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High 5 Games are available almost anywhere. It’s actually one of the longest-running software providers in the online casino industry.


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Its collection of over 300 games can be accessed by players from over 150 countries. There’s a great chance that you’ll encounter any of High 5 Games slots wherever you decide to play. This company also started out as providers of land-based casinos but as of the moment, this company’s focused on creating online casino games and mobile foxium casino slots. This provider has a clear target which is the social market. It actually has a Facebook casino which gets almost 2 million players every month.

High 5 Games Overview

High 5 Games is a world-class software provider and it’s definitely one of the most trusted in the online casino industry. Everyone appreciates how this provider operates and the level of creativity and uniqueness that applies to each game produced by High 5 Games. It definitely has its unique style which was formed through its many years of experience. Its games also have their own artistic charm that can’t be replicated by other developers. These are some of its most popular game creations: Da Vinci Diamonds and Secrets of the Forest.

High 5 Games uses the most modern software which definitely sets it apart from its contemporaries. Each game is actually conceptualized individually and every detail is given a lot of thought. High 5 Games are also known for giving out a lot of exciting bonuses and even secondary bonus elements. The games even have scatter and wild symbols, as well as interesting features. The combination of all these aspects will surely give the players unique and pleasant gaming experience. High 5 Games are actually simple and straightforward but it’s actually what makes the games more interesting and worth trying out. This provider currently has over 300 games in its collection. All of these games are available to a lot of players from different countries.

Quick History

After getting established in 1995, High 5 Games quickly became a strong brand when it comes to casino slots and video poker games. After releasing a lot of memorable games, the company got its first big hit back in 1996 with Pick 5 Poker. The highly popular game received a license from WMS. It was in 1998 when another popular game was created in the form of Big E Poker.

It was in 1999 when High 5 Games introduced Hot Hot Hot, which is a highly popular game that still operates today. These are some of the other successful titles: The Heist, Platypus, and Cash Encounters. In 2002, High 5 Games successfully created its first video poker slot. In 2008, huge hit Da Vinci Diamonds was released. In 2011, it successfully came up with Golden Goddess which became a worldwide hit. In 2012, High 5 Games launched its first ever Facebook casino. It was a great move since High 5 Games became well-known in the millennial world.

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High 5 Games

Twin Win

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Dangerous Beauty

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Hoot Loot

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Shadow of the Panther

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Best Games per Category

High 5 Games currently owns the two most popular slot machines by fugaso in the history of online casino gaming. They are Black Widow and Golden Goddess. Because of its diverse group of talented individuals, the two games became monster hits. This provider also has the highest rated slots on Facebook and has over 5 million downloads. 

Aside from the two monster hits, these are the rest of High 5 Games’ amazing game collection:

High 5 Games’ Land-Based Slots

High 5 Games has released a good number of slots this year and some of the most popular ones are the following:

  1. Black Widow

This game was released in 2011 and focuses on a beautiful but lethal woman. It’s also a progressive jackpot game with great features like Super Stacks and an unusual bonus feature that keeps anyone else wanting for more.

  1. Golden Goddess

This game has 40 paylines and was created in 2011. In this game, the Super Stacks feature was introduced. In this feature, there are long combinations of symbols that could give players huge wins if they end up on the reels.

  1. Hot Hot Hot

This quirky slot is available in 45 or 90 coin versions. This game also has an exciting bonus round. Players can also find Diver and Treasure Chest. Hot Hot Hot allows its players to dive underwater to find the hidden treasures.

  1. MU Crowning Moment

This game is perfect for pageant enthusiasts since players will be able to feel the excitement of world-famous beauty pageants.

  1. Valkyrie Queen

This game was released in 2013 and uses a theme from Norse mythology. What’s even more amazing is how the game has 243 ways to win and tumbling reels are also involved.

High 5 Games’  Web-Based Slots

These games are perfect for players who just want to try playing and are not yet ready to spend their hard-earned cash on gambling:

  1. Big Dragon Lounge

This Shanghai-themed game is actually a short tale of romance and murder. There are 576 ways to win in this game and a great chance that players will encounter wilds, multipliers, and bonus rounds.

  1. Bombshell Beauties

This slot has 50 paylines and was created with the inspiration of beautiful women on the sides of bombers, waiting for their soldiers. In this game, players can win some free spins and might even trigger the Super Stacks feature.

  1. Chicago the Musical

This Chicago-based game has 40 paylines and was inspired by a musical. This game has several features including Pick Bonus, Super Stacks, and Broadway Bonus.

  1. Dragons of Avalon

This fantasy-themed game is set in Avalon where dragons used to reside. This game comes in 20 and 40 payline versions. There are locking wilds and bonus multiplier features.

  1. Guitar Kings

This game has six reels and 50 paylines. This slot centers around guitars and rock gods to play with. This game was released in 2015 and can be used by guitar enthusiasts. It’s a great game to rock out to if a player’s having a bad day at school or work.

