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Barcrest was initially known as the leading offline slot machines provider for the UK offline market. Some of its games, like Rainbow Riches, are popular and always a hit on clubs and pubs all over the country.


Though it appears to be a provider that’s focused only on arcade games, land gaming solutions, and bingo, Barcrest has slowly started to adapt and develop gambling products that are suited for online gambling. Barcrest is actually a UK-based company and it was recently acquired by Scientific Games. This provider has slowly started to penetrate the mobile gaming market by making sure that its games are fully optimized for mobile play.

Ever since it was established in 1968, Barcrest has been enjoying continuous success. Industry experts actually think that Barcrest is at its peak right now, with the advancement of technology and its innovative design. Aside from producing land-based products and machines, Barcrest’s new approach towards mobile gaming has actually increased its popularity. It also has an amazing product which is the Interactive TV product.

As of the moment, Barcrest actually has a modest-sized selection of online games. However, despite that, every single game that it offers is of top-notch quality. Its creations are flexible and can be integrated into third-party systems.

Quick History

Since it has been in the industry for so long, a lot of gamers know about Barcrest. Its slot machines can be found all over pubs and cafes in the UK. A lot of gamers actually grew up playing Barcrest’s pretty awesome games.

Barcrest is one of the pioneers of the online casino industry. It was actually established way back in 1968, initially to cater to bingo halls. It has a great reputation when it comes to creating top-notch games. Barcrest became one of the most recognized suppliers of fruit machines in the UK during the 70s, 80s, and 90s. It also successfully expanded to the European market.

It was in 1998 when Barcrest was acquired by IGT, which is a big name in the American online gambling industry because the company’s looking to expand in the European market. The company started to get involved in the development and designing process of slot machines by just for the win. After several years, this provider was able to create successful slots. The new process started in 2006 with the creation of the highly popular game, Rainbow Riches.

Back in 2011, Barcrest was acquired again by another US-based company with the name Scientific Games. It was merged with another organization which is The Global Draw. Although both now operate under SG Gaming, only Barcrest has its name on the online slots. SG Gaming’s headquarters is located in Manchester and has over 600 employees all around the world.

Pros and Cons

Barcrest has both advantages and disadvantages. These are some of Barcrest’s:

  • It’s popular because of its slots which are highly successful.
  • It also became trusted and well-known because of its leander casino machines.
  • This is the software that will be used by casinos to aggregate games from different providers.

This is Barcrest’s only con:

  • It has a really small selection of games.

Top Games

One of the unique things about Barcrest is that it’s really quiet between spins. This makes it easier to play games and spin the reels since the players won’t have to stop the music mid-game and start over again. It’s also interesting how there are animated and sometimes flash logos above the reels.

The best thing about Barcrest’s game collection is how it perfectly summarized this provider’s years of expertise in the industry. Gamers will actually see how much this provider has grown just by trying out its amazing collection of limited but high-quality slots. These games will definitely keep the players coming back for more one-of-a-kind gaming experience. Barcrest has definitely set the bar so high for up and coming casino software providers.

These are the best slots from Barcrest:

  1. Elvis Top 20 – This game might not look too interesting at the start, but it’s definitely eventful and fun. There are 3 bonus games for almost every game.
  2. Merry Money – This game is way more focused on online play. This game is actually based on Robin Hood and it has great graphics and amazing bonus games.
  3. Ooh Aah Dracula – This live slot is really popular and it’s based on a cool Santa. All throughout the game, players will be coming across frees spins, free spins bonus games, and even a chance to win extra prizes by picking a gravestone. This game is for high rollers but it can definitely be enjoyed for not a lot of cash.

Mobile Play

Since mobile gaming is so popular nowadays, Barcrest’s developers decided to use the latest HTML5 technology so the games could be played both on Android and iOS mobile devices. Barcrest also successfully remastered or recreated the old slots into modern platforms. Since mobile gaming is now supported, the players will be given a chance to play Barcrest’s games through their mobile phones.

