Jurassic park

Play Jurassic Park slot game to dig out the adventure of Microgaming

Jurassic-Park slot game is an action-packed game that offers different ways to win across five available reels. This Jurassic Park plays for free slot game includes reels which are consisted of velociraptors, triceraptors, brachiosaurus and other characters like Tyrannosaurus Rex. You can expect a huge amount of bonuses that features free spins and multipliers. Make your way most adventurous with this game’s unconventional wild symbols!

With the release of Jurassic Park movie series, kids and their parents are excited to know more and more facts related to the primitive world. The availability of Jurassic-Park slot game makes most of it with its fast-paced effects and dynamic audio to attract all its gamers.


Jurassic-Park slot game:

Online availability of this game breakdown the situations of reaching nearby casinos to play such games which you love the most. You are definitely going to make your journey with Jurassic World more realistic with this play for free game real live casino online.


Dig out the adventure with Jurassic Park free slot game:

This game is developed to attract gamers more towards online casinos. With the use of parallax scrolling effects, you can enjoy the technical advantage of this gameplay. Its music is added with the most specific types of Jurassic tones to lift up the mood of all trusted casino online gamers.

Here, you will get the main character of the game as you have seen in the movie series. Some of its characters include Alan Grant, Ellie Sattler, John Hammond, Ian Malcolm and others are the memorable dinosaurs.


How to play this Jurassic Park free slot game?

If you are familiar with other slot games, then it won’t be hard to play. Suppose you are a newbie and require assistance how to play. In this case, you should know the facts that are discussed below.

You always try to hit the matching combinations to win credit. In this context, several permissible credits are offered to the gamers that include:

  • Coin betting ranges from 0.30 to 15 where a total coin per spin is at most 30 that you can win.
  • With the reel of 5 paylines, you can get up to 40.
  • Look out for randomly activated Tyrannosaurus Rex (T-Rex) Alert mode where its icon will appear on the reels on third six.



In this free slot game, it’s exciting to go for a tour along with the characters of the game. You definitely get thrilled with the level of enjoyment and excitement of Jurassic adventure along with offered bonus. The opportunity to win credits is one of the adventures here.

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