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Leave it to the pros to the deliver top-quality services for their players. In this case, we put the spotlight on Novomatic- provider of enjoyable slots, thrilling table games, and infinitely enjoyable experiences.

An overview of one of the greats: Novomatic

When you hear that someone or something has been in the business for 30 years, you expect them to really know their stuff. After all, nobody would last that long if they weren’t doing any good, right?

The same holds true for Novomatic- a gaming software provider which is considered one of the largest in the world to date. To give you an idea of the scale of their operations, here’s some quick stats: they employ almost 30,000 people across 70 countries worldwide; they are responsible for creating and maintaining around 300,000 virtual gaming / lottery terminals; and they have already established subsidiaries in almost 50 countries.

But this business was built on actual land-based casinos, and they still piggyback from that success in the current market. With the rise of the digital age, however, Novomatic has started tapping into the exciting potential of the online gambling market; and they have done so with positive results. Greentube Internet Entertainment Solutions- their subsidiary which powers their online games has a wide presence especially in Europe.

Online is always fine

Novomatic started making ripples in the waters of online gambling as early as 2008. The idea was simple: try and replicate the success they had with their virtual gaming terminals into the online space. Because of continuous release of high quality services, these ripples soon became waves which grabbed hold of their patrons and drowned the competition.

Novomatic games are usually available in various online casinos in major regions of the world. They have a wide range of digital table and card game offerings, but the real stars of the show are their slot machines by oryx gaming.

Novomatic games design, graphics and features

Right off the bat, you can easily see that Novomatic’s games are just pure eye candy. Colors pop at every detail, animations are fluid, and every game exudes a specific theme or motif which just entices the player to keep playing. All of these design choices aren’t thrown in haphazardly though. They still follow a coherent but simple style which doesn’t overcomplicate things for the player.

The style and theming go hand-in-hand with the gameplay too. While not all Novomatic slots have a progressive winning feature, there are quite a handful of them which do. In these games, there is favorable potential for large jackpot payouts. As for the other games, they also have features worth noting to the player. Novomatic is generous when it comes to bonuses such as free spins and extra coins. Having varied gameplay elements and features for their games ensure that they attract both veteran players and newcomers into playing their games.

Popular Novomatic games

Novomatic has always spoiled players with well-made games packed with plenty of features. Some of their more notable titles such as Book of Ra, Dolphin’s Pearl, and Sizzling Hot are all fan favorites in the online gambling world. Other online slots by onetouch machine games include Lucky Lady’s Charm, Lord of the Ocean, Garden of Riches, and Flamedancer.

In total, Novomatic has more than 100 games available in different online casinos worldwide. Their games sync up well with these casinos, as they are optimized using Flash for the best performance in the web browser. If you’re looking to try out some of their games, you might want to check out Free Slots Central which is one of the leading online casinos in the industry. It has a dedicated section which houses a lot of Novomatic’s popular titles. Aside from this, Free Slots Central is also home to many other betting games from different developers. Players who want that gambling itch scratched will surely find no better alternative.

Verdict and some final thoughts

When it comes to online betting games, you can never go wrong with the products Novomatic releases. They might not be the absolute best when it comes to flashiness, but all of their games are rock solid, attractive, and easy to use. The company itself has an excellent track record in the industry- spanning over 30 years and still going strong.

The slot games in particular, are the players’ favorites. Not only do these look and feel appealing to sink your time into, but they also offer modest chances for huge payouts. Novomatic has made sure to introduce a lot of variety in their games. There are some which cater to the needs of veteran punters, while others have easy learning curves and multiple bonuses so that newcomers can get a feel of what it’s like to indulge in online gambling.


Novomatic is one of the top names on the list for players, and, given the way they’re going, it seems like that would be the case for a long time.