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Roulette has been a long-time favorite of casino players, whether online and land-based. This game is well-favored not just by high rollers but by new gamblers, too.


There’s a certain thrill that comes from watching the Roulette wheel spin to find out if your number has won. Roulette is a casino game with simple rules that even newbie gamblers will understand. This does not mean to say that you should not learn the basic concept and skills that will help you fully understand and master Roulette.

Roulette has been around for a long time. It can be considered one of the oldest and most popular of all wagering games. You will be able to find one in every land-based casino and can also be enjoyed at online gambling sites. The interest in Roulette seems to grow over time instead of declining, which is why the game is always present no matter what casino you visit.

Roulette Facts and History

Unlike other wagering games, the origin of Roulette is somewhat unclear. But according to some historians, Roulette was supposedly created by Blaise Pascal, a French mathematician, scientist and philosopher in the 17th century while creating something. Although the concept of the online roulette for real money game has been credited to Pascal, some claim that ancient civilizations, such as the Chinese, Ancient Greeks, and Romans, have created and played similar wagering games.

The French, however, has taken credit of the game. The design and mechanics of the game are obviously influenced by ‘Even-Odd’ and ‘Roly Poly’, games that were popular in Europe in the 17th century. These games had a spinning wheel where players would bet on the result of each spin. A known gambler, Pascal most probably knew about these games when he tried creating his own spinning machine.

It was in 1796 when Roulette became a popular fixture at French gambling houses. It even earned a moniker, ‘The Devil’s Game” and “The Devil’s Wheel” based on some urban legend or story that Francois Blanc made a bargain with the Devil in exchange for the secrets of Roulette. In 1842, Louis and Francois Blanc introduced the first Roulette in Germany because gambling was considered illegal in France during that time. The Blanc brothers established the world’s first casino, the Monte Carlo Casino Resort where Roulette became one of the most popular Live online casinos games.

Roulette Online Casinos

In 1994, Microgaming created the first known online casino. Nowadays, online casinos have become so popular because anyone can enjoy their favorite gambling games anywhere and anytime. The continuous growth of online casinos is a great opportunity for Internet gamblers to enjoy their favorite Roulette games. There are various types of Roulette available online for people who want to gamble in the comfort of their own homes, whether it’s American, European Roulette, et cetera. Playing Roulette online presents several benefits that one will not get when playing at a land-based casino.

Online Roulette Advantages

The first obvious advantage in playing Roulette at an online casino is the fact that you will not be distracted or disturbed by noise or people present at a brick and mortar casino. Second, the games at online casinos are 100% automated so there’s no need to pay attention to anything else except the placing of bets and waiting for the results of the spin. Third, most online casinos are monitored and regulated by gaming authorities so you can be sure that the Roulette games are not rigged or manipulated in any way. Last, and most important of all, if you play Roulette at a trustworthy online casino, you get to enjoy winning without any fear of being conned or scammed of your hard-earned money.

Roulette Casinos Gameplay

The gameplay of online Roulette is identical to the mechanics of those played at offline casinos. The Roulette machine has the standard red and black colors, and the numbers to choose from are 1 to 36 with zero and double zero pockets. Roulette, just like any other wagering game, largely depends on chance. The game may seem simple but there are different strategies and tricks involved that can boost your chances of winning. Roulette is extremely fast-paced so not understanding the mechanics can make you lose a substantial amount of money. Here are the basic things you should understand about playing Roulette:

