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Multicommerce Game Studio has been operating for over 10 years now. For the past couple of years, it has focused on creating its core games.


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Multicommerce Game Studio is highly popular in the online casino industry since it has a huge history of creating gambling products with great reviews. Right now, it’s actually the smallest developer that’s as popular as the huge companies. This provider’s designers have worked so hard every day in order to make their company a highly respected one in the online casino industry.

It’s true that it’s hard to aim to be as successful as the leading developers. However, this gaming studio was able to achieve all that in just a short time. This provider is constantly trying ever since it was established in 2006. This developer has been given a certificate from the Gaming Laboratories International Group.

It’s a given fact that having an amazing online software is needed in order to succeed in this industry. Without a great provider, it would be hard to attract players from around the world to try their variety of games. This is the main reason why software developers are always trying to create something new, fresh, and exciting. It’s the quality of online gambling products that could make online gaming great again.

This provider actually started out as a creator of bingo products and online video slot machines by zoneloc for online resources and institutions. Although there’s not a lot of information regarding this provider’s software, professional programmers were able to shed some light on which types of technologies are being used by Multicommerce Game Studio. The gaming studio is believed to be working with libraries of C++, Java, and Flash online animation. These technologies are responsible for creating visually stunning graphics and mobile adaptive games that can be accessed through any platform. This is beneficial not just for online players, but for platform holders as well. It will be easier for them to integrate other casino projects into their platforms.

Gamers can play the games by two options- either online through instant play mode or through downloading the software into a computer. Both options are supported by online casinos. This provider is amazing not just because of its high-quality games, but for its social interaction as well. Designers are always trying to talk with fans around the world, in order to figure out how to create games that are worth playing. This is a great move since it’s important to know what the majority of players would want in a game in order to develop better games for everyone in the future.

Pros and Cons

Multicommerce Game Studio has both advantages and disadvantages. These are Multicommerce Game Studio’s pros:

  • Almost all of its games have demo versions so players could test them out.
  • Its games are brightly-colored which adds fun to the overall gaming experience.
  • The games are easy to play.
  • Its team of developers is dedicated and committed in its craft.

On the other hand, these are Multicommerce Game Studio’s cons:

  • Its games are a little plain.
  • It doesn’t have a lot of games in its portfolio.


Multicommerce Game Studio split its operations into three main areas. The first main area is game content and it’s also the topmost priority. It’s where different concepts and ideas are transformed into actual designs by using a mix of quality graphics, mathematics, and audio soundtrack. The second main area of operations is the development of the platform. It’s where programmers start working. All of the needed programming languages and technologies are combined to form the best possible final product. It’s also where the provider develops specific Flash and Java programming and server-side apps. This is done to enhance the back-end side of their provision. The third main area of operations is crucial or the other areas would have no purpose at all. The provider’s compliance commitment shall ensure that its creative team has the understanding and needed skills to handle all the jurisdictional requirements all over the world.

This provider is responsible for designing and developing standalone casino games. It also takes care of the mathematical modeling behind those games. Multicommerce also develops server-based games that can be played across different platforms. This provider’s approach to design is to allow for ease of customization and also localization for regional markets. This provider is also committed to research which will ensure that it will only develop games that could fill a space in the current market. These are some of its most popular games: Millionaire Train, Golden Rome, and Mystery Lions.

There’s little information about Multicommerce’s team and it’s not even one of the biggest providers out there. However, its dedication to develop high-quality games and contribute to the innovation and advancement of the online casino industry is definitely impressive.

Top Games

Currently, there are thirteen Multicommerce casino projects. It might seem like a few since this provider has been in operation for over 10 years, but the quality of each project is way more special than the usual games. Every single release from this gaming studio has been phenomenal and one-of-a-kind.

Every game from this provider has five reels and 40 pay lines. Each game has a generous amount of scatters, wilds, and other forms of bonuses. These details might be standard for some providers but Multicommerce has really worked hard on every single detail of its features. This provider wants every small detail to be as creative as possible. These are some of the games that helped Multicommerce achieve success and popularity: Hey Mambo, Mystery Lions, Zooper Heroes, Golden Rome, and Arch Angel. These games even have a demo version available which lets players try them out for free.

