Ganapati is an up and coming software provider. It might be one of the newest companies in the online casino industry but it has already started gaining the trust of clients and players.



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It has offices in Estonia, Japan, and Malta. It’s known for creating nothing but high-quality games for its clients. This provider has also successfully created its own distinctive visuals in each game. Players also love how Ganapati’s games can be played straight through major browsers.

Ganapati Overview

It was in 2016 when Ganapati was established as an online casino gaming software provider. This provider has its headquarters in London. It has game development studios in Romania and Estonia. Ganapati also has a dedicated team from Tokyo, Los Angeles, and Malta. Teams from the different locations all work together to create the most amazing online casino games. This provider also aims to celebrate Japanese culture through the games it creates. Its mission is to successfully create games that are inspired by Japanese culture but also gives the usual European online gaming experience. In order to make sure that the provider will only release nothing but top-notch games, it focuses on the quality and not on the quantity. This provider might have a small collection compared to other companies, but each game is guaranteed to be well-made and highly enjoyable. Ganapati actually has the most impressive animations even if it’s relatively new compared to other leading providers. For the first time, Ganapati was awarded a Class 4 license by the Malta Gaming Authority back in 2017. Right now, Ganapati hopes to make its brand known across the globe and with its recent developments, that wish will definitely come true in the next few months or years.

Quick History

Ganapati or Ganapati Limited is a software provider that was established in 2016. It’s actually a subsidiary of the company Ganapati PLC which was created in 2013. Ganapati PLC, Ganapati’s parent company, has its headquarters in London. Before creating Ganapati Limited, its parent company focused on app development only. Ganapati Limited was actually registered in Malta in 2015 before starting its operations in 2016.

It must be noted that except for British finance experts, all of the directors of the parent company are Japanese. It’s the reason why the games created by this provider are aimed to combine Japanese culture and traditional European gaming. Back in 2017, Ganapati attended its first conference at ICE Totally Gaming and was able to sign agreements right after its first show. The provider’s stand was such a huge hit among experts since everyone got interested in its Japanese-inspired casino games. Because of the uniqueness of its gambling products, Ganapati was shortlisted and nominated for various awards and industry honors at the EGR and the London Global Gaming Awards.

Ganapati is a trusted provider since it actually holds a gambling license from the Malta Gaming Authority and currently in the process of obtaining a license from the UK Gambling Commission. By successfully getting a license, a lot of doors opened for Ganapati including being able to penetrate the European iGaming market.

Pros and Cons

Ganapati has both advantages and disadvantages as a software provider. These are Ganapati’s pros:

  • Ganapati produces high-quality games since it focuses on quality and not quantity.
  • Ganapati has one of the best animations in the online casino industry.
  • The games created by this provider are very unique and wouldn’t be found at just any other provider.
  • It’s guaranteed to be fair and secure since it holds a license.

On the other hand, this is Ganapati’s only con:

  • Since it focuses on the quality of games, it has a smaller collection of games compared to its contemporaries.

Its Mission

The main mission of Ganapati is to produce games that are inspired by the beauty and quirkiness of Japanese culture and at the same time, satisfy the traditional European iGaming standards. Ganapati made it a point to create unique and fun games that will be hard to find anywhere else. It was able to create a signature look for all of its games. It maximizes how beautiful it can be to combine modern technology with traditional Japanese art and flavor. It successfully created a global network since it has offices in several parts of the world.

Japanese Culture

Incorporating Japanese culture into online casino games is a brilliant idea. All of Ganapati’s games are inspired by Japanese art and it definitely made the players’ gaming experience even more fun and enjoyable. The games are all story-based so it can be pretty exciting to play. The anime and manga artwork which Japan is known for is very eye-catching when incorporated in online casino games. The realistic and beautiful sounds add to the games’ cool factor. There are numerous features and bonuses to keep the games more interesting. Ganapati has created nine successful online red rake slots machines and one of them is Pineapple Pen by Pikto Taro which is based on the viral song, This game has 5 reels and 20 paylines. The game is so good that it was even shortlisted for the Casino Product of the Year at the Global Gaming Awards in London back in 2018. For a relatively new provider, getting nominated and shortlisted at such prestigious awards is a huge honor and a great indicator that the company is headed towards bright and wonderful things in the near future. With the way things are going at Ganapati, it’s completely possible for it to snatch awards next year.

