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Inspired was established in 2001 and has since been a small but relevant part of the digital gaming industry of the United Kingdom. It’s actually one of the first companies to focus on the mobile gaming markets, even way before it was possible to view online casino games’ graphics and animations on a phone. Inspired has also expanded and opened video lottery terminals and other gambling products. Its main offices are located in Birmingham, North Wales, and London.

One of the biggest parts of its operations is licensing its gambling products to online casino operators. Since then, the biggest names in the UK’s online casino industry are currently offering Inspired’s games on their sites. Not only that, but online sites from different nations around the world are also offering this provider’s games. Slots created by Inspired are definitely great, but it has other products that are worth checking out, too. This provider has actually gained most of its popularity because of its virtual sports games. These virtual sports games have brought fixed odds of sporting events to an entirely new level all over the world.

Quick History

The Inspired Gaming Group was created by Luke Alvarez in 2001. It has grown into a major name in the UK’s online gaming industry. It was one of the first providers of mobile gaming. After that, it has expanded to create video lottery terminals and virtual sports games. It was eventually bought out by Vitruvian Partners, which is a company that helped Inspired when it tried to penetrate international markets.

Inspired eventually wanted to penetrate the Chinese Gambling market since gambling haven Macau gets visited by millions of gamblers yearly. Even though some forms of online gambling outside Macau are still prohibited, Inspired was able to sign a deal in 2015, with none other than the Chinese government. The deal is to provide national lottery which should be state-regulated and virtual sports games like football and horse-racing. The next stops in Inspired’s world domination plan are the Philippines and the US.

Game Features

Punters are actually hoping to get even just a little bit of success while playing Inspired’s slot machines. Every game from Inspired is designed to be rich in features in terms of gameplay. All of its 5-reel video slot machines by ganapati can be played using multiple languages and can accept a number of different currencies which makes them highly accessible for international players. There are also different minimum and maximum stakes, according to the currency used. The values are configured by the casino operator. Games with progressive jackpots are also available.

Almost all of the games created by Inspired feature 3D animations and HD graphics which are created by the best designers when it comes to innovation. One exceptional game when it comes to visual effects is Centurion. Centurion is a 5-reel genii slots and has an Ancient Roman theme. This game has 9 different bonus games and an additional Fortune Spin feature. This game will surely provide maximum spinning thrills.

Players can find more visually pleasing themes from Inspired’s game collection. These are some of its games: Viking’s Gold, Hot Gems, White Knight, Temple of Treasure, Treasure Island, Merlin, Jungle Bucks, and Goddess of the Amazon.

Players will surely love this provider’s many unique bonus features that could make the gaming experience so worthwhile. Jungle Bucks has a fun ostrich race as a side game. Temple of Treasure, on the other hand, takes the players into a ruined crypt where they should do four bonus tasks to win huge prizes. Goddess of the Amazon has a free spins game that features stepping wilds and players will also get a chance to unlock more free games. The free spins feature is actually a trademark of this provider.

Top Games

Inspired has a wide scope of gambling games since it has huge ambitions to penetrate new betting markets. Inspired makes sure that the selection of games caters to every trend and preference. Casino operators and gamblers can expect to find a lot of classic bingo and casino games like blackjack, roulette, and keno. This provider even created unique twists on classic casino games like the 100/1 Roulette which offers 100 pockets instead of the usual 38. Another example is the Deal or No Deal Roulette game which incorporates added gameplay elements from the famous TV game show.

The best games from this provider are under the “Virtual Sports” category. This section includes traditional betting sports like horse racing and greyhound racing. Some of the titles are Rush Speedway, Cycling, and Rush Motor Racing. There are other titles too like Rush Football, Rush Darts, and Rush Cricket.

These games are amazing choices for bettors who want to try betting on their preferred sports but would rather do it in a controlled odds environment. This provider also created amazingly realistic sporting action with the help of spectacular graphics. These games imitate real-life sporting events with TV coverage and even include live stats and commentary.

