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Jackpot review of Twin Spin Slot Game

Twin Spin Slot Game is a combination of both old classic game and modern reels-based game. The backdrop of this play for free game is taken from classic casino slots for the real money games. Further space infused graphics are added to give it a modern look. So, backdrop of the slot game is Dark blue color.


Introduction to the twin Spin Slot

To add a modern look, it is highlighted with laser beam light. It gives effect of magenta, blue and green color. It gives racing car effect to the players. The sound effect is really good.

It makes player enthusiastic.  Behind the reel, you can see a yellow light. It gives effect of a star in the sky. There are total ten symbols present in the game. Symbols are glowing. Highest paying symbol is sparkling diamond, followed by red number 7, golden bell, red cherry and last digit and number symbols. They use 1980’s music in the game.


More information about Twin Spin play for free slot game

  1. It has wild symbol
  2. It has 5 reel video slot
  3. Autoplay option is available
  4. Spin limit is varied from 100 to 1000 spins
  5. Maximum Jackpot winning is 270,000 coins


How to play the twin spin free slot machine?

  1. Player can easily identify the twin reel among the five reels present in the top of the Twin Spin Slot. Twin reel will glow with a red light on their behind.
  2. Set the limit of Twin Spin Slot The limit varies from 1 to 10.
  3. Set the coin value. Coin values are 0.01, 0.02, 0.05, 0.10, 0.20 and 0.50
  4. Set the bet limit. The minimum amount of bet is 0.25. Maximum amount of bet allowed is 125.00
  5. Start this game by pressing the start button on the menu.
  6. Among the five reels, twin reel will give you double, triple or quadruple chances to get same symbols.
  7. If you get so, you play free slots, winning amount will multiply manifold. This is a bonus to the players.
  8. Autoplay option is available in the game. You need to set the limit and spins.

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