Known for creating casual casino games that are superior in quality. Unknown to many, Spigo also happens to be a fun-loving company. Everything about Spigo seems fun and exciting. 



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Spigo, an online game creator from Denmark, was established back in 2006. During the early part of its operations, it developed social gaming sites for different markets in over 20 countries. For the first few years of its operations, it only had a game collection of 50 pariplay casino slots, yet it gained over 25 million site visits. It was in 2012 when Spigo started entering the real money gambling industry. It became a software provider that specializes in social real money games. It currently holds gambling licenses from Denmark and Malta. It has offices in Malta, the US, and Denmark. Since Spigo uses the latest HTML5 technology, its collection of games can be played through using desktops and mobile devices- but without the need for plug-ins in order to access them. Hammer is an important part of its game development. It’s the one responsible for creating exciting effects and great functionality. It also makes sure that the provider’s communication with back end programs will be safe and secure. Spigo also came up with the Hammer in-house which provides an added level of quality to the games. Spigo also uses the FPS optimization technology to provide the highest level of quality of the games’ visuals and performance, too. This feature allows the level of effects to be adjusted to support 60 frames per second rate when developing seamless no limit city casino. With this feature, the games will run smoothly on all devices and will even improve the quality if powerful mobile devices and computers will be used. The games where this technology’s applied are the following: Bingo, Solitaire, Hearts, Fruits, Backgammon, Zoo, Ludo, Tropicana, Spider, Yatzy, Freecell, and Diamonds.
Its bright-colored games and adorable cartoon characters are some of the proofs that Spigo loves creating vibrant and happy games. Spigo has very neat aesthetics which shows that this provider is slick and creative. Spigo is privately-owned and it has operations in Miami and Malta. It also holds two licenses, one from the Malta Gaming Authority and another one from the Danish Gaming Authority.

Quick History

Spigo used to be a community games website when it started operating in 2006. It was already a promising company that aims to expand its services globally. Its first website opened with 26 languages available and served 20 countries. During its first 5 years of being in the industry, it was able to develop an amazing collection of over 25 games and had been releasing around one game per month. It was also previously stated that it gathered over 25 million site visits during that time. It started to expand in 2012 and focused more on the mobile gambling market. Spigo also moved from B2C to B2B and delivered a new gaming platform to boost sales for the operators. This company puts the utmost importance to fair play which is a good indicator of how reliable and trustworthy a company is. Its games are designed to be absolutely fair. Another reason why Spigo’s an amazing company is that it focuses on having a strong team spirit and values each output from its employees.

Pros and Cons

Spigo has both advantages and disadvantages. These are Spigo’s pros:
  • Its games can be played on any device.
  • This provider has built partnerships with the biggest names in the industry.
  • It uses the latest HTML5 technology when creating games.
  • Each game created by this provider is guaranteed to be unique and interesting.
  • It supports multiple languages and it can be accessed by players from other countries.
This is Spigo’s only con:
  • It has a limited number of games.


Since Spigo became an expert at building games for its own collection, it decided to start offering custom-built games as a type of service. This is great news for betting shops, casinos, and other operators since they can offer branded and customized slot machines to its customers. Spigo specifically created SpigoBUILDER for this type of service. This provider uses that software to design and create customized slot machines according to the clients’ specifications. This is very beneficial for casinos since it will attract more players due to the quality and unique features of the customized slot machines. There are absolutely no limits when designing and conceptualizing a client’s customized game. Once the concept has been finalized, Spigo and the client will work out how the game should function. The game could be simple and conventional, but it could also be unique and with several special features. Some casinos really know what they want and made it a point to provide complete specifications. Some casinos, on the other hand, just gave their preferred concept and let Spigo do the rest. When it comes to Spigo’s own game collection, the majority of its games turn out to be video slots. These are some of the most popular video slots: Tivoli, Tropicana, and Zoo. Spigo also has fun and simple games like Ludo, Hearts, Spider, Backgammon, Solitaire, Freecell, and Bingo.


Since the start of its operations, Spigo has entered several content supply deals with platform companies and betting sites. Games developed by Spigo can be found on the following platforms: Play’n Go, EveryMatrix, iGaming Cloud, BetConstruct, and iForium. Spigo’s games can also be found at Danske Spil. These partnerships actually proved to be beneficial for Spigo since its games will be available in a lot of casinos. As Spigo signs more deals, the number of casinos where its games can be found will only increase.

