Terms of use

Terms of Use

Terms of Use of Online Casinos Every Gambler Should Understand

The terms of use of online casinos take a lot of time and patience to understand. But being familiar with the terms and conditions of these online gambling sites are important in order to be protected and avoid getting into trouble.

Terms of Use Online Casinos Overview

Most of us hate reading long documents especially if we don’t understand what half of it means. The time it takes to understand the terms of use of any product or service that we acquire is quite long and most of us don’t have the patience to do so. Admit it – you’re probably also guilty of not reading the terms and conditions presented in front of you. However, when you agree to the terms of use of any product or service, you are bound by legally, even if you did not affix your signature and only ticked the button to agree.

When playing casino online, you will be asked by the casino operator to agree to their terms and conditions when you register or sign up. It is therefore pertinent that you fully understand what rules and regulations you are agreeing to. In case you do not follow what was indicated in the terms of use, the worst case scenario is that the casino will seize or not release your winnings. In order to avoid such predicament, you should take time to understand the online gambling site’s terms of use. We break down what you need to know about the terms of use of online casinos.

·       What terms of use are

·       Why is there a need for terms of use

·       How to find the online casino’s terms of use

·       How online casinos go about the KYC  or Know Your Customer procedure

·       Terms and conditions related to bonuses

·       Terms and conditions pertaining to banking transactions

·       Terms and conditions of promotions and offers

·       What the consequences are if you renege on the terms of use you agreed upon

Terms of Use in Online Casinos

No matter what online gambling site you choose to play at, you will always be required to agree to the terms of use of the list of online casino sites before you will be allowed to play. The terms of use in online casinos may also be called terms and conditions, fine print or disclaimer. The terms of use in online casinos usually include the following:

·       Company information

·       The online casino’s processes or how it conducts its business on its website

·       The procedures entailed to create and maintain a player account

·       The online casino’s Know Your Customer or KYC procedures

·       Data privacy

·       How to go about deposits and withdrawals

·       Online gaming rules

·       The percentage of contribution of casino games

·       Activities prohibited by the online casino

·       IT information

·       The online casino’s intellectual property rights

·       Information on responsible gaming

·       Other pertinent legal information

The terms of use of every online casino will be lengthy but this document is very important as it gives you a clear understanding of what the casino allows and does not allow, as well as how the entity operates as a business.

Terms of Use Importance

The terms of use are very important since it serves as a contract for the parties involved – in this case, it is between the online casino (the service provider) and the player (the user). The contract aims to protect the business and the customer by ensuring that both parties meet their obligations.

Although the terms of use in online casinos protect the rights of the player and the best online live casino, you should also know that the terms of use are slightly biased to protect and serve the advantage of the casino operator. The reason behind this is that online gambling sites are in business to make money, thus you have to play by their rules or you have to play somewhere else.

Players should understand what the terms of use entail since they will be transferring and gambling with their money. As an online casino player, you should be comfortable with what the terms of use states since, as mentioned earlier, much of the terms and conditions are in favor of the online gambling site. For example, if you do not like the limitations on deposits or withdrawals, you should think about playing at another online casino with terms that suit you.

Terms of Use: Where to find them in an online gambling site

The terms of use can be found either at the bottom part of the online casino’s website – there’s a link which will redirect you to another page where it will be displayed for you to read. Sometimes the casino will place it at the account menu of the player. If you are not able to find the terms of use, make sure to get in touch with the casino’s helpdesk to point you to the right page or email you a copy of the entire document.

Terms of Use: KYC process

Trusted online casinos are required by gambling authorities to verify players’ information through the KYC or Know Your Customer process. The player is required to submit their personal and financial information to proceed with their registration in order to:

·       Impede underage online gambling

·       Ensure that only one person owns the player account

·       Fight and avert money laundering and other illegal activities

·       Eliminate or abolish online casino fraud

·       Adhere to rules and regulations of gambling authorities

The Know Your Customer process involves submitting documents and acknowledging an email or mobile phone number verification. The customer may be required to provide a copy of the following: passport or another government-issued ID, bank statement, scanned image of the customer’s credit card, proof of residence, et cetera.

Terms of Use: Bonuses

Some players abuse the bonuses at online casinos which is why the terms of use of these sites include a special portion specifically dedicated to casino bonuses. The bonus terms and conditions may be included in the general terms of use document or may be found in a separate page allotted for promotions and special offers. When you read the bonus terms and conditions, you will understand what makes you eligible for a bonus, what you can do with your claimed bonus and what you are not allowed to do with it. In general, the bonus terms and conditions will specify:

·       The requirements and conditions you must meet before you are allowed to cash out your winnings

·       The bet requirements you need to meet based on your deposit amount, your bonus amount, or both

·       How long you can use the bonus credit, or until when the bonus amount can be used to bet online

·       The minimum and maximum bet that you should follow

·       The games that you can play with your bonus credit

·       Other restrictions related to bets, games and maximum prize you can win using the bonus credit

Terms of Use: Banking

Online gambling sites list down the acceptable methods for payments and withdrawals. In general, the terms of use related to banking transactions will vary from casino to casino, but the typical guidelines are as follows:

·       There is a minimum and maximum amount allowed depending on the type of payment method used

·       The player must use the deposited funds at least once before he or she is allowed to cash out

·       Wins that resulted from the use of bonus credit cannot be withdrawn in some cases

·       Some payment methods can only be used to deposit funds to an online casino account; the player should utilize another payment method to redeem his or her money

·       There are usually fees associated with deposits or withdrawal unless stated

·       Most online gambling sites will impose a withdrawal limit each month, so if you have thousands in your online casino balance, you may need to wait for another month to withdraw the rest of the funds

Terms of Use: Promotions and Special Offers

Similar to casino bonuses, there are terms and conditions that you need to follow when availing of a special offer or promotion. Of course, you need to understand the pitfalls of these special promotions before locking yourself in. The typical terms of use related to casino offers are:

·       Timeframe: Offer can only be redeemed for a certain period

·       Stipulations: Before you can avail of a special offer, you must be able to meet the terms, such as a required amount for deposit

·       Limitations: This informs you why you cannot be eligible for a certain promotion

·       Required wagers: Cash prizes and bonus credits require a specific wagering amount become qualified

·       Personal details: If you win a substantial amount, your personal information may be disclosed by the online casino for publicity purposes

·       Deadline: There’s a specific period when a prize can be claimed; you may risk losing your winnings if you go beyond the specified deadline

Terms of Use Online Casinos Conclusion

Some online casino players may choose to ignore the terms of use or accidentally overlook some of the rules. Whether intentionally or not, you should not break the rules and regulations of the online casino. Doing so may end up with you not being able to claim your prizes or withdraw your money. You can also be banned from the site if you are a delinquent player. Although online casinos have different methods in handling players who fail to adhere to the terms of use, you should make it a point to avoid breaking the rules. Sometimes players toe the line and online casinos will either suspend your account or block you from the site entirely. When it comes to the terms of use of online casinos, it is definitely better to be safe than sorry!