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Willy Wonka slot

Willy Wonka slot

Overall impression

Graphics - 90%
Gameplay - 90%
Bonuses - 90%
Value - 90%

Willy Wonka slot machine comes with lots of chocolate. Here, you get a chance to enjoy in the Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. This game consists of 40 paylines for its 5 reels. With the theme on the movie of the same name, this game is going to excite you with its amazing, mouthwatering chocolates along with its outstanding graphics and sound effects.

Game Information
Name: Willy Wonka
Software: WMS
Game Type: Classic slot
Paylines: 25
Free Spins Yes
reels: 3
Whats hot: Whats not so hot:
It consists of 9 play for free bonus features to attract gamers like you From the gamers’ point of view, this Willy Wonka slot machine might disappoint you in terms of minimum betting limit. Overall, this free slot game is one of the best chocolate slot games available online.
With the unique theme of chocolates, this game offers easy earning of credits
You can earn up to 1500 credits for successful availing of the Golden Ticket feature
It is considered as a multidimensional game. This suggests that it’s betting range is more

Come and play for Willy Wonka slot machine’s chocolates

Have you played Willy Wonka slot machine in casinos? If ‘yes’, then you have the experience of playing for chocolates. If you say ‘no’, then you should feel happy to know that it is now available online. Whether you have Windows OS or Mac OS, you can even play for free using your iOS and Android gadgets.

Willy Wonka slot

Particularly, this game gets its theme from Willy Wonka movie which is based on a book written by the Roald Dahl. To get lucrative credits, it is important to combine your brilliance with betting combinations.

With the available bonus feature of the game, you are going to enjoy the excitement of activating free spins and other bonuses. Here, you get a chance to ride in Chocolate River using the Chocolate River Ride bonus.

More about the game:

After you get 3 Elevator Symbols, you can trigger any of its bonuses. The ride on the Chocolate River allows you to watch Oompa Loompas Dance, pick gobstoppers and other exciting things. Some of its features include Giant Grandpa Joe (Willy Wonka Symbol), Golden Ticket, etc.

How to play this free slot game?

Undoubtedly, this game is one of the best slot machines that feature chocolates. With the collection of Gobstopper on the reels, it either offers you a reward, or it explodes. Suppose you are on the way to pick candy, this Gobstopper helps you to get the same.

If you are all-set to add Chocolate River Ride Bonuses in stock, then the chair will move ‘to and fro’ to highlight the movement of the boat. As the elevator gets stopped at Spins Symbols, it activates play for free spins. Here, you have to choose the sweet for selecting the number of spins.


As a gamer, you will experience a new level of excitement. If you love chocolates, then you should play this free slot game. Here you get a chance to ride your boat on the chocolates. The most amazing feature of this game is determined by its number of bonuses. This not only increases your credit for successful attaining of betting combinations, but you also get a chance to play with chocolates.