  1. Equipment – Roulette means “little wheel” in French. The wheel contains the numbers 0 to 36, but American Roulette tables contain a 00. The croupier will release a small, white ball and the ball spins until it lands on a number. Prior to the spin, the bets are placed based on where the player thinks the ball will land. The table contains the following numbers and options: 1st 12, 2nd 12, 3rd 12, 1-18 and19-36, Black, Red, Odd and Even.
  2. Types of Bets
    • Inside Bets: To play Roulette, you should anticipate what pocket or number the ivory ball will fall into. The first type of bet that you should know is the Inside bet wherein the bet is set on a specific number. Inside bets have better-paying odds, in general. For Inside bets, you can do the following:
      • Straight up: Bet placed on one number rewards 35:1
      • Split betting: Bet placed on two numbers will pay 17:1
      • Street betting: Bet placed on three numbers yields 11:1. It is possible to bet on three numbers with only one chip. The chip will be set at the “street” end. A “street” is the 3 numbers in one row.
      • Corner betting: Bet placed on 4 numbers pays off 8:1. The chip will be placed on the intersection of these four numbers.
      • Six line betting: Bet placed on 6 numbers pays out 5:1. The chip should be placed at the border of adjoining streets.
    • There is a slight difference in European and American Roulette where the latter gives the option to bet on five numbers which consist of 0, 00, 1, 2 and 3. The five-line bet will pay 6:1, while Row 00 covers numbers 00 and 0 and yields 17:1.
    • Outside Bets: These bets do not cover any number and placed at the borders of the number map, thus the term Outside bet.
      • Color betting: Betting on red or black will pay 1:1.
      • Even/Odd betting: Betting odd or even will pay 1:1.
      • Column betting: Placing a bet on 12 numbers will pay 2:1.
      • Dozens betting: Placing a bet on the 1st 12 numbers, for example, will pay 2:1.
      • High or Low betting: This kind of bet will pay 1:1.
    • There are special kinds of bets that can be done, such as and the aforementioned bets are just the basic ones. Special bets are common in French and European Roulette like Voisins du Zéro (Neighbours of Zero), Le Tiers Du Cylindre (One Third of the Wheel)), Orphelins and Jeu Zéro (Zero Game). The Finals or Finales is another kind of special bet, which is basically betting on the winning number’s last digits, while Finale a Cheval lets a player place a bet on two digits of a winning number.
  3. Online Casino Roulette – With the use of Roulette in online gambling sites, more combinations and bet variations can be made through the different innovations done by casino software developers. For example, there is a “Chip Bomb” bet feature seen on the Premiere Roulette Diamond Edition of Microgaming that allows a player to put a wager on a specific number to include the surrounding numbers on the table. Virtual Roulette casino games are more innovative and more exciting than the regular ones found at land-based casinos!

Roulette Casinos FAQs

Can I win real money with online Roulette casinos?

Yes. Virtual Roulette games in casinos are very popular among online gamblers because of its high payouts. There is no difference in playing online and at a physical casino, except that you can place a bet from your computer or smartphone with an online Roulette Casino.

Is it possible to play Roulette online for free?

Yes. Most online casinos have free games suited for players who want to test the software, understand the rules, and simply gamble without any risks. Once you learn the rules and understand how to make a winning bet, you can start wagering with real money!

Do I need to download any software to play Roulette online?

Yes and No. The answer depends on what kind of online casino you chose to play at. There are online casinos that will require you to download a program and install it to start playing casino games. You can also opt to play at an instant play casino where you only need a browser to gamble online.

What are the requirements to play Roulette casinos?

You will need a mobile device or a computer that is connected to the Internet. If you would like to play using real money, you need to deposit money to your online casino accounts using a credit card or some other payment processor.

What is the difference between an inside and an outside bet?

Inside bets refer to bets placed on the number grid. Outside bets are those placed in the groupings outside of the grid.

Is it possible to know which color will hit?

No, the chances of hitting red or black are equal. Even people who frequent live casinos will have difficulty predicting what color the ball will land to.

Do Roulette strategies really work?

There are different strategies that you can use, such as the Fibonacci Strategy, the Martingale Strategy, the D’Alembert Strategy, James Bond Strategy, and more, but these will not guarantee wins since Roulette, just like any other table game is based on chance or luck. Strategies are beneficial when it comes to determining the bet based on a gambler’s playing style.

Roulette Casinos Conclusion

Roulette is an exciting casino game that will satisfy casino players looking for fast-paced games and flexible wagering styles. It is important to understand the rules of Roulette to better enjoy playing it, whether you are playing at an online casino or at a brick and mortar casino. Playing Roulette virtually presents various benefits that will surely please people who would like to play in private or are too busy to drop by at a regular casino to enjoy this wheel-based game.