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Most online casinos use familiar and highly effective software solutions. Cayetano Gaming, on the other hand, is quite new to the industry. However, it has already started to create a name for itself in the online casino world.



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The first few games it has released are very promising and unique. This software developer seems to be focused on creating high-quality casino games that are enjoyable, too. Since it uses the latest technology when it comes to creating graphics, its games are definitely one step above its contemporaries when it comes to quality. The animations are amazingly realistic and the game screen has rich colors. Cayetano Gaming has a great selection of table games, video rtg casino, and scratch-based games that are immersive.

Cayetano Gaming has its headquarters in the Bulgarian capital of Sofia. This developer creates games that can be played using desktops, laptops, and mobile devices, too. All of its games are available for real money play but only a few of them can be played on free play mode. This developer has specialized in creating exciting and visually-appealing video reel time casino slots games. So far, it doesn’t have any progressive jackpot games yet. However, the company seems to be working on expanding its game selection. Although Cayetano Gaming has a small collection of games as of the moment, most of them are one-of-a-kind games that players won’t be able to find just anywhere. Most of its games are packed with generous bonuses which will give players a lot of chances to win more. The games are also very engaging and will surely give the players amazing gaming experience. It must be noted that Cayetano Gaming started out as an independent company but now, it’s fully managed by Paddy Power PLC. What’s even more amazing about this company is how it provides the same level of gaming experience to desktop users and mobile players. Its games run perfectly when using Windows, Android, and iOS mobile devices.


Cayetano Gaming was established back in 2009 and headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria. It had a team of talented professionals who specialize in e-gaming. The team was able to create a solid catalog of high-quality slot machine games. The catalog was so impressive and amazing that big companies started to pay attention to Cayetano Gaming. Cayetano Gaming became a supplier of online games for the first time ever to SkyVegas, which was the first online casino that trusted the company. Paddy Power started looking into Cayetano Gaming and the huge company was so impressed with what it learned about Cayetano Gaming. Instead of just hiring Cayetano Gaming as a supplier of games, Paddy Power bought the while company back in 2011.

Pros and Cons

Cayetano Gaming has both advantages and disadvantages. These are some of Cayetano Gaming’s pros:

  • It focuses on the quality of games so gamers will get access to nothing but top-notch games.
  • It has partnered with reputable casinos so players can access the games at secure online casinos only.
  • It has a great variety of online slot games.

On the other hand, these are some of Cayetano Gaming’s cons:

  • It has a small collection of games when compared to its contemporaries.


Cayetano Gaming’s collection of games mostly consists of slots. However, its slots are actually what introduced Cayetano Gaming as a powerhouse software developer. Its collection of high-quality slot games also paved the way for the company to be acquired and managed by Paddy Power. Its games are intricately done, with high definition backgrounds and symbols. The games also have amazing animations and life-like quality. Cayetano Gaming also has a nice variety of games. Players can find classic slots and highly-modernized ones, too. There are Sci-fi themed games, as well as fruity ones. Players will surely find something suitable for them. Cayetano Gaming also has exciting game features to provide an enjoyable and adventure-filled gaming experience for its players. Most of its games have Wild symbols, Free spins, Scatters, and special rounds. Players will surely have a great time and more chances of winning when playing Cayetano Gaming’s slots.

Top Games

Cayetano Gaming is solely focused on producing classic slots and video slots. Instead of exploring a lot of options and offering different types of casino games, this company prefers to dedicate time and effort to create the most engaging and visually appealing slots. As of this moment, it only offers two table games. This is actually a great thing since the company will be able to focus all of its energy into creating high-quality games that no one has ever thought of before. The majority of its games are very fun to play and can be really engaging. Although it would be nice to see some variety in the games that Cayetano Gaming offers, it’s definitely a great thing that it will come back with even better slots. This promising company has also started creating slots that are fully optimized for mobile play.

The majority of its games have jaw-dropping graphics and realistic characters. What’s even more amazing is how Cayetano Gaming made sure to put spin and stake buttons off the screen so there would be more space for the reels. Players can find classic, fruity games from Cayetano Gaming’s game selection. These fruity games use 3D-style buttons on the game screen to do actions like tap or spin the reels. One example of this type of game is Fruit Stack and although it has simple gameplay, it offers a huge jackpot of 10,000 coins.

