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Most people may not be familiar with the name Ainsworth but this name is greatly associated with the slots gaming industry. If you have worked in a casino before or a long-time player of slots games, the name will definitely ring a bell. Len Ainsworth is the founder of Aristocrat and continued to manage the company up to 1994 when he stepped down due to a bout with cancer. A self-made billionaire, Ainsworth founded the Aristocrat in 1953 and it became the second largest slot machine provider, just behind IGT or International Game Technology.

Les Ainsworth formed another software development firm called Ainsworth Game Technology. The new company was focused on building slot machines for land-based casinos in Australia and the overwhelming success of Ainsworth Game Technology was evident as it supplied oryx gaming casino slots machines all over the world. Their slot machines now have online versions that you can play with real money while at home or anywhere in the world.

Other things to note about Ainsworth Slots

Les Ainsworth is considered one of the pioneers of the slots industry. His experience in slots gaming development surpasses the experience of most people which translated to the success of the two most popular game development companies, Aristocrat and Ainsworth. One of their biggest competitors is game development giant IGT and it is definitely not easy to compete with IGT in terms of longevity and innovation. But the impact that Ainsworth has in the slots industry is nothing to sneeze at. If you visit Ainsworth’s website, you will see that the vision of the company is to ‘to deliver excellence in Global Gaming Solutions’ which may mean that they concede to the fact that they will never be the leading manufacturer of slots gaming software?

It is highly unlikely since Ainsworth continues to expand globally and innovate continuously. The company distributes gaming solutions all over the globe: Asia, New Zealand, Australia, Europe, and the USA. And while the majority of their revenue comes from the sales of their 3 flagship slot machines for land-based casinos: the Celebrity, Ambassador and A560 cabinets, their online casino sales are rapidly growing in the last several years. There’s no sign of this trend changing in the near future.

Top Games by Ainsworth

Barnyard Bonanza is a 5-reel slots game with 20 pay lines which you will enjoy playing for its graphics and animations. You can win up to 100,000 coins if you get the Golden Eggs and Chicken Scatter symbols.

  1. Cash Cave you can easily get 10,000 coins if you are not scared of going inside the bear’s cave, with the help of the game’s Cash Cave feature.
  2. Eagle Bucks is a wildlife-inspired slots game launched in 2014 and can get you as much as 200,000 coins per spin.
  3. Mighty Wilds reportedly has only 93.8% RTP but it also has the highest prize potential per spin – as much as 750,000 coins in one go! The theme of Mighty Wilds is somewhat similar to Safari Spirit.
  4. Safari Spirit is another wildlife-themed slots like Mighty Wilds and has the potential to pay out 300,000 in one spin.
  5. Mustang Money is set upon a beautiful backdrop of vibrant red colors, and you’ll have to catch the Mustang to win big, as much as 10,000 coins per spin.
  6. Dragon Lines celebrates Chinese culture with its hefty 100 pay lines that will surely grant you blessed winnings! The polished graphics make it a great choice for players with an affinity for Asian-themed slots games.
  7. Thunder Cash is a slots game that is set on a backdrop of, well, slot machines. Don’t underestimate the power of this game to give out huge wins thanks to its free spins feature and sticky wilds.

Ainsworth Features and Qualities

Experienced slots players will immediately notice the similarities of Ainsworth and Aristocrat slots. This is not really surprising since only one person founded these two companies. Some would say that Ainsworth slots games have better graphics compared to the ones built by Aristocrat. The graphics and design of Ainsworth, however, seem dated, in comparison to the advanced graphics and animations of slots games of competitors. Although the graphics of Ainsworth slots are not exactly mind-blowing, players can look forward to the games’ special features such as Expanding Wilds, Sticky Wilds, free spins and bonus games. One might say that the mentioned features are nothing new, but these features are usually the features that players look for, especially those that don’t need fancy bonus games and complex special features to win.

It has been mentioned earlier that Ainsworth has fewer titles in their portfolio than their competitors

They do have a variety of themes to choose from but they seem to have an affinity for wildlife-themed slots since most of their slots revolve around the jungle and wildlife theme. Many of their slots games involve animals, such as bears, eagles, mustangs, dragons, and even chickens. Sad to say, the features of Ainsworth games are kind of predictable. The games have the usual symbols and the typical themes and features that may seem uninspiring to some, but totally attractive to others.

It all boils down to players preferences and Ainsworth knows a good formula when they see it, after all, they have been around for quite some time. They are not threatened by new titles from competitors which are full of flashy symbols and animations yet do not gain any loyal patrons. They don’t veer too far away from the basics which is exactly what many slots players are looking for, simple but rewarding.

Ainsworth Slots Conclusion

Preferences will always vary from one player to another thus it is hard to judge whether Ainsworth slots games lack innovation or whether they are simply confident of their formula and design. If you are one of those players who prefer an engaging storyline, 3D scenes, and characters, you should avoid slots designed by Ainsworth. But if what you really need is a solid, well-designed slot with excellent volatility, then you will surely enjoy playing Ainsworth slots games.