These are some of the most exciting mobile games from Barcrest: Ooh Aah Dracula and Wipeout. Ooh Aah Dracula will blow everyone away with its stunning visuals and engaging gameplay. Wipeout is also a fun game to play on a player’s phone.

Security and Fair Play

Barcrest takes security and fairness very seriously. This provider uses the latest technology to ensure that the games are tested and certified. Fair play is Barcrest’s top priority when it comes to its games. On the other hand, this provider has an amazing customer support system and its representatives are available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. The agents are also very polite and efficient- they’ll try to address a player’s concern as fast as possible and makes sure that the player’s completely fine. Barcrest even has a separate team of customer service representatives to answer queries from casino owners.

Bonuses & Promotions

Casino bonuses can always attract players and seal the deal. Luckily for Barcrest players, this provider makes sure that the online casinos which are offering its games always have great welcome packages for customers. The welcome package usually comes in the form of free spins and cash bonuses. Giving out bonuses is also a great way to test the games without any risks, especially without the risk of losing a player’s hard-earned money. The players will get multiple chances to try the games for free. That short period of time will help the players fully understand how a game works and help them formulate strategies to get more wins.

  • There are actually two types of welcome bonuses which are the no deposit bonus and deposit bonus. The no deposit bonus is absolutely free of charge and will immediately be released to the player right after signing up.
  • It usually comes in the form of several free spins and some cash bonuses. The deposit bonus, on the other hand, will only be given out to the new player once he has completed the first deposit. It also comes in the form of a cash bonus and free spins. It must be noted that most of these bonuses require players to fulfill some wagering requirements.

Barcrest surely knows the importance of giving out great rewards and bonuses. It’s a great way to attract players and at the same time, keep the current players coming back for more. Barcrest had that in mind while developing slots. Its slots are filled with bonus rounds, free spins, and loyalty rewards to make its games even more interesting but also worthwhile to play since players can get a lot of bonuses.

One example is the Rainbow Riches slot since it offers a match bonus of at least 150% but not exceeding 300 pounds. This bonus will be given out to players after the first deposit. Other casinos offer instant 50 pounds right after signing up for a new account and depositing a mere 10 pounds.


Barcrest has been a part of the online casino industry since the 1960s. It’s well-known and respected since it has been providing gambling products for so long. It was acquired by Scientific Gaming and this company has been overseeing Barcrest’s process of developing slots. This provider has added a lot of exciting bonus features, loyalty reward schemes, and free spins all throughout the games. These features have always attracted players from around the world. This provider has over 20 games that are all interesting to play.

Barcrest is really special to players since its fruit machines are scattered all over the country. A lot of gamers grew up with slot machines. Almost every gambler in the UK has played one of its slot machines. Those machines could also be found in cafes and amusement arcades. The main reason why it has always been popular is the existence of various bonuses and rewards in the games.

Now, Barcrest has launched online slots to keep up with the demands of the industry, due to the advancement of gaming technologies. It even got better when it was acquired by SG Gaming since there are no shortages of online, mobile, and land-based games that are currently available.

There are games with really high jackpots and payout percentages that can be found on Barcrest’s collection. Its online slots are definitely keeping up with the popularity and rave reviews of Barcrest’s slot machines.


When did Barcrest start its operations?

Barcrest was established way back in 1968, making it one of the pioneers in the world of online casino gambling.

Does it hold any gambling licenses?

Yes, it currently holds a license issued by the UK Gambling Commission.

Can the games be played using mobile devices?

Yes, games created by Barcrest are compatible with mobile devices. Players can access the games even through iOS or Android smartphones and tablets.

What are the most popular games from Barcrest?

These are the most popular games from Barcrest: Merry Money, Ooh Aah Dracula, and Wipeout.

Are security and fair play guaranteed?

Yes, Barcrest uses the latest technology to ensure the fairness and security of the games. Barcrest takes security and fairness of games really seriously.