot machines that you saw everywhere in the nineties. Generally, these slot machines have three reels and one to five lines. However, we have also placed new variants of classic slots in this category. As far as the theme is concerned, with the older variants you usually deal with fruit pieces. The modern variants often use other symbols. You will frequently encounter symbols like BAR, sevens, clocks cherries, lemons, oranges, melons.

  • The classic slot machines do not offer different themes or special graphics and sound effects like the video slots does, but instead you will find the classic symbols such as fruit symbols, number 7, bars, bells and more. The classic slot gives you the authentic feeling you might be looking for when searching for a game to play, and if you would like to try out a classic slot machine there are online casinos offering these too, usually listen in its own category on the website itself.
  • There are many classic slot machines online to choose from and they are fun to play. Example of classic slots are Break Da Bank, Jackpot 6000 and Lucky 7. If you prefer the simplicity of the classic slots instead of the many extra stuff the video slots offers, then this is a good option for you to try your luck in.

The best game providers for Classic Slots

The bulk of game providers nowadays mainly focus on making modern video slots. However, there is still a lot of appetite for simple and classic slots. Fortunately, there is plenty of choice when looking for these types of games.

Since not every provider is suitable when you are looking for old-fashioned slots, we have listed four providers below for convenience that do offer a good assortment of classic slots, these are Williams, NovoMatic, Greentube and Amusnet.

Differences between Classic Slots and Video Slots

Classic slots are the predecessors of the popular video slots. Unlike video slots, these online slot machines have an old-fashioned look. Many of these online slots also display the entire slot machine instead of just the reels of symbols. Classic slots look a lot like the slot machines you might find in a casino or in a gambling hall, and there are many players who prefer this kind of slot machine.

For instance, these types of slots give you the feeling of sitting behind a real slot machine, without having to leave the house. In addition, classic slots differ from online video slots in terms of the symbols used. While these vary greatly in video slots as each game has a different theme, in old-fashioned fruit machines they are about the same. Some classic symbols include the seven symbol, the lemon, the joker and the cherry symbol.

Features of Classic Slots

Although classic slots are known for their simple design and little fuss, some of these games do have one or more special features. Besides normal Wild symbols, which can substitute other symbols, the Supermeter feature and the Gambling feature are very popular in this kind of slots. Below you can find examples of both of these features.

  • The classic slots are simple slot machines that still allow for high winnings. These online slots usually have three reels and are easy to play. You can play the classic casino slots for free or register a player account at a legal gambling site and place a bet for real money. The number of classic slots games will increase in the coming months as we believe that they are highly desirable games among players at online casinos.

Playing the Classic slotss is a lot of fun and you can even win progressive jackpots. Among the classics you will find slot machines like the Jackpot6000 and the Mega Joker. Although these games have been around for a few years now, they are still the best casino slot games around.

What are the best classic slot machines?

It’s hard to decide which Classic slots machines are the best. We’ve done our best to put together a list and try to include only Classic slots machines that you could play on in the 1990s.

1. Random Runner

The Random Runner is in first place. This is a slot machine that we from have played on in many an arcade. The physical slot machine had a single line in the base game. As soon as you spun a winning combination you could move points to the top game where with five lines you had a better chance of winning.

2. Club 2000

A well-deserved second place goes to the Club 2000. This slot machine was not only found in the gambling hall but also at the snack bar or Chinese takeaway. This was a top slot machine because most of the time your order was ready while you were still playing.

3. Oldtimer

Although Barcrest’s Oldtimer seemed to be a copy of the Random Runner we have, for nostalgic reasons, awarded this slot the third place. Again, you had only one payline during the basic game. Won credits could be moved to the top game where, as with the Random Runner, you could enjoy five lines at better payouts.

4. Red and Green Peppers

The Red and Green Peppers, like the other slot machines, can still be found in a land-based casino. Stakelogic has created an online variant of it with Sizzling Peppers. The advantage of the online variant is that this is a Twin Player slot machine.

5. Simply Wild

Simply Wild was originally similar to the Oldtimer and Random Runner slot machines. Stakelogic has also turned this Classic slots into an online slot machine. Also with this you can enjoy the Multiplayer mode and thus play on two slots at the same time.

What do players think of Classic Slots?

Players love Classic Slots. This is probably due to the simplicity with which you can play this kind of slot machine. After all, playing a slot machine is all about spinning a winning combination. All the extra features of modern slots sometimes cause confusion while in classic slots you can either move credits or double your winnings. Also, the ability to hold reels is a must for most players. Enjoy some of the Classic slotss here, the list is continuously updated.