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A leader in online casino software for years, QuickSpin provides both commercial clients and players with unique game titles that will give them an unbeatable online slots experience!



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Quickspin Overview

Quickspin is a virtual gaming company that was founded in 2011 in Stockholm, Sweden. Today, it is one of the leading providers of online casino software in the world, with numerous big-name clients such as Bet365, 888Casino, and William Hill. According to CCO and co-founder Mats Westerlund, the company continues to bring an innovative and novel gaming experience to its clients by keeping three important factors in mind. First, the math, or the “engine of the game”. Quickspin uses cutting-edge algorithms to ensure a fair and enjoyable gambling experience. Second, they focus on giving their users a “seamless experience” by providing smooth animations, realistic graphics, and interesting sound effects, to give you the most immersive online casino gaming experience possible. Finally, they have “passion for the product”, which means that their team always tries to push the envelope when it comes to the gameplay, themes, and overall gaming experience that they offer their players.

What Games can I Play with QuickSpin?

Unlike other software provider companies that offer gaming options other than slots, Quickspin has focused solely on creating and providing free odobo casino slots online games since the beginning. Since they focus on all their company’s time and development on perfecting their slots offerings, they do offer games that are more visually appealing, have a smoother interface, and has an autoplay feature. Some Quickspin games even have a Fast Play mode, for players do not like waiting for the reels to drop.

How is QuickSpin Mobile Different from the Desktop Version?

These days, many players prefer using their mobile phones to play on online casinos, and Quickspin has been quick to embrace this playing trend. All of their games are optimized for mobile play, and even the more graphically-demanding games can be played smoothly and easily on a smaller screen without sacrificing any of the gameplay.

What are the Pros and Cons of Using QuickSpin?

There are several pros and cons of using Quickspin, such as:

· Pros

o Innovative and unique slots games

o Focus on perfecting slots gaming experience

o Talented and experienced team behind games

· Cons

o Relatively small gaming library (less than 50 different slots games total)

o Does not offer other casino games such as card or table games

What Other Services does QuickSpin Offer?

Since Quickspin focuses more on giving the best playngo casino game experience rather than expanding its portfolio of games, the company has created in-game perks and bonuses that you can enjoy when you play Quickspin games. One of their most interesting perks is called the “Achievements Engine”. With this feature, players can actually win back some of their earlier loses via the levels of awards that are set up within various games. These are called “milestones”. You can keep track of your achievements through a separate page, and when you collect enough achievements, you will get various rewards and bonuses. The main goal of this perk is to reward loyal players.

Another exciting aspect of Quickspin games is the “Feature Trigger”, which is basically a free bonus round. When players are able to trigger this particular bonus, they are able to win larger amounts of money without spending extra on their bets.

Finally, Quickspin offers “Flexible Free Rounds”, which is targeting towards new players. This feature allows new players to try various games without needing to create an account or deposit real money. This feature will even allow players to bet virtual credits so that they can have an idea of how much they can win through different games. However, the casinos will determine how long a new player can enjoy this feature.

How Can QuickSpin Optimize my Online Casino Experience?

As a company, Quickspin is all about offering their clients originality, quality, and innovation. All of their games reflect these company values, as their games are considered to be some of the best in the online casino niche. Since their team considers themselves as “people who love playing slots”, they are able to create games that they know other enthusiasts will enjoy.

They aim to offer games that are high-quality, fun, and engaging to play, which ensures that players will come back for more. They regularly offer perks, bonuses, and new features in their games that encourage loyalty in their players. They also ensure that their games are kept up with the latest gaming trends to keep them interesting.

The House Edge/RTP of Quickspin games range from 3%-5%, which is above the industry average. This makes them interesting for players as it gives players a higher chance of winning, or even hitting that sought-after jackpot!