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Though it can still be considered as a new developer since it’s been running for less than ten years, Old Skool Studios has already partnered with big names in the industry like BC Lottery, Rocket Gaming, IGS, and Neowiz. The company’s aim is to create an unforgettable gaming experience for its players. This company is run by highly innovative designers and developers so the future really looks bright for Old Skool Studios.


Old Skool Studios was established in 2010 and it has been creating waves in the online casino industry ever since. This caleta casino software provider has its headquarters in Vancouver, Canada. Old Skool Studios lived up to its name and was able to create its signature retro style which can be seen in almost all of the games it has produced. It also helps that it has an innovative team of skilled developers, designers, and creative consultants. Its team constantly works on providing the newest and most innovative online casino games. Old Skool Studios has a collection of memorable games that are suitable for all types of players. Although its game selection has a classic, retro and unique style, the games still get an amazing, modern touch. Online casino games produced by Old Skool Studios definitely have impressive graphics, exciting features, and amazing gameplay. This developer has created the most unique and interesting games.

It must be noted that this company has been releasing cryptologic casino slots games for online and offline casinos through its services studio which is LM Design Werks. However, Old Skool Studios has focused on creating real money games under its own name since 2014. This developer aims to create immersive games that could be offered in top casinos all over the world. The team is really determined to build a strong narrative for the games, as well as perfecting all the math details behind the game.

Quick History

Old Skool Studios is known to have a team consisting of talented and innovative individuals who are all experts when it comes to online casino gaming. The company started out in Vancouver, Canada back in 2010.  It has become an online gaming powerhouse because of its team’s wonderful vision of creating online casino games that leave an amazing gaming experience to the players. It started out as a producer of games for LM Design Werks, which is a services studio. When the company has become successful, Old Skool Studios decided to release games on its own. Its first release as an independent developer is Epic City. Since Old Skool Studios is a highly successful and reliable developer, it was able to work with important clients like Odobo and Quickfire by Microgaming.

Pros and Cons

Old Skool Studios has some pros and a couple of cons. These are some of Old Skool Studios’ pros:


  • Since its games are built on HTML5, they are compatible with any type of device.
  • Its games are immersive and unique- you won’t find anything like them from other developers.
  • The games can be played in both portrait and landscape modes.
  • Its games are available in 24 languages which makes them highly accessible to players from around the world.

On the other hand, this is Old Skool Studios’ only con:

  • It currently has a small selection of games only.

Partners and Connections

New developers that aren’t under big companies or don’t have an impressive collection of games yet usually struggle in the beginning- it’s hard for them to get noticed by major sites. However, that wasn’t the case for Old Skool Studios. Even though it was just starting in the business and didn’t have an extensive gaming collection yet, it has successfully partnered up with huge names in the online casino industry. Old Skool Studios was able to do all that by outsourcing. This developer would create games for other developers and would make it a point to create only top-notch games. Since the games it has produced are all pretty impressive, it was an easy decision for big companies to get the services of Old Skool Studios. Back in 2011, it created a game called Magic of Isis for Rocket Gaming Systems and it became a huge hit among players. It also partnered up with big names like the British Columbia Lottery Corporation and even Microsoft.

When a game’s really good, players become highly curious about where to find the game. Old Skool Studios’ games can be found on popular and reliable platforms like Odobo and Microgaming’s Quickfire. Unfortunately, Odobo closed down back in 2016. Major online casinos like Mr. Green, Coral Casino, and Zynga also include Old Skool Studios’ releases in their gaming collection. Since Old Skool Studios has provided services for major clients, the provider has been a regular at public casino events. Old Skool Studios has attended the two major trade shows for iGaming companies which are the International Casino Expo (ICE) and the Global Gaming Expo (G2E).


Old Skool Studios makes sure to use only the latest technology when creating slots. This provider used the HMTL5 technology which makes the slots compatible for both desktop and mobile play. The games can even be played using either the portrait or landscape mode. The first two features are very convenient for players since they’ll be able to play Old Skool Games anywhere and anytime they want. They can also use any type of device when playing since the games are compatible with all devices. One of its best features is the availability of over 20 languages in each of its games which definitely makes the games more accessible to international players.