High 5 Games’ Mobile Slots

These are the most entertaining mobile slots from High 5 Games:

  1. Bollywood Bride

This game is set in India and revolves around an epic wedding that will surely be unforgettable and will be the talk of the town for weeks, months, or even years. It has nine and 40 payline versions. This game is known for its festive feels, lovely music, and bright and fun colors.

  1. Daughters Regiment.

This game has an amazing story. In this game, pretty women were engaged in combat and espionage when there was an ongoing Revolutionary war. This game comes in 25 and 50 payline versions. It can be really fun to imagine how that game works.

  1. Foxy Dynamite

This game is amazing since it features a title character who’s looking for revenge. It’s a funky but exciting game that gives off that 90s vibe. It can be fun to play this game if you like solving mysteries and catching thieves.

  1. La Torera Roja

This title literally translates to The Red Bullfighter. The game features an exceptionally beautiful woman who would always place herself in danger just for the fortune, fame, and cheers from crowds of people. This game has 30 paylines and offers its players 1024 ways to win.

  1. The Big Chase

This exciting game has five reels and 99 paylines. It’s kind of a mystery game where players need to track down objects and in this case, it’s jewels. The game has great features like tumbling reels, Mystery Bucks feature, and 3 for 1 payouts. This game was released back in 2014.

High 5 Games’ Real Money Slots

These are the games for you if you want to try playing real money slots:

  1. Cherry Mischief

This game combines an Asian theme with lots of mischievous fairies. First released in 2012, it includes five reels and a choice of either 15 or 40 paylines. Also available for mobile and web-based customers.

  1. 2x Da Vinci Diamonds

The sequel for the hugely popular game does not disappoint. It was released in 2011. More visual features were added to the game. There are also additional ways for a player to win. This game has 5 reels and has 9 and 40 payline versions. It’s definitely a must try game if the players liked the original Da Vinci game.

  1. Jazz

This game was released in 2013. It was actually inspired by the amazing music and humble lifestyle of the jazz movement. This game has five reels and 178 paylines. There are also wild connections and a 5 for 1 payout promo.

  1. Ravishing Beauties

This game is exciting since the story is so action-filled and the game’s visually amazing. In this game, a monster constantly terrorizes a land and two female warriors are determined to stop him. This game was released in 2014 and has cool features like stacked wilds and a special wild bonus round.

  1. Rocket Man

This cool game features a superhero who flies around the city and even fights all crimes. This game was released in 2011. It has five reels and 99 paylines. Tumbling reels and connected lines must be included, too.

Awards Received

High 5 Games are so impressive since it has won numerous awards ever since it was created in 1995. These are the most prestigious awards received by High 5 Games over the course of its career:

  • American Gaming Association’s “Best Communications Plan 2012”
  • Gaming Intelligence’s “Hot 50 Gaming Innovators”
  • ICE Totally Gaming’s “Best Manufacturer of the Year 2013”
  • Electronic Gaming’s “Social Casino Product of the Year”
  • American Gaming Association’s “Best Communication Awards for Website 2014”
  • Electronic Gaming’s “North America Best New Game 2015”
  • Electronic Gaming’s “North America Best New Game 2016”


Over the last 20 years, High 5 Games have definitely come along way. It has a supportive team that is behind the amazing games. High 5 Games also love getting opportunities in social media. One of the biggest selling points of the product is a great social media presence. It’s also amazing how the creators start from scratch when it comes to the designs. It’s definitely more impressive if providers successfully create an amazing gaming experience for the players.

High 5 Games is undoubtedly one of the most reliable software providers in the online casino industry. The way it creates games is just amazing and something that smaller and newer providers should learn how to do. Even though it has achieved great success through the years, it’s still not contented and keeps on pushing for more learning, innovation, and improved strategies. Studying about High 5 Games’ operations is the best way towards achieving great success as a provider.

H2: FAQs

  1. When did High 5 Games start its operations?

High 5 Games started its operations in 1995 which makes it one of the pioneers among software developers.

  1. What is the biggest selling point of High 5 Games?

Its creativity level and uniqueness are what sets them apart from the rest. Its games are unbelievably engaging and fun.

  1. Are the games optimized for mobile play?

Yes, this provider has created games that are used for mobile devices. The games are compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

  1. What are the most popular games from High 5 Games?

Here are the most popular games from High 5 Games: Rocket Man, Ravishing Beauties, Jazz, Cherry Mischief, 2x Da Vinci Diamonds, La Torero Roja, The Big Chase, Foxy Dynamite, Bollywood Bride, Guitar Kings, Daughters Regiment, Bombshell Duties, and Dragons of Avalon, to name a few.

  1. Where else can players access this provider’s games?

Since High 5 Games is a top provider, players can access its games at almost every existing online casino.

  1. Is it a reliable and trustworthy provider?

Absolutely! It has a lot of awards which is a great indicator that it’s a reliable provider.