Reel rush

Reel rush slot review: At a glance

Although the Reel Rush slot lacks cool new features, it compensates for the same with a whole new set of rules. The reel is reset by winning combinations and there are plenty of ways to make wins. There are any ways, from 45 to 3125, when you are playing the game.

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While playing the re-spins and free spins features, you will get a lot of excitement. You can re-spin up as many as five times, and get 3125 ways for winnings with a single wager.

More information about Reel rush slot

Before you start the actual game play, you will have to check the backdrop of the free slot game. The screen of the game resembles the Mario Kart series in some ways. The game symbols are shown in the format 5 x 5. Some juicy and fresh fruits are the high paying symbols, and you can also get some colorful candies to boost your mood.

Different levels

The slot game has reels in geometrical configuration. The reels 1 to 5 come with 1 – 5 symbols, respectively. It is a standard configuration in which you can get 45 winways. In case a winway is developed on reels, two icons are added on 1st reel and with 135 winways, and then a re-spin takes place. In case a winway is granted by the re-spin, the two symbols will be added to the fifth reel and you will be able to play with 405 winways. You will have 1875 winways during the 5th respin. What else is exciting is that you can play for free in different levels.

How to Play Reel rush slot?

The casino slot game has you matching various symbols in order to create a winning combination. You have to form the chain from the reel at the leftmost side of the screen. The pay table describes the value of payoff. You will be paid only for the longest matching combination for each symbol. There is the attraction of play for free slot bonus here as well.

Personal opinion

If you are in love with casino slot games, the Reel rush slot game is highly recommended for you. You can get free spins, and even get the chance to have re-spin for greater wins. There is also the auto play option present here for uninterrupted plays.

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