Old Skool Studios’ gaming portfolio consists of slots like Jewel Quest Riches, Epic City, LaRouge, and Temperance. The themes of those games were all inspired by the past including the steampunk era, the 1930s, and even old Hollywood. Old Skool Studios’ games are filled with exciting features, free spin bonuses, and a lot more. This developer’s team is an expert when it comes to outsourcing products.

Creative Team

One of Old Skool Studios’ best assets is its creative team. Its team is composed of skilled and talented individuals who also happen to be experts at online casino gaming. Its team is focused on innovation and every single game released by Old Skool Studios is guaranteed to be of the highest possible quality. The developer seems to be focused on producing globally competitive games since all games can be played using 24 different languages. The key members of the star team are Lily McGraw and Mike McGraw.

Top Games

Since Old Skool Studios was able to achieve so many things at such a short time since the year it was established, a lot of people are curious about this developer. Most of the customers who check out the games end up liking them since the developer’s actually focused on creating highly enjoyable and fully immersive games. Players won’t easily find games that are similar to Old Skool Studios’ slots. This provider actually has a wide range of themes for its games while still maintaining a signature style and feel. One of its first big games is Epic City which uses the post-Great Depression or World of Tomorrow theme. The game’s futuristic and expertly done landscape is very impressive and can make a player get hooked to the game so easily. With dramatic sound and visual effects, Old Skool Studios successfully influenced new players to try out Epic City. The high amount of available bonuses is also a great feature of this game.

La Rouge is one of Old Skool Studios’ latest creations. The game has a black and white color scheme which makes it mysterious and interesting. The game looks like a classic film which even adds to its artsy and mysterious vibe. The entire game is actually a nice tribute to classic movies or “a tale of love and twisted double-cross” according to the developers. This game has five reels and a 20-line slot. It also contains numerous bonus features to keep the game fun and exciting. Every game produced by Old Skool Studious has story-telling details that set them apart from games produced by other developers. The games are also visually appealing which makes them even more interesting to play.

Mobile Play

Old Skool Studios’ slots are fully optimized for mobile play. Since the developer uses the latest HTML5 technology when creating games, the games can be played by using desktop or laptop and even tablets and smartphones. What’s even more awesome is how the games can be played using either the portrait or landscape mode. Aside from creating unique and enjoyable games, Old Skool Studios is also dedicated to improving the overall gaming experience of customers after playing different games.


Old Skool Studios is determined to provide top-notch games that are well thought out when it comes to the design and the gaming experience. Although Old Skool Studios releases fewer games compared to other developers, it actually does not even matter since all of its games are of top-notch quality. What sets this developer apart from its contemporaries is its storytelling elements in its games. Since the games are also visually appealing, adding some storytelling in the game can quickly attract a lot of players. It’s slowly climbing to the top of the ladder and will surely be a top provider in the future. Since a lot of companies and online casinos have trusted in this provider before, clients will surely get an unforgettable gaming experience after playing any of Old Skool Studios’ games.

One of the best things about Old Skool Studios’ games is the addition of extra special features scattered all throughout the game to keep the players interested from start to finish. There are multiple bonus rounds, multipliers, and even free spins features for the players to enjoy. The games are also fully immersive and highly engaging which is pretty rare to find in online casino games nowadays.


  1. When did Old Skool Studios start its operations?

Old Skool Studios started its operations back in 2010.

  1. Does it currently hold a license?

Yes, Old Skool Studio currently holds a license from the UK Gambling Commission.

  1. Can the games be played using mobile devices?

Yes, Old Skool Studios’ games are compatible for mobile play.

  1. What is the biggest selling point of Old Skool Studios?

The quality and accessibility of the games are definitely Old Skool Studios’ greatest assets.

  1. What are the most popular games from this provider?

These are the most popular games from Old Skool Studios: La Rouge, Epic City, Temperance, and Jewel Quest Riches.