Cayetano Gaming also offers exotic and unusual types of games like Pyramid Gold, Egyptian Wilds, and Mayan Mystery. All of these games are highly popular since they give players adventure-filled and exciting gaming experience. On the other hand, the Totems Wild Slot is one of the most popular games that Cayetano Gaming has ever produced. The game has 2 paylines and stacked wilds and symbols can be found all throughout the game. A free spins bonus can also be triggered. Players can win up to 25x the jackpot prize if all the paylines are activated.

There are so many slot games to choose from when it comes to this provider. Reactor games like Candy Factory are also available. This game has 5×5 grids and players will only be able to win if there are four adjacent matching symbols. Cayetano Gaming may not have a huge collection of games yet, but the quality of every game it produces is definitely impressive and out of this world.

These are some of the best and most popular games from Cayetano Gaming:

1. Arabian Gold

This scratch ticket game from Cayetano Gaming is intricately-made and professionally done. Arabian Gold is visually pleasing since it has a mesmerizing backdrop that looks like it shines upon a dry desert. At the center of the screen, there are nine bricks and players will have to use their chosen cursors to reveal what’s inside each brick. If a player luckily opens a brick with some treasure, he can win a huge amount of money.

2. European Roulette

Cayetano Gaming was able to create an elegant roulette game which is also suitable for newbie players. Players will be given a chance to use both the traditional and the French bet fields. This game has a user-friendly interface which makes it suitable to play even for new players who know nothing about online casino games and roulette. What sets it apart from other European roulette games from other providers is its impressive quality of animation.

3. Foxy Robbers

This Cayetano Gaming slot with a crime theme is definitely an interesting one. This video slot has 20 lines. Players will be given a chance to enter a life where they could get whatever they want through their looks. This game has some exciting features and action-filled gameplay.4. Mermoney

Mermoney is another online scratch game. However, this one’s pretty exciting since it will place players at the bottom of a blue sea. Players should scrape away the algae on the squares by using any of the three scratching utensils. A gorgeous mermaid also watches as players scratch their way to huge amounts of winnings.

Mobile Play

Since the majority of software providers create mobile-friendly games, Cayetano Gaming is a bit behind when it comes to this aspect. Only 10 of its games are fully optimized for mobile play and some of them are Fun Fair, Solar Snap, and Time Warp. The good thing is even though it only has a small collection of mobile slots, all the games are of top notch quality and very enjoyable to play. The games are also compatible with different screen sizes for easier gaming. It’s also compatible with Windows, Android, iOS smartphones and tablets. The mobile versions of games come with all the features of the full versions.

Bonuses and Promotions

Cayetano Gaming’s slots are packed with bonuses which can give them more chances of winning big. The bonuses usually come in the form of free spins, scatters, wilds, and bonus rounds. Some games even have special features that could trigger crazy multipliers that could give players huge amounts of winnings.


Although Cayetano Gaming is still relatively new since some of the leading developers have over 20 years of experience, it definitely has great potential to be one of the top providers in the near future. It has definitely gone a long way from its humble beginnings back in Sofia, Bulgaria. Now, it has partnered with popular and trusted online casinos. The fact that it’s now fully operated by Paddy Power also adds to its appeal to clients. It’s slowly gaining respect in the online casino industry. Since it uses cutting-edge technology to create the most action-packed and visually-pleasing games, it’s absolutely on its way towards the top of the casino ladder.
Cayetano Gaming’s slots are perfect for players who love adventures, action-packed gameplay, and amazing graphics. Since Cayetano Gaming’s slots are only available at leading and trustworthy online casinos, players can be assured that they’ll be playing at safe and secure casinos. The future of this provider looks even brighter since it was acquired by Paddy Power. This company has proven its worth in just a few years of operations. The fact that it was able to get the attention of top provider Paddy Power says a lot about the quality of games it offers. Cayetano Gaming will surely come up with even more awesome games in the future.


When did Cayetano Gaming start its operations?

Cayetano Gaming was established in 2009 in the Bulgarian city of Sofia.

 Is it an independent company?

Cayetano Gaming started out as an independent company but it was later acquired by Paddy Power.

What are the most popular games created by this company?

These are some of the most popular Cayetano Gaming slots: Mermoney, European Roulette, Foxy Robbers, and Arabian Gold.

Can Cayetano Gaming’s slots be played using mobile devices?

Yes, Cayetano Gaming currently has 10 mobile slots.

Can players get great bonuses by playing Cayetano Gaming slots?

Yes, games created by Cayetano Gaming are full of bonuses, multipliers, free spins, and bonus games.