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While most software developers these days are from Europe and America, the modern online landscape allows for tech firms and game-making studios from Asian countries to be as competitive as their Western counterparts. One of the companies that is making waves in the world of online casino gaming is Probability Games, a young and rising company based out of Delhi, India.
The company is proud of their young and experienced team of talented, vibrant individuals who are dedicated to bringing a unique gaming experience for online casino lovers. Their solid range of services comes from their passion for playing casino games, coupled with their knowledge of the “mathematical” aspect of online gambling and experience in coding, allowing them to create realistic and immersive casino games.
 Established in 2011, Probability Games can't exactly be called a veteran in the business, especially when you compare them to their competitors. Comparatively, the company is a long way from making any enormous marks on the web, remaining moderately obscure to most bettors online. This might be because of the fact that the company is in a geographic location that's not known for online gambling, implying that it may require significant time and investment from Probability Games to make an important headway into the standard European market.

What Games can I Play with Probability?

The company regularly updates its game library to incorporate new highlights and improved designs to its titles. At present, the games are rated as "average", and the company has yet to incorporate the improved animation and sound effects that bettors look for. Sound creation is another significant part of Probability habanero casino slots Gaming which makes a marvelous betting mood for players. Players can already enjoy a unique assortment of sound effects to celebrate wins and bonuses like Reel Spin Tunes, Bonus Game Loops, Voice-Overs, Jackpot Loops, and so on. Probability Gaming likewise offers game testing features for players who want to experience being "beta testers". Since the company is located in an IT-hotspot, there are many opportunities to tweak and improve their online gameplay. Players and commercial casino owners can enjoy their games offerings at a fraction of the cost of other software developers, allowing you to enjoy cutting-edge gaming technology such as high-definition or even 3D slots without burning a hole in your wallet.
Sliding Magic is one of the first games created by Probability Gaming and has gotten consistent upgrades and add-ons to make it a standout amongst the most fascinating games of the brand. The multicommerce game studio slots game is very imaginative in light of the fact that it enables punters to mystically slide the screen inside a band of reels, to increase their chances of winning. Not only do the reels move, yet you can likewise change the slide for additional wins and in-game bonuses! The game offers astounding illustrations and an interactive atmosphere, which really draws the players in. The Wild Trigger features a magician waving his wand, changing the symbols into wilds to produce high-value winning combinations. You will likewise get the Box of Pigeons highlights where you can choose your very own prize.
Another great game from Probability Gaming is Katana Warrior, which features a Japanese feudal era theme. This high adrenaline game highlights astounding designs and has images of Katana swords, shields, steeds, war banners, and helmets. The Katana image randomly transforms 1 or 2 or 3 reels into Wild from the second, third, and fourth reel during the game. The game likewise has Big Win include where players can win up to $100 while betting as small as 50 cents! The Scatter image is the Akairyu Dragon which triggers 8, 10, or 12 free spins where a mystical dragon sets the reels on fire and changes the symbols into expanding wilds.
Another warrior-based game is Terracotta Warrior, this time based on the traditional Chinese army. Abundant in beautiful designs and stunning sounds, the game highlights 1, 5, 10, 25 and 30 additional free spins with additional Wild symbols. If you're lucky enough to trigger the Big Win feature, you can win additional money as well as uncover the multiplier symbol, where you need to pick your very own Terracotta warrior to choose your success.

How is Probability Mobile Different from the Desktop Version?

At the time of writing this review, Probability Games has not released mobile versions for their desktop games. It is possibly due to the fact that the company is focused on creating a strong customer base for their desktop games before they create mobile-optimized versions of their games.

How Can Probability Optimize my Online Casino Experience?

For this India-based company, their main goal is to break into the mainstream of online casino games and making their brand known on a global scale. It has the potential to become a big player in online casino gaming, and one of the first to come from Asia. In fact, several of their games are already being featured in online casino licensed by gaming giant GTECH Industries, which is a huge feat for a relatively small and new software provider company such as Probability Gaming.