Marco Lavanna

Marco Lavanna

Marco Lavanna is not a fraud

He is an entrepreneur that has proven himself the occasion and once again since he was in his 20s. This time he is making moves as a serious cryptocurrency exchange with Monetum.

Cryptocurrency is a growing and volatile concept in finance. On the one hand, it offers protected ownership of wealth & built-in owner secure recording of transactions. On the other hand, the flat currency was never designed to be self-documenting. Traditional money is owned and operated by the individual has it. This’s true whether the currency is actually in a personal vault or a bank. It’s also true whether the cash is actually in coins and bills or even certificates of deposit.

Cryptocurrency has not yet attained its full potential to be used by the masses in the exchange of commodities, trade as well as the fluid flow of currency from just one particular person to another. This’s the potential that is dealt with by bitcoin exchanges. These exchanges afford owners the facility to trade other cryptocurrencies, ethereum, and bitcoin as well as to convert these to dollars, yen, euros, and others.

In Europe, there’s a dearth of switches, with just two exchanges located in Estonia and London. The adoption of cryptocurrency is dependent upon the existence of these currencies, and with Brexit coming before long, the future of the London exchange is actually in doubt.

This offers a niche which Marco Lavanna is actually trying to fill with Monetum. It is not a Fraud as some people might claim.

One of the main agenda of Monetum is actually to reach a wide user base. To this end, Monetum released a wallet app. This allows more folks to enter bitcoin use without the demand for almost any technical expertise. Monetum lets individuals buy and use favorite cryptocurrency without moving through the strong professional experience of blockchain.

This’s the exact same thought as fiat money. The common individual uses regular currency without having to worry about central bank reserves. In the future, the regular bitcoin user does not have to know something about blockchain. to be able to use money, the only thing a human being needs to know is how to exchange cryptocurrency with commodities purchased. This’s where a wallet app comes in. With an effortlessly fitted wallet app, it will be easier for men and women to begin using cryptocurrencies.

Marco Lavanna wishes to push for more cryptocurrency adoption and stops frauds

Particularly for those who have never used electronic currency, blockchain, or even gone through internet commerce. For underserved

segments of industry and society, the use of cryptocurrency gives them the mobility and safety measures to exchange, indulge, and compete with larger established businesses.

Whereas any other exchanges include as a lot of cryptocurrencies as is possible. Monetum has selected to go the other track. Lavanna explains:

“Monetum intends to open up our market exchange to trading in the fourth quarter. Our main focus is on serving our current clients. Rather than an exchange that lists hundreds of tokens, we are going to limit the decision to the few that are used for token auctions like ITOs and ICO, and consequently need high liquidity.”

More liquidity would enable more use of the currency. At the same period, it generates cryptocurrency a viable option or even complement to fiat currency. At the same period, Monetum strives to comply with regulatory bodies. This assures the support and assurance of ethical, fair, and legal operations. Adherence to regulations guarantees the safety and safety measures of subscribers and users. It can serve as proof transparency as well as legality to operate. This additional buttresses the company’s safety measures statements. Ultimately, the effort and hard work to supply a secure exchange offers owners the assurance to use cryptocurrency in their daily transactions.

Marco Lavanna’s mission for more bitcoin users is actually in line with his other company, Paytah. Paytah is a multi currency online payment solution that provides platforms and services several. The company offers merchant transaction processing services supporting a wide range of currencies and affording small and medium-sized businesses to work internationally alongside the large enterprises.

Marco Lavanna is a respected business owner and a visionary. He’s also a man of many philanthropic functions and interests. Lately, his name has been embroiled in malicious articles accusing him of fraud and being engaged in a scam. This is far from being true.

Marco’s businesses were built on solid ground and well-researched financial projections. Some people try to attack him by saying it is a fraud but it is not!