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When you say online gambling, you think about platforms and companies which have operated for many years. You imagine that they are businesses which have perfected the intricacies of casino gaming- starting from actual land-based casinos and then transitioning to the online space. Red Tiger Gaming is quite different. Having founded only in 2014, the company is a very young prospect in the very competitive online gambling software market; yet, because of its innovative games and excellent management, it has made a big impact upon entering the scene. It’s not too bold to say that Red Tiger Gaming can be considered a “prodigy” when it comes to creating high-quality betting games.
Red Tiger Gaming’s sg gaming casino slots have an excellent reputation in Europe and Asia. This imprint was made possible by the hard work of their dedicated mathematicians, graphic designers, software developers, audio engineers, gambling experts, and account managers who have continuously strived to provide a better experience for their players. Everything that they do is guided by their subscription to- in their own words- the science of fun.
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Red Tiger’s games are worth your while

As mentioned before, Red Tiger Gaming has an excellent team of experts from all disciplines who help ensure that they provide the best experience for the players. This shows in their games, which feel graphically stunning, technically sound, and functionally balanced. Every detail and mechanic feels deliberate in the sense that you know that the developers put it there to serve a purpose. This is the reason why their games are some of the favorites of online betting players.
Red Tiger Gaming is able to attract and retain players because they claim to use their understanding of human psychology when they create their games. We’re inclined to believe this as all their games’ features are tailored in such a way that would get the player hooked- in a good way. The website where they host the games feels fresh and easy to navigate; their games are available to play across all platforms, whether that’s on a pc, a phone, or a tablet; and a lot of their games have high stakes, which gives a more thrilling experience for the player and a very rewarding feeling when they win.

A deeper look into some of Red Tiger Gaming’s most popular software

Red Tiger’s games not only look and play great, but they have very interesting mechanics too. In this section, we take a look at some of their more popular games and try to pinpoint what makes them so loved by the players.

Three Musketeers

In this game, you venture with fellow musketeers Aramis, Porthos and Athos to get that ultimate payout. This spinominal casino slot game has 5 reels with 40 fixed paylines. The kicker, however, about this slot is that you can win up to 2000x your original bet if you get truly lucky.
A feature unique to the Three Musketeers is the way the bonus is handled. As you progress through the game, you can fill each musketeer’s “bonus meter” by getting their corresponding wild token with every spin of the reel. When the bonus gauge is full, you’ll trigger a bonus game related to that musketeer. The bar bonus is unique to Porthos, the wheel bonus to Aramis, and the offer bonus to Athos.

Ancient Script

Ancient Script, is another example of a 5 x 3 slot which has Egyptian symbols making up the entire aesthetic of the game. The main hook here is that there is a persistent stone tablet which expands every time a player wins a reel via free spins. This mechanic provides two advantages: first, it gives the player a sort of “palette cleanser” in-between reels, because they’ll essentially be looking at different symbols and animations for a moment. This ensures that the game doesn’t feel too repetitive. The other one is that this unique mechanic allows the opportunity for augmenting the player’s rewards the longer time goes on.

Verdict: does Red Tiger let out a menacing roar or a meekly “meow” in the industry?

It’s easy to disregard new players entering the market especially if said market has existed for very long time. Red Tiger Gaming, however, proves that it is well worth the players’ time to consider playing their games. They make software which are fun, innovative, balanced and rewarding. For a platform so young, Red Tiger Gaming is quickly rising to the top.