These are the best games from Inspired Gaming:

  1. Centurion: This game has a Roman Empire theme. This game will give the players a lot of replay value. There are almost 10 bonus features on the reels which range from explosive wild symbols to wild reels. This game even has a special “Road to Rome” feature which plays out like a cool board game. This game is not for gamers who dislike complex games but it’s the perfect choice for those who love to be entertained.
  2. Treasure Island: In this game, the player is an outlaw pirate. This game has 20 lines and five reels. It also has a lot of special bonuses hidden throughout the fun game. One of its special features is a treasure pick’em round that could give the players up to 50x their initial bet. Another special bonus is a firing cannonballs round where the player could win up to 500x their initial bet.
  3. Spirit of the Samurai: This game is based on a bygone era’s Japanese Warriors. This game has the usual five reels and 20 pay lines. The game appears against a serene temple as a backdrop. This game has an interesting feature which is the experience bar at the top of the game screen. The player will start at “chugen” or beginner and then the player will work his way up from there. As the player becomes more experienced, the player will get more free spins.
  4. White Knight: This game has a medieval theme and the main character is a heroic white knight. The player will be matching crowns, precious gems, dragons, and castles while trying to collect jackpots that could be worth over a million coins. This game even has a free spins bonus game and has additional “super wilds” that could cover entire reels and make the player get as many wins as possible.


The number of licenses that Inspired Gaming currently holds is a huge deal. It was awarded a gambling license by three major authorities: the L'amministazione Autonoma Dei Monopolie Di Stato (AAMS), the UK Gambling Commission, and the Alderney Gaming Control Commission. Inspired Gaming really took every chance possible to ensure that everything they’re offering is compliant with various international and domestic gambling authorities. The Alderney Gaming Control Commission acts as an independent and non-government controlled body and is in charge of regulating gambling activity and uphold international standards.

Virtual Sports

Inspired is known for its phenomenal virtual sports games. Its collection of virtual sports games really stands out from the rest. These games are basically fixed odds games. Players have the freedom to choose their preferred competition. The options are the following: cricket, football, tennis horse racing, auto racing, and a lot more. The player can then make any number of bets. Players can find similar games from a lot of providers since apparently, the idea of having a fake sporting event is so much fun. This is specifically popular when it comes to horse racing where players can simply choose their preferred virtual horse and then see if they can win in the race.

Inspired Gaming really makes an effort to make the games look as realistic as possible. The venues for virtual sports games are photorealistic. Players who love participating in betting events can certainly have a lot of fun with Inspired Gaming’s collection of top-notch virtual sports games.


Inspired Gaming may not be highly popular among slot machine players, but it’s definitely at par with the leading providers when it comes to the quality of gameplay and graphics. This provider’s unable to get a huge online following since it has always focused on expanding its land-based gaming operations to distant markets like Asia. However, since a lot of popular UK casino websites offer this provider’s games, players from around the world will still get to enjoy the amazing games it has developed.

Inspired Gaming provides fun and high-quality gambling products that can be played using desktops and computers, as well as various mobile devices. All of its games are well-designed and have exciting and unique features that make the overall gaming experience so worthwhile.

The best ones from its game collection are its virtual sports projects. Most of the top betting sites in the UK have decided to enter a partnership with Inspired Gaming just to gain access to its phenomenal virtual sports games.

This provider’s entire collection is impressive, too. It’s still a fact that its virtual sports games are out of this world and are absolute treasured of the online casino industry. Inspired Gaming would still have a lot to offer in the future. With the way it has expanded into new markets so quickly, the future definitely has a lot in store for this provider.


  1. When did Inspired start its operations?

Inspired was established in 2001.

  1. Does it hold any gambling licenses?

Yes, it holds three licenses- one from the Alderney Gaming Control Commission, one from AAMS, and one from the UK Gambling Commission.

  1. Can the games be played using mobile devices?

Yes, games created by Inspired are fully optimized for mobile play. This will make playing games so much more convenient for players. It’s also compatible with Windows, Apple, and Android smartphones and tablets.

  1. What are the most popular games from Inspired?

These are some of Inspired’s most popular games: Viking’s Gold, Hot Gems, White Knight, Temple of Treasure, Treasure Island, Merlin, Jungle Bucks, and Goddess of the Amazon. However, its collection of virtual sports games is the most in-demand.

  1. Are security and fair play guaranteed?

Yes, it currently holds three licenses which is a great proof that its games are fair and secure.