Reload Bonus

Reload Bonus: A Gift for Returning Casino Players

Reload Bonuses are types of casino bonuses made available to online casino players who have deposited at least once to their casino balance. Find out how you can qualify and take advantage of an online casino’s Reload Bonus.

Reload Bonus Overview

Most, if not all, online casinos have ongoing promotions or “treats” that are suited for different players, whether they are new players, returning players or high rollers. A Reload Bonus is a type of bonus that returning players get when they “reload” their online casino balance by depositing or transferring money on online gambling sites.

This kind of bonus allows a player to claim a bonus ranging from 50% to 150% of their first casino deposit. It is usually available to a certain group of players and may either be a fixed or seasonal promotion.

Reload Bonuses are often part of the Welcome Bonus package for new players. In this case, a player gets a Welcome Bonus for his or her first casino deposit and will become eligible for Reload Bonuses for succeeding deposits. The Reload Bonus is sometimes accompanied by extra free spins that a player can enjoy after making a deposit.

Reload Bonus Eligibility

Reload Bonuses are a way for online casinos to reward their loyal and returning customers. However, a player needs to meet certain requirements to become eligible to claim a Reload Bonus.

·       Some casinos offer a more comprehensive program that gives them the privilege to enjoy Reload Bonuses by simply playing, hence, the more you play, the better your Reload Bonuses are.

·       Online casinos may send Reload Bonus notifications through email to registered players that have not played for quite some time to encourage them to activate their player’s accounts.

·       Most casinos organize their Reload Bonus promotions on a weekly or monthly basis so that all registered players with good standing can take advantage of the casino’s special offer.

Reload Bonus Wagering Requirements

Aside from the standard criteria to become eligible for a Reload Bonus, players should also take into consideration the casino’s wagering requirements. The wagering requirements also referred to as a playthrough or rollover, is how many times the bonus credit has to be played before you can request to transfer your winnings to your personal bank account. The requirements are usually around 40x, but this may vary based on the offer and the casino as well. The details are usually listed on the website or the promotional email sent to the players.

Remember that there are other wagering requirements than the ones mentioned above. For example, a casino may allow the Reload Bonus to be used at only one game or some selected games. Also, take note that your location can also affect the terms and conditions on how Reload Bonuses can be used. It is very rare that a Reload Bonus will have no wagering requirements, so be sure to check in order to avoid violating any of the terms and conditions.

Reload Bonus Terms of Use

Similar to other casino promotions and special offers, a Reload Bonus will have specific terms of use that a player should fully understand before claiming it. The following are the common terms and conditions associated with Reload Bonuses.

·       Although Reload Bonuses are considered as additional funds that will reflect on your online casino balance, these cannot be withdrawn until you have met the wagering requirements of around 25x to 50x. It simply means that the player has to use the Reload Bonus to bet on particular casino games for about 25 to 50 times.

·       The Reload Bonus should only be used on certain games unless the online casino clearly specified that the bonus credit can be used for all the available games at the site. Most online casinos include casino slots in their list of games, while table games and video poker rarely contribute much to the Reload Bonus’ wagering requirements.

·       Just like other casino special offers and promotions, a Reload Bonus will have an expiration date so it is important to verify so that you don’t lose your bonus credits unknowingly.

·       A player may not be eligible for a Reload Bonus if he does not meet the criteria that the online casino roulette real money has set. If you believe you should be eligible to receive a Reload Bonus, contact the casino’s customer support since there may be other rewards that can apply to you.

·       Aside from the wagering requirements, Reload Bonuses also have a limit when it comes to withdrawals. So even if you have met the Reload Bonus’ wagering requirements, it does not mean you can withdraw all your winnings. This is especially true if most of your wins were from bonus free spins.

·       If the Reload Bonus’ wagering requirements are not met after 24 hours, the remaining bonus credits will be forfeited.

In order to make the most out of your Reload Bonus, make sure you are familiar with its terms of use so you can take advantage and fully enjoy your bonus credits.

Reload Bonus FAQs

What is the difference between a Welcome Bonus and a Reload Bonus?

A Welcome Bonus is an incentive given to all new players who made their first deposit. On the other hand, a Reload Bonus can be claimed by all registered players for their succeeding deposits. In other words, the Welcome Bonus can only occur once, while a Reload Bonus is given more than once.

How do I know if I am eligible for a Reload Bonus?

If you are a registered player at an online casino, have deposited and claimed your Welcome Bonus, you can be eligible for Reload Bonuses on your succeeding deposits. The online casino may also send you a notification that you are eligible to claim a Reload Bonus once you have met certain requirements.

What can I get from a Reload Bonus?

Just like a Welcome Bonus, you will be given extra credits to play at an online casino when you claim a Reload Bonus. Some online casinos also offer free spins together with a Reload Bonus but remember that these Reload Bonuses have specific wagering requirements that you need to meet.

I am a loyal online casino player, how come I am not eligible for Reload Bonuses?

Most online casinos will automatically offer Reload Bonuses but if you are an avid player at a certain online gambling site but have not received any Reload Bonus, feel free to contact their customer support. In rare cases, an online casino may have strict requirements that players cannot meet thus they do not receive any Reload Bonus. The good news is that there are plenty of online casinos that you can consider which offer lucrative bonus credit promotions.

Can I play any online casino game using my Reload Bonus?

The casino will have a list that specifies all the games where you can use your bonus credits.

Am I allowed to cash out my Reload Bonus?

You are not allowed to cash out your Reload Bonus because the terms of use will require that you wager at the online casino using your bonus credits. After wagering between 25-50 times, you may be able to withdraw a certain amount. Online casinos have a maximum limit when it comes to withdrawing winnings coming from a Reload Bonus. It is important to understand the terms and conditions before accepting any Reload Bonus or other forms of bonus credits.

Do Reload Bonuses expire?

Yes. Reload Bonuses are usually available to use within 24 hours from the time you claimed the bonus credits. If you were not able to consume the amount given to you after 24 hours, the bonus credits may be forfeited.

Reload Bonus Conclusion

Reload Bonuses will vary from casino to casino. Although Reload Bonuses are available to most players, some casinos only offer their Reload Bonuses to VIP players and randomly chosen players. The value of Reload Bonuses and the terms of use will also vary so it is very important to read carefully in order to fully enjoy your bonus credits. Simply said, a Reload Bonus is a gift to returning and very active online casino members, but the casino can also offer these promotions to registered but inactive players to encourage them to visit the casino again. These bonuses make playing casino online more worthwhile since you have something to look forward to every time you reload your casino wallet.