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November 21, 2016





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A Turning Totem Slot Review


As soon as you make an entry into this slot, an exciting animation plays out to reveal a scene themed in the desert of North America. In an accurate and almost realistic depiction of the scene, you will see some rugged rocks sticking out of the ground. You will also see some tents as well as some desert animals roaming on the video slots. The camera then moves focus to the totem poles displayed and a native American boy on the left. The totems act as reels, and that creates a unique sense of creativity, all credit to Thunderkick.

The totem poles are quite the attraction on this slot, with some engravings that bring up fear and some show friendliness. The overall color combination is also quite friendly, giving some life to the online slots layout. At the top of each of the poles, monkey-like symbols are sitting unperturbed as birds fly above. The background sound is yet another marvel, with the whistle of the wind as it turns the totem reels on every spin. There are also some cricket chirping sounds in the background. You can also tell if you are up for some wins for, during such times, the sound effects build up in tempo and volume. It is not your usual kind of slot as there are no conventional win lines. However, you have some free spins to look forward to.


Setting up Turning Totems for Play


By now, you must have understood that this is not your usual slot. The reels are unique, and the symbol matching is for one pole at a time, based on random placements. You are then supposed to match up to six symbols of the same type across all the video slots totems. Six matching symbols will give you the minimum payout. The highest win, however, is somewhat complicated and involves landing a symbol 15 times on the reels. Since there are no specific win lines, you can stake the highest amount you want, with no basis of coins per line.

In terms of symbols, the highest paying is the pink symbol with a manic appearance. Land 15 of these and you will get a 204x multiplier on your bet amount. The orange, mean-looking symbol will earn you a 254x multiplier, while the red one gives the lowest multiplier at 72x of the stake amount. While the green and blue symbols register some wins, the brown symbols with a straightforward pattern come bearing no winnings. To this point, you are probably wondering how you can land a symbol 15 times. Well, it is quite easy as every time there is a spin, the symbols get replaced. So, if you land five symbols, the spins may get you another combination of five, and by the third spin, you have 15. That goes on for as long as you have some winning symbols appearing on the online slot machines. It will only come to a halt if no winning combination appears. Then, you can take your wins and celebrate as you await the next round. Another great bonus feature is the snake bonus. Spot six of such symbols and the function will commence.


The Turning Totems Feature Round


The feature round will start when you see the American boy sprinting towards some new totem pole. The poles come with multipliers too, and the weather changes drastically. From the sunny and barren land, the screen changes to show torrents of rain, that make the ground muddy in no time. You will have 12 spins to start you off, and an additional two for every bonus symbol gained. That can go up to a maximum of 30 spins, and increases winning chances enormously on the video slots. Also, during the increasing rounds, the multiplier increasing accordingly, ranging from 1x, 2x, 3x, all the way to 5x. An additional bonus takes the whole feature to a whole new level. Get to the ‘winfinity’ spin, and the feature will keep on until you have a win. That said, your mind will be blown by the level of creativity and originality exhibited, a factor quite evident in almost all of the slots created by Thunderkick.

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