Scruffy duck

In a fish pond that’s probably limited to the stuff of imaginations, a company of adorable duck characters come to life in this comical slot. Taken from the well-loved fairy tale of The Ugly Duckling, Netent has imagined a more expansive dimension for their online slots that pay real money game. Here, the duckling is supported by other characters that, as you’ve most probably guessed, are also within the same species. So, the family of ducks sport their character quite ostensibly as a cast: an adorable character which we can only assume as the youngest of the lot who wears a cap that’s probably five times too small for his head and sports a lollipop while winking at the audience, the cool brother complete with sunglasses, a backwards cap holding up a boom box, the sophisticated mom with the glasses and wrapped gift, and even the business-minded daddy duck who wears a bow tie and holds up a cellular phone that looks like it came out of the 80’s. And among all these characters, the protagonist of the story, the Ugly Duckling, is portrayed here not being ugly at all but as the Wild and already evolved as a beautiful swan.


Introduction to Scruffy Duck

One of the moguls in software development in the casino gaming industry, Netent has done it again. This time, it goes back to its two-dimensional and classic slot style with Scruffy Duck. This slot has a relaxed vibe from the fish pond background, to the pace, and most especially the background music. It’s especially far from some of Netent’s more intense live casino online games like Dead or Alive and Guns N’ Roses.Scruffy Duck is a 5-reel, 3-row, 25-payline slot that was released in the year 2017. The recent release date may confuse players with its old school graphics but the slot does offer special features that modern slots are ripe with nowadays, and of course, what Netent slots are known for. Scruffy Duck is known as a low variance slot machine where you can hit smaller but more often wins. However, the slot also features a high volatility level which seems ironic. But this only means that because Scruffy Duck has symbols that tend to stack, players will need to wait a bit longer to land multiple winning combinations.



As aforementioned, Scruffy Duck slot takes a break from Netent’s high-adrenaline slots and slows down the pace a bit. The setting takes place obviously in a pond although many will argue that it could also be a lake. The background is pretty much just a sky blue surface while water lilies, reeds and a resident frog populate its borders. What makes Scruffy Duck unique is its funky background music. It features a catchy beat and a faint horn rhythm but also a lot of ambient sounds in the foreground, including an occasional “ribbit” here and there. The symbols are so full of color and character that they present a stark contrast between themselves and the monotonous background. The player’s eyes are forced to focus on the symbols on the reels because they simply and truly stand out.



It’s important to know that only the highest win per bet line will be counted for payouts. Bet lines are included in winning payouts if the leftmost reel to the rightmost reel wins in succession.


Low-paying symbols

The low win symbols include A, K, Q and J. Players will find them all over the reels as they depict a duckling hatching out of an egg. The lower tier of these symbols include Q and J with the latter being the lowest of them all. J as the lowest symbol offers x3 when players land it on 3 reels, x20 for 4 reels, and x40 for 5. The Q symbol, on the other hand, offers x4 when players land it on 3 reels, x25 for 4 reels, and x50 for 5.

The upper tier of the low win symbols include A and K. The symbol K offers x5 when players land it on 3 reels, x30 for 4 reels, and x60 for 5. On the other hand, the symbol A offers x5 when players land it on 3 reels, x35 for 4 reels, and x70 for 5.


High-paying symbols

The high win symbols are portrayed as a comical duck family. The lowest of the high-paying symbols is the young duckling. Land at least 3 of these symbols on the reels and players can get x10, x40 for 4 reels, and x150 for 5 reels. Next, the “cool” older brother offers x10 once players land this symbol on 3 reels, x50 once it lands on 4 reels, and x200 for 5 reels.

The highest among the higher win symbols include the mother and father ducks. The mother duck offers x10 once the symbol lands on 3 reels, then x60 on 4 reels, and x250 for 5 reels. The highest among all, the father duck, offers x20 once it lands on 4 reels, and over x400 for 5 reels.



Scruffy Duck slot is ripe with a variety of Wilds and even Free Spins features that help rack up winnings. The slot also includes an Expanding Wild feature that is common in many Netent slots as an element to lure in players because of the opportunity to multiply wins.


The Wild symbol is portrayed as the white duck which acts as a replacement for all other symbols except for the Free Spins icon. The Wilds include an Expanding Wild, Random Wild and Colossal Wild.

Free Spins

When players land 3 of the Free Spins symbol on the reels, it triggers the Free Spins round and bonus games are activated. Players will be faced with various bonus games that include: a Multiplier feature with 15 Free Spins where all wins from the free games feature is increased by an x3 multiplier, Symbol Removal with 12 Free Spins where a symbol from the reels is taken away to heighten the chances of a winning combination, a Colossal Wild with 10 Free Spins where a large Wild is added unto the reels to heighten the chance of creating bigger winning combinations, Random Wild with 8 Free Spins where 2 to 5 Wilds randomly land on any of the reels with each Free Spin, Double Feature with 6 Free Spins where two of the aforementioned features are chosen at random and played at the same time during the Free Spins round.


How to Play

Gameplay is fairly simple for Scruffy Duck slot. First, you adjust the bet level by increasing or decreasing the Level of the number of coins you want to bet. The Level starts at 1 as the minimum with 25 coins and at a maximum of 10 with 250 coins. You can also adjust Coin Value which ranges from 0.01 at a minimum to 1.00 at a maximum. To play at the maximum bet that the reels allow, click on Max Bet to play like a high roller. And if you want to play with your spins uninterrupted, click on the Autoplay button that allows you to choose how many spins you want on the reels without having to click the spin button over and over again. And of course, to set the reels in motion, simply click on the Spin button.



Scruffy Duck has a 96.38% RTP and considered a high volatility slot machine. This means premium wins but a low variety of prizes as compared to the other slots. The best way to maximize prize returns is by landing the right combinations and making use of the Wilds and other bonus features in the game. Players will notice a slower pace with the spinning but it does pick up and takes a while for the reels to stop. However, the reels have a tendency to stack unto each other, thus allowing higher chances of multiple winning combinations at once.

Limitations of the bet level are at 0.25 credits as its minimum and 250 credits as its maximum. Also, players will notice that high-paying symbols alone are also limited to their small payouts such as the x400 multiplier on the highest-paying symbol on the reels. This enforces the need for creating combos in order to gain more wins in the game.


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