“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” they say; and for good reason too. Real Time Gaming epitomizes this saying because it is a prominent name with a long history of thriving in the online gambling scene. Its latest venture brings it to Free Slots Central’s arsenal- where many more players will be able to enjoy its services.



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Real Time Gaming: still going strong after all these years

In 1998, a small company in Atlanta, Georgia set out to venture in the online software market. We all know that this is quite the risk as the internet wasn’t as established back then as it is now. Clearly this gamble paid off tenfold, as Real Time Gaming- or known simply as RTG by their patrons- is one of the leading online betting software providers in the industry.

In its earlier years, Real Time Gaming was known for their free just for the win casino slots online machine games, with its Real series taking center stage. It was also one of the first providers to implement progressive jackpots that were unique to each site that hosted its games. It was to no one’s surprise that players absolutely loved this mechanic; so much so that it became a blueprint for popular jackpot bonuses that we see today.

Real Time Gaming’s journey in the industry took a turn in 2007 when they moved their headquarters from Atlanta to Costa Rica, following the passage of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act in the United States.

Currently, Real Time Gaming continues its tradition of producing high quality software which are available in a number of online casinos all over the internet. Throughout all this time, they’ve still managed to put out game that tickle the fancy of their veteran patrons, as well as newcomers to the online gambling scene.

RTG’s games: how good are they?

Real Time Gaming has been around for a long time now. With this in mind, it should be pretty clear that they have developed a consistent formula with just absolutely clicks with the players. RTG’s games are fast, fluid and easy to use. This design lets the players experience the truly enjoyable parts of betting without being distracted by too much flash generated by the games. You can download and install these games to your computer or you can opt to play them in your browser via Flash. The features in both versions are similar, so you’re not really missing out on anything content-wise no matter which you choose. It is important to note, however, that graphics and performance in the downloaded version are slightly better- owing to the fact that playing using Flash online depends mostly on the speed of your internet connection.

We’ve also talked before that RTG made its name through their online greentube casino slots machine games; but players can also choose among the wide selection of excellent table games made by the company. These are the typical casino games you find elsewhere like roulette, poker, blackjack, and baccarat but packaged with Real Time Gaming’s engine. This ensure that the player is getting a high-quality and heavily optimized game each time he / she starts a play session.

This varying selection of games also benefit from one key feature Real Time Gaming has that others do not: a rule / settings configurator. What this means is that most of the games can have their rules edited by the casino manager, adding a bit more variety to the playthrough and preventing things to become too stale or boring for the player. For example, the number of decks and the fold option can be changed in blackjack; or paytables can be changed in online poker.

Features and bonuses

Real Time Gaming’s games are simplistic and nature, but also offer various functions that are designed to enhance the player’s experience. Each game is designed depending on the casino- meaning that each one has a different style and aesthetic. For example: RTG has games that are designed with the Free Slots Central’s themes incorporated in them.

In addition to this, RTG’s games download and play quickly- not to mention that players can control the game speed as well as the sound options- leaving a wide space for optimization. The game mechanics are also carefully designed, making sure that everything is balanced and the player has a good chance to win every time.

Real Time Gaming games’ bonuses are also nothing to scoff at. New players are awarded no deposit bonuses for simply registering an account, and a welcome bonus as soon as he / she makes that first deposit in their account. For tenured players, there are reload bonuses, alternative payment method bonuses and a referral bonus every time a friend you invite registers an account with RTG.

Verdict and some closing thoughts

Real Time Gaming proves that you can come close to perfection if you put the time and commitment into something. In its case, it has thrived by producing fun, exciting, and well-designed games that appeal to a wide spectrum of players. It’s very easy to recommend RTG games to anyone who wants to try their hand in the online betting world.