Wish master

The Wishmaster Slot is a Dream Come True.

The online slot game The Wish Master consists of five reels in three rows. You are worth 1 to 10 chips, worth 1 to 50 cents, per line out of a total of 20 winning lines. After a sympathetic demonstration, you are facing the scrolls of the game. A magic lamp is a throne to the right of the screen between a thousand and one treasures of inestimable value. A mysterious atmosphere fogs the machine rolls, hopefully playing the slot machine The Wish Master only offers us good surprises and the genius is not an evil djinn.


In terms of symbols and graphics, the publisher of online casino games NetEnt has put the package. You can find the symbols also decorated with arabesques and talismans in the form of animals adorned with precious stones. Although the animations seem timid at first, once you get a Wild symbol, playing the slot machine The Wish Master will take you to the heart of a cartoon you are not the hero! I have rarely been so pleasantly surprised by a game like slot machines by multicommerce game studio, and, I confess to being quickly charmed by a genius with evil appearances and yet so generous!

It’s no-fault for NetEnt, rarely a game would not have as easily transported in his universe as the slot machine The Wish Master!

Sound and Graphics

The NetEnt online casino game publisher has chosen to accompany its creation with an extremely neat soundtrack. You will be immersed in no time in a mysterious and vaporous atmosphere to the thanks to a music evoking the films on the Middle East. Your winnings and bonuses of The Wish Master slot machine are also rhythmic with sound effects quite nice and well chosen.


The bonus of The Wish Master slot machine will surprise many. After a few scores, I noticed the absence of interactive bonus game, however, the slot machine has much more interesting than that … Indeed, besides the classic wild symbol, the game comes with a bonus symbol atypical. At the appearance of the parchment, the genius will appear and will offer you one of the bonuses of the slot machine The Wish Master for a dozen laps. Random wild symbols, wild rolls, bonus times two, you’re accumulating up to three vows and bailing out your crates in no time!


The features of the fantasy game The Wish Master rely heavily on the manifestation and prolonged presence of the genius. As we can clearly see, it will have to take place at one time or another so that the game can be able to bring dynamism and a series of actions that are clearly more dynamic and influential in relation to the The so-called normal state of the game.

Final thoughts

The Wish Master offers a mystical universe that will delight lovers of tales and legends. Its interesting features and easy handling will delight all players.

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