Slot Types

Slot types for every occasion

Slots have drastically changed over time.  They have gone from super basic 3 reel games to awesome interactive games, rich with features of 3d videos and quality sound. Not just that, you will find various kinds of machines based on where you are playing across the world. The lists below explains the main types.

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Types of Paylines – How The Machine Pays Out.

Traditional slot machines typically consist of a single payline across the center of the reels. When symbols make a combination, the game pays the winner his prize.

More modern slot machine games have more than on payline on five reels. Certain patterns are rather complicated, but they also grow the player’s winning chances a little bit on every spin. Some machines have 3, 5, or even 25 paylines. One new form of slot machine, called “243 ways”, which completely does away with the the payline concept, pays out the winner of the slot machine anytime any combination of winning symbols is in the proper order from the left to the right of the screen.

This is the state of the industry now – newer slot machines often feature an amazing array of bonus games and wild symbols that work in various ways.  Many more types of slot machines will definitely be introduced over the next few decades.

Number of Reels

Reels are the spinning symbols on the screen of the machine. In the past, these reels used to be hoops made from metal that spun physically inside the machine, but nowadays they are there just for fun, so much so that on many modern slot machine games, they are just video screens.

The traditional old-school slots have 3 reels while more advanced slot machine games have f5 reels. These extra reels increase the possibility of having bigger jackpots as it is harder to win the game when you have these additional reels.

3 Reel Slots

When you think about 3 Reel Slots you probably think about the classic slot machines found in a land based casino. A 3 reel slot machine is a slot with 3 reels and each real start spinning from left to right when you click on the start button…

5 Reel Slots

A 5 reel slot is different from the 3 reel slot in the way that it is not a classic slot machine. When you play video slots online then these slots are most likely to be 5 reel slots, they have 5 reels instead of 3 reels…

Classic Slots

The Classic Slots have 3 reels compared with the video slot games which consist of 5 reels, and they also look very similar to the first slot machines games that were created…

Fruit Machines

We know that testing luck for a casino is not for everyone, but people always try their luck with a positive hope to win online casinos. Fruit Machines is the place where most of us start

Video Slot Machines

The fist Video Slot game called Fortune Coin was developed by Wall Fraley in 1975, and after that many more followed and today there are thousands of video slot games on the market

Class II & Class III Slot Machines

There are class II games and class III games. The class III (also knows as “Vegas-style” slot machine) are the typical slot machines you find in Reno, Atlantic City, Las Vegas, and similar gambling places. The outcome of every spin is determined by the reels spinning, every spin being independent of previous event and winning or losing can happen at random.

The class II slot machines are generally located in smaller destinations such as states that only allow casinos operated by local tribes. These games are more similar to lottery or bingo in the sense that while class III games play against the house as they do in Vegas, the players are playing against each-other. The slot machine feels, sounds and looks like the traditional game but under the bonnet, it is all bingo-based. There are a pre-defined number of wins and losses and game results are dependent on each other.