Genii is one of the most popular iGaming developers in the online casino industry. It’s right on track towards achieving immense popularity and success because of the top-notch quality look and feel of the games it has created.



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Since it started out in 2012, Genii has been a major contributor to the advancement of the iGaming industry. It’s dedicated to producing top-notch content and amazing gaming experience for its players. This provider has some of the most charming and captivating games in the industry- that’s why it has always been a top favorite of online casino players. As of the moment, Genii has a collection of 130 real money casino games that are developed using the latest technologies. Genii’s gambling products are created with a lot of consideration and the ultimate goal is to come up with familiar games that are highly enjoyable to play even without those unusual themes and characters. Choosing the type of online games to create can be a crucial step in the process. Most providers would choose the ones that are guaranteed to attract a lot of players. Genii, on the other hand, has a different approach. It prefers classic and familiar online slots by platipus but the quality of games is absolutely top-notch. These are the most popular online slots created by Genii: Big Game, Age of Spartans, Bunkin Broncos, Elementium, Captain Shockwave, Fistful of Dollars, Horn of Plenty, and Gems n Jewels. All of these games have high-quality graphics and amazing bonus features. Genii games are being offered by the biggest names in the industry and it has definitely helped make this provider successful. Genii has also partnered up with the best companies which also helped this provider produce great content.
Legends of Greece and Robin of Sherwood. This provider is definitely making waves in the industry. It started its operations in Eastern Europe but it has now become a global player in the iGaming industry. Unlike other companies, Genii does not like making risky decisions on slot themes. It prefers to create games that would feel familiar to players around the world. Even though it’s not such a risk-taker, the level of dedication and attention to detail that Genii has when it comes to developing games is definitely a major reason why it has always produced high quality and enjoyable games.

Pros and Cons

Genii has both advantages and disadvantages. These are some of Genii’s pros:
  • It creates high-quality games in terms of visual and gameplay.
  • Its games have a lot of amazing bonus features.
On the other hand, this is Genii's only con:
  • It doesn’t take risks when it comes to the themes of games.


Genii has developed an approach that could help clients in a lot of ways. This provider came up with its own platform which will allow them to do the following: process financial transactions, manage clients, track loyalty and VIP rewards, apply bonuses, manage social media accounts, and do managerial tasks. So far, Genii has a portfolio with over 130 online casino games. In order to ensure the accessibility, Genii made sure that all of its games can be accessed outside of its own platform. This will allow Genii’s games to be offered with other games from different developers. Its games are very accessible and can either be downloaded or opened through a browser. This provider has ensured that its games will be compatible with both Windows and Mac-operated computers. The available languages are German, English, French, Spanish, Greek, Italian, Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish. It’s also compatible with both Apple, Windows, and Android devices.

The Genii System

Genii functions through its platform. It uses push technology to inform operators whenever a problem with a game arises. The KPI will be determined by the operator. The KPI has full control of the overall user experience. Genii’s platform is stable and reliable which is why it started to get recognized as a respected and brilliant software developer in the online casino industry. One added bonus feature is the real-time bonus system. The system will give gamers an up-to-date metric of what’s going on with their game and how they have performed in the game so far. Each game has its own bonus balancing features. Genii has an incredibly strong presence right now when it comes to downloadable content, browser gameplay, 3D gaming, and mobile gaming. No matter how much the industry will change at some point in the near future, Genii will surely be able to cope with the changes and create games that are up-to-date and trendy. It must be noted that as long as the game is visually pleasing and has amazing gameplay, that game would still be relevant years from now.

Game Features

Genii offers high-quality slot games that could really compete with the leading giant providers in the online casino industry. Most of its games have an autoplay option and lets the player choose from 1 to 100 spins that would be played automatically, without adjusting the setting for each spin. The player can also stop the game at any point if he, unfortunately, reaches the maximum amount of loss allowed. The RTPs of Genii’s games are listed within the paytable.