Top Games

As of the moment, Ganapati doesn’t have a large collection of games yet. However, the variety and top-notch quality of its games more than make up for its small collection. All of its push slots are filled with Japanese art, style, tradition, and symbolism. Each game also features a story that could involve any of the following: Japan’s pop culture, history, legends, and myths. The games are so visually pleasing that you might not want to play immediately and instead spend a couple of minutes just admiring the beauty of its Japanese-inspired graphics and animations. The signature style of Ganapati’s games consists of bright colors, modern graphics, smooth gameplay, and fast-spinning reels.

Wild Sumo, one of Ganapati’s most popular games, has 5 reels and 10 fixed paylines. It also has several exciting features like multipliers that could go up to 27x, a Banzuke Meter that could trigger the Grand Tournament Mode if it fills up, a lot of free spin bonuses, and two training modes. The Banzuke Meter fills up each time the player gets Wild symbols. This slot is definitely a unique and exciting one.

She Ninja Suzu is also a well-known game created by Ganapati. The game starts with a short animated movie about the game’s story. The short clip will help players get familiarized with the story and will make the overall gaming experience more special. The same introduction will be experienced by players when they choose the following games: Fireworks Fever, CrypBattle, Journey to the Gold, and CrypCrusade. It’s an amazing thing how Ganapati makes sure to give the players a one-of-a-kind gaming experience by getting them fully immersed in the game and its whole story.

On the other hand, Fireworks Fever is another interesting game created by Ganapati. The game has amazing bonus features that could be triggered by collecting pachinko balls. Overall, Ganapati was able to create highly enjoyable and one-of-a-kind games. It has a solid game collection that could impress both newbie and expert players.

What Makes It Unique

There are hundreds of online gaming software developers and it’s understandably hard to stand out from the rest. However, that’s actually not a problem for Ganapati. This provider is the actual definition of unique. One major factor that sets it apart from other providers is the fact that it’s incorporating Japanese art and style to every single game it produces. Unlike other providers, Ganapati has successfully created its own signature style and overall look. The games are always based on a story and it’s perfect either for fun or competitive gaming. It has created games that are actually highly engaging and interactive. The beauty of manga and anime will definitely be reflected in its games.

Mobile Play

Since its parent company used to specialize in app development before Ganapati started concentrating on online games, mobile compatibility would never be a problem with these games. It’s very important to ensure that all games from Ganapati are fully optimized for mobile play. Optimizing games for mobile play has actually been made easier for Ganapati since it uses the HTML5 to create games. This means that Ganapati’s games will be available on all platforms. The games can be played by using desktop and laptops, as well as tablets and mobile devices. Ganapati’s games are compatible with Windows, iOS, and Android tablets and smartphones.


Ganapati is overall an amazing and trustworthy online casino game software provider. Aside from its amazing strategy of creating a few top-notch games, instead of releasing hundreds of mediocre ones, it’s obvious that Ganapati is dedicated to giving the players an unforgettable gaming experience each time they try one of its games. Creating games inspired by Japanese culture is a brilliant idea and definitely took the online casino industry by storm. Ganapati does not just incorporate Japanese culture in the graphics or animation of a game, it also creates an amazing Japanese-inspired story for each game. With quirky and artsy symbols, realistic sounds, and a short movie intro for some games, players will surely love playing these games and will always come back for more. All of its games are unique, inviting, and created using only the best modern technology. The final products of Ganapati’s vision, mission, and unbelievably high level of creativity are truly gems of the online casino industry. With a solid collection of phenomenal games, Ganapati is definitely on its way to become a top provider.


  1. When did Ganapati start its operations?

It was established in 2016 as a subsidiary of its parent company, Ganapati PLC.

  1. What are the most popular games from this provider?

Every single game produced by Ganapati is amazing but the following are the most popular ones: Wild Sumo, Journey to the Gold, Crypbattle, Crypcrusade, Fireworks Fever, and She Ninja Suzu.

  1. Are the games compatible with mobile devices?

Yes, Ganapati’s games can be played using various mobile devices and tablets.

  1. What’s the biggest selling point of Ganapati?

The biggest selling point of Ganapati is the uniqueness of its games and its signature animations. People will definitely be able to identify if a particular game’s creator is Ganapati.

  1. Does it have any gaming licenses?

Yes, Ganapati currently holds a license from the Malta Gaming Authority.