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Money to Burn Slots Review

WMS gaming has been widely acclaimed over the years for being an excellent provider, both offline and online. Their video slots are often labeled as captivating and striking. Set an eye on a WMS slot, and you will soon become a die-hard fan. Those who have can attest to this. The Money to Burn Slot has taken the best of both worlds when it comes to graphics and audio. Expect to be immersed in a neatly done slot with an elegant theme. An easy-to-use interface welcomes the experienced players as well as those trying out such slots for the first time. The classic feel will have you reminiscing of the old days at Vegas casinos. For those not yet born in that era, you get to walk down memory lane.

The layout is considerably simple with nine lines, all having the multi-coin capability, something that can be a bit confusing for some. The coin denomination is a quarter, which loosely translate to a U.S dollar. As for the background, it is quite simple but could be a bit distracting. There is a building on fire whose window columns form reels. Five in number, the reels give quite a bargain when it comes to taking home some wins from the online slots. The player’s primary duty is to put out the fire in all of the building’s floors. Putting out fires to the very last reel introduces a progressive jackpot structure. For every fire put out on each window, the player earns a conforming amount. The game icon displays some wads of cash in the foreground. Maybe in an effort to lure you to getting in the challenges of the background building on fire. However, a nicely done extinguishing earns you some really nice payouts, making everything worth the struggle.


Playing Money to Burn for Some Real Cash

Structured in the same way as land-based slot machines, players have to place a stake for the game to commence. Well, in offline casinos, people insert coins, while the online version requires some virtual money. The money one can stake ranges from $0.10-$1, and the bet amounts can be placed on varying paylines as per the player’s preference. Should a winning combo form on any of the lines in the video slots, the payout is usually instant. In accordance with that, the more you wager, the more your chances of raking in higher profits. Such simple rules, right? A few plays and you will surely come up with your ways of getting some good snatch from the game coffers. That is the essence of slots after all, getting to device your ways of earning big.


What to do With Bonus Rounds

To keep players glued the game usually award bonus rounds. Such bonuses favor the player, in that you get to bag wins without necessarily losing any cash to the online slot machines. The fact that the rewards appear randomly serves to lift the spirits of any players that could be feeling disadvantaged. Keep an eye out for three-alarm bell symbols. Once they appear, you will be redirected to a second screen where the bonus rounds will be shown. On the bottom of the screen, you will see three fire engines among which you should choose one. You will then be directed to one of the building’s floors where you get to select a fire to extinguish. A flame extinguished translates to varying multipliers. To heighten the fun and deepen the puzzle, behind each flame there is a hand-held fire extinguisher. A discovery of such earns you all the probable multipliers. You better have your eyes wide open while playing on the video slots.


What more would slot lovers ask for? Here is one of the best low variance online slots with an advantageous RTP of 96%. Also, the lines pay from ends considerably increasing the possibility of hitting it big. To sink you further into this sea of goodies the slot is available across multiple providers and on a wide range of devices. Unfortunately, the game is not available to play in some countries and that locks out some players that would probably love to try it out.

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