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What is a Progressive slot?

The jackpot slot has two types: progressive and non-progressive. A progressive slot has a jackpot which increases as gamblers play the game. This type of online slots accumulates a small percentage of each bet to offer major winnings once the jackpot has been hit.

Slot Design and Special Features

Most progressive slots have a huge part of the game screen which shows the amount of the current jackpot. Seeing how much the players will be able to win will definitely motivate them to keep playing in the hopes of hitting the jackpot. In order to be eligible to win the massive jackpot, the player must place the maximum bet for each game. It’s also interesting how progressive slots usually have flashy and bright design and colors which is absolutely a great way to catch the attention of prospective players.

How do progressive jackpots work?

Basically, a progressive jackpot is like the lottery, where everyone wins the pot, but with a lot more interaction. That’s because every time you turn the controls and enjoy the on-screen graphics and animations, part of your stake disappears into a large pot. So the jackpot of progressive slots is funded by everyone who plays them. The higher the betting volume, the bigger the final prize pool. And so you go from millionaires to multimillionaires.

Three different types of progressive jackpot slots can be distinguished:

  • Stand-alone: a portion of the wager is used to boost the top prize of one specific slot machine, and that one alone. You won’t find these kinds of slot machines online, but you will in the local pub or in the land-based casino.
  • In-house progressive: these are video slots with a progressive jackpot that are linked together in the same physical location. Think of a real casino, where a whole slew of the same slot machines are side by side. The amounts wagered on them all contribute to the final dream pot.
  • Networked: This is where the really big money is to be made, as all progressive slot machines are networked together. So no matter where you turn the knobs, the jackpot is automatically peaked. Online, but also offline – think of Casino’s Mega Millions. Especially for digital enthusiasts, these are the best games, as the top prize often runs into the millions!

Who should play Progressive slots?

Progressive slots are popular among all kinds of players. However, since this type of slot is a little similar to lotteries, it’s not a good choice for players who are hoping for instant and constant wins. Winning the jackpot may not be easy, but it’s definitely fun and exhilarating to play great games and play real money slots while chasing after a once-in-a-lifetime massive win.

How to play progressive jackpot slots?

The best progressive jackpot slot you actually play in exactly the same way as normal slot machines. You choose the stake, possibly the number of paylines, and give the digital slot machine a whirl. And just like on the machines with a fixed jackpot, you get a cash prize if you manage to score a winning combination of symbols. The higher the value, the bigger the prize. Nothing new under the sun, then.

No, the difference between regular online video slots and progressive slots is mainly in the way the top prize can be won. While fixed slot machines almost always involve a winning combination of the symbols with the highest value, this is not necessarily the case with the best progressive jackpot slots. We distinguish between no less than three ways to realize your million-dollar dream:

  • With five specific jackpot symbols (on one payline): there are progressive jackpot slots that completely change your life as soon as you spin five special images on one specific payline. That’s when you immediately grab the top prize. For example, the Microgaming slot Major Millions requires you to spin five Major Million symbols on the fifteenth payline.
  • By winning the bonus game: Many of the top slots with a progressive jackpot require you to first activate a bonus game in order to keep your chances of winning a luxury ticket cool. Often you need a winning combination of bonus symbols to do this, as in NetEnt’s Mega Fortune. There, three of these images ensure that you can spin a huge wheel, where no less than three progressive jackpots can be earned. Incidentally, the bonus game can also be activated at random, as in Mega Moolah.
  • By total randomness: if you are really born for luck, then we recommend you choose progressive slots where the jackpot is activated randomly. Some online slots from Playtech have this option.

Even if you don’t win the absolute top prize, the best progressive jackpot slots have plenty to offer. They are loaded with nice features, such as special (bonus) features, free spins, wilds, multipliers and scatters. In short, everything you expect from a great slot machine.

How high is the progressive jackpot of the best slot machines?

If you feel like chasing a fortune on one of the best slots games with a progressive jackpot, always check how high the top prize actually is. Often you can see this directly in the game itself. Also at many online casinos it is already visible in the general game overview. Under the logo (the thumbnail) you can often quickly see what the current value of the progressive prize is, because it is constantly updated. So if you want to know exactly what you can earn, travel – in 2022 – to the legal online casino of your choice.

Every game developer currently has one or more progressive slots in its portfolio. The choice is enormous. Still, there are a few producers that are known for their slot machines full of spectacular dream prizes: Microgaming, NetEnt, Yggdrasil and Playtech. The best slot machines with a progressive jackpot can therefore be found with them.

How to choose the best progressive jackpot?

Apart from personal preference (theme, gameplay, graphics) there are a few details that can help in choosing one of these online slots. Obviously, the highest jackpot ever is an indication of the dream sum waiting for you. However, you have to realize that this amount is rarely paid out. Hence the average top prize is a lot more interesting. Especially if you know exactly how often the jackpot hits on average. In addition, the payout ratio (RTP) is also important, so you know exactly how much you can score.