GTS or Gaming Technology Solutions Limited is one of the leading gaming software providers in the online casino industry.



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If you’re looking for a large collection of casino games to choose from, then this provider’s the perfect one for you. GTS has a collection of over 300 online casino games. It’s actually a global supplier of gaming products not just for online casinos but for i-TV boxes, as well. What makes GTS different from its contemporaries is the fact that it does not release games under its name. Instead, GTS partners up with big names in the industry. It actually works with another provider to create games. The games usually end up getting released under the name of GTS’ partner. These are some of the companies that GTS worked with: Dynamite Idea, Ash Gaming, IGT, NextGen Gaming, Leander Games, and Cryptologic.

GTS Overview

Gaming Technology Solutions or GTS was established in 2005 and it’s currently located at Suffolk, England. This online gaming software operates under Playtech. The main goal of this well-known provider is to create high-quality games for its clients. Its team is composed of talented professionals who are dedicated when it comes to creating online casino games. 

GTS actually sold its shares back in 2009 and it was the best decision that Playtech has ever made. This provider cooperates with a lot of software vendors. In 2018, GTS was able to create over 300 online casino games. The gaming collection consists of puzzles, kalamba slots, bingo games, jadestone casino board games, and a lot more. Online slots played a big role in the success of GTS. Since GTS is a very popular software provider, you will definitely find a good online casino that offers its games.

 Pros and Cons

GTS has both advantages and disadvantages. These are GTS’ pros:

  • It has a huge collection of online games.
  • The games can be downloaded to desktop.
  • The games are fully optimized for mobile play and can even be played using a browser.
  • It has an impressive variety of slot games.
  • Its EdGE platform is phenomenal and has definitely changed the online casino industry forever.

On the other hand, this is GTS’ con:

  • It creates games in partnership with other providers.

EdGE Platform

The most useful and relevant part of GTS is its Enhanced Gaming Engine or EdGE. This platform enables other providers to integrate GTS’ games with their software. Over 300 games are currently supported by this platform. The types of games included in this platform are video slots, table games, bingo, card games, Keno, and soft games. It even offers an added feature which is account management, special promotion management, and a lot more. Games produced by GTS can be downloaded to desktop and can also be played online using a browser. GTS’ games are compatible with all major operating systems and well-known browsers. The games are also fully optimized for mobile play.

After installing EdGE, the system will be automatically configured to deliver the needed content in a translation to multiple languages and with the support of several widely-used currencies. The EdGE system can easily be integrated into any major operating system. It has a modular design that allows users to get sole control over the business. It gives access to the availability of powerful utilities like tools used to set up stocks and manage accounts and products. One great feature of this platform is it supports all European and the majority of Asian languages. The platform also recognizes multiple currencies that are widely used around the world. It also has room for expansion in the future and in penetrating the global scene.

GTS also provides marketing campaign services to its clients in order to increase their services’ profitability. This platform has a lot of tools and options to help clients create exciting and diverse gameplay. The games produced through EdGE are of high quality since modern technologies are constantly used. GTS is known to regularly update its games to match all the relevant trends today. This platform can be so helpful for operators since it’s a great way to get a lot of players.


GTS is known to form partnerships with the biggest names in the online casino industry. It has worked with top-notch developers and software providers. What’s great about GTS is it’s socially aware that content providers have a responsibility to their players. With that in mind, GTS fully adheres to the rules and requirements of GamCare. Players are ensured that online casinos with GTS’ games are complying with GamCare’s rules. The provider will also make sure to partner up with developers and operators that are properly licensed and accredited by GamCare. GTS also makes sure that every single game it has produced will be regularly tested for the fairness of its RNG or Random Number Generator.

It’s also previously stated that GTS uses its own EdGE platform in order to serve its clients better and provide top-notch services. This platform allows users to get complete access to all the best games from different casino providers. They can also opt to use the language of their choice since the platform supports all European languages and most Asian Languages. The platform also comes with various tools that can help in managing the accounts and products. The platform also gives the clients complete access to all data and can even create charts and diagrams by just clicking some buttons. Clients can even explore current and upcoming trends, as well as comprehend financial issues, with just a few clicks. With these amazing features and options, casino operators will definitely get a lot of new players.

