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Most online table games are operated by advanced A.I. dealers that mechanically follow the rules of each game and ensure that everything goes smoothly for both players, as well as for the House. While this does often ensure that table games are faster than the ones in real-world casinos, it also takes the human element out of the equation.

Live table games are supervised and operated by experienced human dealers. Also, unlike electronic table games, the live ones are played with real cards and real dice. The players can see the actual table as if they were standing in a casino. This essentially offers a more immersive experience.

Real-world table games right on your screen

Live table games do not simulate casino games but put the players at a real casino table. The random number generator algorithms that are always present in electronic games are absent and a real dealer oversees the games and bets.

From a technical point of view, there is no difference between a game at a casino and a live table one with the exception that it can be played from anywhere in the world and from any device. The games are just as fair and transparent as their algorithm-controlled counterpart but offer a better, more tense experience for all those involved.

A very large number of enthusiasts chose to only play live table games due to the fact that they offer a complete gambling experience, from the risky betting to the adrenaline-filled waiting to see who has the better hand or where the Roulette ball stops on the backtrack.

A fun and adrenaline-filled live table experience

Live table games utilize high definition cameras that enable players to observe the entire game table and betting area and are often considered to be the best choice for card games that involve multiple participants such as Blackjack and Poker.

Calling a bluff during a Poker game is usually difficult during electronic games as it is difficult to see the reactions of other players, however, live ones keep the human element, making it easier for high rollers to analyze the movements of those around them and determine when they should fold and when they have a clear chance of winning.

Truly a game of luck

Random number algorithms are designed to mimic the odds of real tables, however, during live table games, there are no electronic components other than the cameras. They offer a first-hand experience during which only luck and strategy matter. While these are slower than electronic games, they also offer more insight and a far more immersive experience regardless of the type of game played.

Move fast to get a seat

As with games at real-world casinos, live tables tend to get filled very fast. Those who want a piece of the action may have to wait a short amount of time in order to get a seat at a crowded table, however, once they do, the adrenaline starts pumping and the game is on.