What Makes It Unique

Multicommerce’s projects have always been great and really special, especially when it comes to technologies used to develop the game. Even when this gaming studio was just starting out, every single game worked properly on any platform. The games can also be played using laptops and mobile devices.

Casinos & Partnerships

Games developed by Multicommerce are guaranteed to be original and unique, from the idea and down to the concept brief and then design. Its team of developers uses map design and profiling while also paying close attention to the graphics and visuals of the games. A variety of game engines are used to develop this provider’s most popular thunderkick casino which range from three-reel classic games to five-reel modern games.

Online casinos that work with Multicommerce have the advantage of providing amazing games to their fans. These games are also audited for fairness. Developers worked closely with them to help with customization and localization for different markets around the world. The developers also help with the internal tools and the design so the online casinos with their games will have an advantage over their competitors.

Mobile Play

Nowadays, it’s almost common for providers to use only the latest technologies in developing online games. It’s important to create games that are compatible with all types of mobile devices. Mobile gaming is huge right now and the online casino industry can do nothing but adjust. Multicommerce uses the latest HTML5 technology to create its games. This means that all of its games are fully optimized for mobile play. All of the features available in the desktop version can also be found on the mobile version.

Security & Fair Play

Multicommerce uses the latest SSL encryption technology to protect the personal data and banking details of its players. It’s also strict when it comes to the online casinos it partners with. It only allows its games to be offered on secure and properly licensed online sites. Players don’t have to worry since all of Multicommerce’s games are fair and secure.

Strategies & Social Gaming

In online gaming, the most important thing to remember is to play responsibly no matter what type of gambling product the player’s using. The Class III type uses a Random Number Generator and there is absolutely no way that any type of math strategies will ensure a win. Its mathematical algorithm will simulate randomness. Players can use strategies to bet small amounts at first. The key is to choose an online casino with gentle and easy terms and conditions.

A lot of companies have started to penetrate the social market. Plaor recently launched a few Multicommerce games and made it possible for gamers to try the games out for free anytime and anywhere. Players just need to activate these pokies from their Facebook profile and do some interactions with friends.


In the next years to come, this developer will surely rise and achieve more success in the online casino industry. This provider’s creators are dedicated to honing their craft and come up with new ideas to contribute to the innovation of the industry. Its creators are committed to making sure that every player gets to fully enjoy every game from the company. Most of Multicommerce’s games are already phenomenal but it’s quite obvious that this company is capable of creating even better games. This developer has a bright and promising future ahead of it.

Multicommerce’s license is unfortunately unavailable on its official website. Although this provider is definitely reliable, it would actually be nice to display a license on its website so potential players and clients would be more interested in this provider. However, it’s included in its description that this provider strictly complies with the guidelines set for software developers. It’s also included that the company works hard to understand the latest jurisdictional laws and requirements. Multicommerce also customizes its gaming content for different markets. Numerous rave reviews about Multicommerce definitely prove that it works perfectly as a software provider for different markets. There are so many possibilities for Multicommerce in the future and this company will surely not disappoint. This provider is destined for greater things and if its team becomes successful in upholding its aim to provide players even better gaming experience and contribute towards the innovation of the online casino industry, then it really deserves to be one of the leading software developers.


  1. When did Multicommerce Game Studio start its operations?

It started its operations back in 2006.

  1. Does it hold any gambling licenses?

As of the moment, no information’s available about licenses awarded to this provider.

  1. Can the games be played using mobile devices?

Yes, games created by Multicommerce Game Studio are fully optimized for mobile play.

  1. What are the most popular games from Multicommerce Game Studio?

These are the most popular games from Multicommerce Game Studio’s collection: Millionaire Train, Golden Rome, Hey Mambo, Zooper Heroes, Arch Angel, and Mystery Lions.

  1. Are security and fair play guaranteed?

Yes, this provider uses the latest SSL technology to protect its players’ data and only works with highly reputable and guaranteed to be secure online sites.