Top Games

GTS has an impressive variety of online casino games in its collection. It has created highly popular progressive jackpot games like Cluedo, Monopoly, and Cleopatra. The games all have jackpots that increase whenever someone plays. The jackpot usually starts at $1.5 million and can grow to unbelievable amounts. GTS also has a unique and exciting slot game called Slot Box. This game doesn’t have any reels, unlike any other online casino game.

Although GTS has a nice collection of games, the following are the best ones:

  1. 300 Shields

300 Shields has an ancient Spartan theme. It’s also somewhat inspired by the Hollywood movie, 300. This intriguing game has 5 reels and 25 paylines. GTS actually created this game in partnership with NextGen Gaming. The symbols come in the form of Spartan warriors, swords, ships, arrows, and a lot more. 300 Shields also has a Battle Feature bonus game which gives out a 2x multiplier and 5 free spins to players. The player should collect shield symbols in order to increase the multiplier up to 300x. Players can also re-trigger free spins.

  1. Monopoly Mega Jackpots

This is slot is based on a popular board game called Monopoly. However, this one offers a progressive jackpot which definitely makes it more interesting. This game challenges players to create a building empire and actively pursue bankruptcy for the other players. This slot has 5 reels and 9 paylines. The symbols are very charming since they come in the form of different property types and cash which are originally used in the board game. This game also has a wild symbol feature and two bonus symbols which can trigger two bonus rounds. The first bonus is the Pass Go Bonus. In the original board game, the player passes Go and then collects $200 from the bank. The player will roll the dice and his character will move around the board. The player will get different amounts of bonus as his character moves around the board.

  1. Snakes and Ladders

Snakes and Ladders is one of the most popular board games in history. It’s no surprise that it will be a hit even in the online casino industry. GTS was able to transform the classic board game into a highly modern and lucrative online casino game. The graphics are on the modest side but the gameplay is on another level. This game has a bonus feature where players will get the chance to reach the highest point of the board and get crazy high multipliers. The game also has a free spins feature where players will get free spins when the scatter symbol shows up. The number of free spins to be won will be determined by the number of scatter symbols.

Mobile Play 

All of GTS’ games are fully optimized for mobile play. The games can also be downloaded to desktop, phones, and even tablets. However, the games can also be played by just using a major browser. This is very convenient for players since they’ll be able to play their favorite online casino games no matter where they are. What’s even more amazing is how the quality of games will be exactly the same even if they’ll be played using a mobile device.

Bonuses and Promotions

There are numerous bonuses and rewards that players can enjoy while playing GTS’ games. The most common form of bonus is the sign-up bonus. After creating a new account at an online gambling site where GTS’ games are being offered, new players will be given a welcome package which usually consists of cash bonuses and free spins. This will give players multiple chances to try out their preferred games without spending a single cent.


GTS is such a promising gem in the online casino industry. Its biggest selling point, which is the EdGE platform, is actually a game-changer in the industry. It definitely makes the creation of online games and the accessibility of the games so much easier and more convenient. It’s also great how GTS commits to upholding the rules of GamCare. Other than that, the quality of the games it produces is phenomenal. Since this provider uses only the most advanced technologies when creating games, players will surely get unforgettable gaming experience. Playtech definitely made the right decision of acquiring the company.


  1. When did GTS start its operations?

GTS was established in 2005.

  1. What are the most popular games created by GTS?

These are some of the most popular games from GTS: Soccer Challenge, Pirate Hunt, Sea Madness, Poker Bandit, 300 Shields, Aztecs & Stairs, Snakes & Ladders, and Dragons and Princesses.

  1. Are there any bonuses while playing GTS’ games?

Yes, customers will enjoy a handful of rewards and bonuses as they progress in the game.

  1. Can the games be played using various mobile devices?

Yes, GTS’ games can be played using any kind of mobile device. The quality of games will also stay the same even if a mobile device will be used.

  1. What is the biggest selling point of GTS?

The biggest selling point of GTS is undoubtedly the EdGE platform since it’s a ground-breaking invention in the online casino industry.