Top Games

Spigo was created with the aim to develop entertaining and highly creative games. This provider was able to achieve its aim even after just a few years of operations. One of the reasons why it was able to do that is due to the fact that it creates partnerships where it could greatly benefit from. Spigo’s games are created so that they could be played on all devices. It doesn’t matter if a customer will access the game through a desktop or mobile device, he can expect the same quality of user experience. Players will also be given an option to play for free or play to win. This slot also has several progressive jackpots which are perfect for high rollers and for those who dream big. Spigo’s slots are filled with a lot of features and so many different ways to win the jackpot. There are free spins and bonus games, too. Spigo also has several loyalty and rewards programs for the most enthusiastic players. Spino has a visually pleasing and highly organized portfolio where you can find the company’s games, as well as their skill and volatility ratings. Spigo’s version of Candy Crush is Diamonds. In order to win, players must match similar-colored diamonds in a row. Once you get a match, the row will be replaced by diamonds. Players can win big from this game. It must be noted that Spigo makes it a point to always inform the players of its impressive statistics like the average time spent playing games, the RTP, and even the average session revenue. Spigo created Freecell as its own version of Solitaire. In this game, players must complete 4 boxes starting from ace to king. Freecell also has a jackpot spin that could either be local or progressive- it all depends on the game’s configuration. These are some of Spigo’s awesome games: Yatzy, Tivoli, and Tropicana.

Security & Fair Play

Spigo holds two licenses from the Danish Gaming Authority and the Malta Gaming Authority. Its gambling products are tested and certified by iTech labs. Security and Fair Play are actually on top of Spigo’s priorities when it comes to creating games. Spigo actually believes that security is a crucial part of a game’s development process. Spigo makes sure that its games’ random number generator is fair by using the latest RNG technologies. Since Spigo successfully acquired two licenses, players can rest assured that all of its games are fair and that the RNGs are working perfectly. When it comes to cash transactions, Spigo makes sure that casinos offering its games will process the transactions safely by using the latest SSL encryption technology. Personal data and banking details of a customer will always remain confidential and secure. So far, no complaint has been received regarding the security of Spigo. This provider has a clean and impressive reputation which is a good enough reason to start playing its games online.

Additional Facts

Spigo has an interesting feature which is a progress bar that can be seen on its website. The progress bar displays Spigo’s impressive stats. It has a real-time display where the number of players enjoying Spigo’s games is displayed and it’s usually around 1,500. Players can also see the running total number of times that Spigo’s games have been played. As of this moment, the number that’s currently shown is 850 million which is super impressive.


Spigo is undoubtedly a highly impressive and trustworthy software provider in many aspects. It’s probably one of the most well-organized and neatest providers in the online casino industry. Operators are always impressed by this provider’s game collection and an amazing eye for detail. Since Spigo partners up with some of the biggest names in the industry and can even create customized slot machines for clients, Spigo was able to enjoy both worlds of creating unique games that can be seamlessly linked to a casino platform and it’s also able to offer customized services to clients. When it comes to the collection of games, Spigo is definitely different from its contemporaries. Every developer actually tries creating new games that will give them a signature style and most of them miserably fail. The end products could only be slots with a variety of themes and colors. Spigo, on the other hand, provides an all-new experience for players. Players can even access games that don’t require cash in order to play. Free play games are actually getting more popular these days and millions of people actually play these games each day but without getting any cash. Although it might be disappointing to some, Spigo’s platform doesn’t have any traditional gambling offerings. Spigo is an amazing software provider. It supports a lot of languages and even accepts different currencies. Its collection of games is also impressive since they’re all one-of-a-kind games that no one would be able to find at any other casinos. Spigo is a great choice not just for expert players, but for newbies as well.


1. When did Spigo start its operations? Spigo was established in Denmark back in 2006. 2. Does it hold any gambling licenses? Yes, it currently holds a license from the Malta Gaming Authority and another one from the Danish Gaming Authority. 3. Can the games be played using mobile devices? Yes. Spigo’s games are fully optimized for mobile play since it uses the latest HTML5 technology to develop games. 4. What are the most popular games from Spigo? These are Spigo’s most popular games: FreeCell, Diamonds, Yatzy, 7 Solitaire, and Tropicana. 5. Are security and fair play guaranteed? Yes. Since Spigo holds two important licenses, security and fair play are guaranteed.