Win like a Roman emperor at Victorious slot

Flashback to Ancient Rome where pagan beliefs fell victim to the monotheism of Christianity with every rise and fall of an empire following an emperor’s death. With all the modernities of today, it’s easy to forget how Rome as a civilization established its humble roots in the 8th century along the banks of central Italy’s Tiber River. Then, with each empire that had passed, the civilization grew in power, with territories encompassing most of Europe, Great Britain, western Asia, northern Asia and even in the Mediterranean islands. However, before Rome was an empire, it had first been a republic.

But among the eras, perhaps the one most popular in our history books and literature is that of Julius Caesar’s in the 1ST Century B.C. But with every rising action comes a denouement after the climax, and that’s exactly what happened to Caesar and his empire. However, despite the popularity, it was really Augustus who had the longest reign of peace and prosperity in the Roman Empire. And this was succeeding Caesar’s reign.


Victorious slot is formatted in your typical 3-row, 5-reel video slot template with the exception of a whopping 243 ways to win that truly makes it stand out. Released in 2011 by software developer mogul Netent, this video slot boasts of an impressive 96.9% RTP which makes it even more attractive to players. However, it is a high variance slot meaning it offers the possibility of winning big but expect some dead spins and small payouts along the way.

Wilds and Scatters are also abound and gives generous bonuses once they on the reels. The Golden Wreathe however, is probably one of the most coveted symbol in the game as it offers Free Spins for a minimum of landing 3 of this symbol on the reels. The number of Free Spins offered to players depends on the how many reels the Golden Wreath symbol lands on. This goes the same with the multiplier during the Free Spins round.

Overall Impression

Graphics – 92%

Gameplay – 93%

Bonuses – 94%

Value – 94%

Overall – 93.25%

What’s Hot

·         243 bet lines can amount to massive wins
·         Free Spins can be retriggered in the Free Spins round
·         Wild symbol  also substitutes the Scatter

·         High variance allows the possibility of one big win

What’s Not

·         Dead spins  and small payouts because of high variance
·         Basic graphics

·         No background music except sounds of the reels spinning


Victorious video slot takes place at the height of Caesar’s reign where you’ll see Caesar himself as one of the symbols. Other symbols include his loyal army at the heart of the action. Players will find some symbols of his men in mid action while a very serious-looking Caesar glares off in the distance with a scowl on his face. Other than the two dimensional caricatures of the Roman army and their emperor, other symbols include the iconic elements we normally find in our history books when pertaining to the Roman empire. A golden wreath is present as the Scatter symbol, a headdress we normally see on the leaders of the Roman civilization. Then, another prominent symbol during Roman rule to signify the empire’s legion is the golden eagle which is also found in Victorious real money slot games as the Wild symbol.

The theme is very Romanesque—from the columns that border the reels to the legionaries on each side of the slot bearing yet another golden Roman eagle. This is the norm for warfare, and in the slot, it seems as if Caesar is about to direct his men into battle. Even the Free Spins round includes a cool cut scene of a Roman soldier announcing the bonus round. The whole vibe is reminiscent of a comic strip set in the Roman empire.


Low win symbols include what you’d typically find in other slots: 10, J, Q, K and A, but with an added 9. But in this slot, the bigger wins come from higher paying symbols which are icons of the Roman empire.  The lowest of the higher paying symbols is a picture of an army where you get x20 on 3 reels, x100 on 4 reels and x400 on 5 reels. Next, a soldier mid-swing where you get x30 on 3 reels, x200 on 4 reels and x500 on 5 reels. Then, a somber looking general gives you x50 on 3 reels, x400 on 4 reels and x1000 on 5 reels. Finally, the highest one of all, Caesar himself which gives you x100 on 3 reels, x500 on 4 reels and x1500 on 5 reels.

Bonus features

Victorious slot includes bonus features that will multiply your winnings. The video slot includes Wilds and Scatters and largest number of free spins. The Wild symbol which is in the image of a golden eagle substitutes for all other symbols—including the Scatter. The Scatter symbol, on the other hand, in the form of a golden wreath gives Free Spins. Land 3 of these and you get x5 and 15 Free Spins, 4 and you get x20 and 20 Free Spins and finally, get 5 and you get x50 and 25 Free Spins.

How to Play

First, set the bet level you’d like to play in. Do this by adjusting Level with a maximum until Level 10 and the Coin Value which ranges from 0.25 to 125. To place the highest bet, choose on Max Bet for the maximum amount of bet level. Click on the Spin button to start the reels. If pressing the Spin button over and over again seems tiring to you, then click on Autoplay if you want the reels to spin automatically for a chosen number of times.

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