Top Games

No two games from Genii are alike. This provider makes sure that it has a good variety of games by employing a diverse group of in-house designers. This will ensure that the games will have individuality and won’t look alike since the designers come from different backgrounds and with different specializations. One great example of this is how three safari games from Genii named Big game, Horn of Plenty, and Elementium somehow doesn’t look like they were created by the same developer since they’re too different from one another even if the themes are somewhat similar. Genii currently lets online casinos take a pick from its games, instead of obliging them to acquire its entire collection. Genii wants the operators to just pick the ones that appeal to them or match the rest of their game collection. With over 130 games to choose from, operators won’t definitely run out of games to pick. There are so many video pariplay slots in the game collection of this provider. Its collection also has different themes and cool, new ideas. Genii is well-known for its patented Spin16 technology which allows gamers to interact with the reels directly. It also uses a technological innovation called i3D. These are some of Genii’s most popular video slot games: Elementium, Age of Spartans, Arcadia i3D, Captain Shockwave, Bunkin Broncos, Gems N Jewels, Fistful of Dollars, Small Soldiers, Horn of Plenty, and Wild Berry. Elementium has pay lines that run into directions which will create more pay lines and more chances to win. It also lets the player choose what happens to 16 reels- if they’ll rotate which could increase the chances to win the game. This game is part of Genii’s newest collections with the name Spin 16. Arcadia i3D is also a unique slot from Genii. This game looks too complicated to play but it’s actually really easy. Arcadia i3D has 240 different winning combinations which is so impressive and exciting. This game has easy-to-follow rules. The gameplay is fast but deep. This game’s graphics are extraordinary and can give players a delightful visual treat. Its 3D symbols are also fascinating.

What Makes It Unique

The major reason behind this provider’s uniqueness is none other than its very talented creative team. According to their colleagues, the creative team amazingly combines the intellectual aspect with a lot of creativity and beautiful visuals. This amazing work has resulted in a series of top-notch games that everyone can enjoy. Ever since it started its operations, Genii has been very vocal about its desire to bring something different to the table. Operators fully know the capabilities of Genii and they certainly love whatever output Genii hands them over. Genii’s creations are something that players won’t find just anywhere. When Genii was established, its creators got inspired by the realization that the online casino industry is changing very fast. It could be hard to stand out or even just catch up at all since everything’s changing so fast. However, Genii is definitely up for the challenge and it would only get better and better as the times change.

Mobile Play

Genii’s market includes both free play and real money casinos. However, Genii also creates games for land-based casinos. Genii’s online functionality is really impressive. Its games are compatible with Mac and Windows-operated desktops and laptops. Since mobile gaming is the real deal nowadays, Genii has also fully optimized its games for mobile play. Its games are compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows smartphones and tablets. This functionality was actually developed by Microsoft, Dell, and Fushion-io. What’s even more amazing is how Genii’s games adjust its quality and resolution depending on the size of the screen. This feature is definitely so convenient for players since they’ll be able to play their favorite games anywhere and anytime they want.


Genii has successfully created a name for itself in the online casino industry. It got really popular because of its online slot machines. Although this company’s already known as an amazing casino game creator, this provider decided to expand in order to provide more services in the market and improve client relations. Chat and other similar systems are available on online casinos that are powered by The Genii System. Genii was able to create a phenomenal product that works well with other facets of the online casino experience in the UK. Genii came up with a full mobile gambling platform that has one of the biggest collections of games right now. Genii has over 130 games in its collections. It’s amazing how the games are available for iOS, Android, and Windows phones. Players are guaranteed that its games can be played using mobile devices and tablets. This is very convenient for players since they’ll be able to play no matter where they are and no matter what they’re currently doing. Players will have time to play their favorite casino games even if they’re truly busy. Genii currently holds two licenses- one from the UK Gambling Commission and the other one from the Malta Gaming Authority. Getting a license is a huge deal and is an indicator that it’s a great software provider. It only shows that Genii is a reliable and trustworthy software developer.


1. When did Genii start its operations? Genii started its operations back in 2012. 2. Does it hold any gambling licenses? Yes, Genii currently holds two licenses- one from the Malta Gaming Authority and the other one from the UK Gambling Commission. 3. Can the games be played using mobile devices? Yes, Genii’s games can be played not just through desktops and laptops, but through smartphones and tablets as well. 4. What are the most popular games from Genii? These are some of the most popular games created by Genii: Robin of Sherwood, Legends of Greece, Big Game, Age of Spartans, Bunkin Broncos, Elementium, Captain Shockwave, Fistful of Dollars, Horn of Plenty, and Gems n Jewels. 5. Are security and fair play guaranteed? Yes. It holds two gaming licenses so it’s a given that security and fair play are guaranteed by this developer.