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SBTech: sports betting at its finest

“There are very few companies which can meet the challenges and offer the rewards of successfully operating in the global online gaming industry. The constant ebb and flow of regulatory change, the pace of technological innovation and the complexity of operating across multi-jurisdictional territories represent constant challenges, but at SBTech we embrace them, and nothing is neglected on our quest to be the best. For us, this is not just a job. It’s who we are.”

The words above are from SBTech’s CEO Richard Carter and they pretty much sum up how the company operates in the midst of a very competitive online gambling market. SBTech’s niche is the provision of award-winning, innovative sports betting free multicommerce game studio casino slots online and iGaming solutions and a full range of management services to several partners on a global scale. The company, which is based in Bulgaria, has also tried to constantly keep up with the times by expanding its range to include mobile and retail products. SBTech’s goal is to give their partners a wide range of options in delivering a dynamic in-play experience to players worldwide.

What do I get when I sign up for the full SBTech experience?

SBTech claims to cover over 60,000 unique events per month- spanning across 30 different sports and more than 150 football leagues. From here, you can easily see why SBTech is a major industry player which operates globally. The sheer number of options you have as a customer is staggering, allowing for easy access to any of your favorite teams, leagues, sports, and all other huge betting events.
The company’s presence is definitely recognized in the global community, but players from the UK may be a lot more familiar to their solutions. Early in 2015, SBTech received a remote operating license from the UK Gambling Commission in an effort to expand its reach in the British gambling market. This was a big step, as anyone versed in the gambling industry knows. The legal commitment that comes with obtaining this license is huge; and entails annual security checks done by a third-party. This means that when you sign with SBTech, you can be sure that you are treated to high-quality, secured content.
In addition to this, SBTech is also one company which fully supports the growth of mobile as a platform. It has continuously developed HTML5-based software to meet the ever-increasing demand of the mobile user base.

Platform features, promotions, and everything in-between

When you subscribe to SBTech, you are treated with technology that offers a wide range of promotions. From an operator standpoint, it’s easily an amazing experience
Being able to generate hundreds of bets per second on major events without the system not even breaking a sweat. There’s also access to sophisticated risk-calculation tools to ensure that you can react quickly to trends and developments in the market, effectively increasing the odds (pun intended) of making the right business decision, at the right time.
SBTech software has won countless awards- and for good reason. The end-users, which are the magnet casino players, have the benefit of using user-friendly and secure software as well as the ability to customize their gaming dashboard using the firm’s own widget editor.
The company also believes in data-based solutions, so it comes to no surprise that it offers that same indulgence and power to the player. SBTech has a feed manageravailable in which you can prioritize what events appear first in your feed. To take things further, its visualization and live streaming software are also top-notch- displaying scoreboards, stats, split-screen odds and dedicated live streaming for all sports that they carry.

SBTech is not just for sports but for gaming and software management too

With its IGaming platform, SBTech offers close to 2,000 unique casino, live casino, and virtual betting games which were developed by partnering with the best in the business. Furthermore, the standard SBTech package is advantageous to online casino developers because their brand continuously gains exposure to various globally accessible marketing platforms through clever built-in search engine optimization for social media marketing plans. It also has amazing customer support with over ten languages and risk management contingencies to deter all corrupt or even slightly shady deals. Not to mention that their service can include sophisticated analytics tools and impromptu payment methods.

Going in with SBTech: is it a “safe bet”?

In a globally competitive industry such as the betting market, very few businesses have been able to deliver on par with SBTech’s quality and security. From their website to their software, you can tell that this is a firm which emphasizes in sophistication to deliver the best experience for its customers. With all this going for it, it is definitely worth trying out SBTech; you won’t regret it.