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5 Reel Slots


A 5 reel slot is different from the 3 reel slot in the way that it is not a classic slot machine. When you play video slots online then these slots are most likely to be 5 reel slots, they have 5 reels instead of 3 reels. These video slots games have different themes which sometimes are based on TV series, movies and rock bands. Nice graphics, introduction videos, bonus and games features in which you have the chance to win extra money are included in these video slots games to make your player experience even more exciting. The number of paylines depends on the video slot game you are playing but most of the video slot games have 20 paylines, and there are games with more than 20 paylines as well.

Since 5 reel slots are the most popular type of slot game, there is a very little chance that you will find an online casino which is not offering this type of slot machine. And there are a lot of 5 reel slot games to choose from on the market, and new ones are being created as we write, so there will always be new and interesting 5 reel slot games to play.

The advantage of playing 5 reel slots is that you will never have a boring moment since these slots are filled with bonus and game features and interesting themes which you can relate to. Also, the chances of winning are higher since they have more reels (5) and more paylines, so the frequency of winnings are higher compared with a 3 reel slot. Furthermore, some of the 5 reel slot games offer a progressive jackpot in which you can win millions of dollars.

Because of these extra bonus and games features the 5 reel slot games might be more entertaining to play for many people, compared with the 3 reel slot games.