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Ukash was a defunct payment solution that allowed its users to safely and securely shop, pay and play online using electronic money. It was widely popular among buyers who were uncomfortable in sharing personal information during online transactions and those who didn’t have or showed any interest in owning credit or debit cards.



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Ukash Review

Ukash was a dream for anyone who wanted a simple and upfront payment scheme. The process could not had been easier- to get started, users only had to find a Ukash store, kiosk or retail outlet and swap their cash for Ukash vouchers/cards which had a 19-digit unique code. This card would then be used as payment for goods and services purchased online. Specifically, the online probability casino merchant would ask for the users’ unique code to proceed with payment for security reasons. Now, if that was not convenient enough, Ukash cards could also be bought online for those who’d wish to shop without leaving the comforts of their home.

But Ukash’s ingenuity didn’t stop there. Aside from buying money online, Ukash was also used for payouts as they were convertible back to cash. This scheme was particularly practiced in online casinos.

In addition, Ukash also had the cash withdrawal feature via Ukash Machines. This was widely popular in the UK and it provided users particularly punters the freedom to instantaneously cash in their winnings.

Ukash and the World of Online Casinos

Several casinos in the past accepted Ukash as a deposit and withdrawal solution. Users only had to log-in on their casino accounts and select Ukash as payment option.

As previously mentioned, Ukash can also be used as a banking retreat option. Casino websites often have casino cashiers that will guide punters in successfully withdrawing their gains to their Ukash cards.

The Transition from Ukash to Paysafecard

The convenience offered by Ukash made it a global success. In fact, its service was once widely available in the UK and had around 465,000 locations globally. It was also available for use in over 420,000 online merchants.

However, in 2014, the Skrill Group successfully bought Ukash and merged it with competitor paysafecard which was also acquired by the same company a year earlier. Following this acquisition, Ukash vouchers had been replaced by paysafecard vouchers at retailers across the UK starting in August 2015.

The CEO of paysafecard, Udo Müller, was once quoted saying “The acquisition of Ukash has given us the opportunity to expand the choice for consumers wanting to make secure online payments. We have brought together the best of the prepaid technologies from both Ukash and paysafecard to give consumers a safe and easy way to make online payments and we are now embarking on a nationwide campaign to ensure the retailers and users are aware of the changes taking place.”

Paysafecard did just that. They helped the public ease into the transition by launching comprehensive campaigns to ensure that retailers that sold Ukash and consumers in possession of these cards/ vouchers were aware of the acquisition and the changes that had follow suit. This included messages on the Ukash website and in direct marketing campaigns. A retailer engagement programme was also made throughout August to provide outlets with new point of sale merchandise and information about paysafecard for their customers.

Moreover, a consumer promotion was launched in August that offered current Ukash customers paysafecard service with a free £5 paysafecard PIN to entice them to try the new product.

Fastforward to present times and paysafecard is thriving more than ever! The acquisition of Ukash proved fruitful as paysafecard is now a global market leader in online prepaid payment method.

Exploring paysafecard- the new face of Ukash

Paysafecard, like Ukash, is a prepaid payment method that requires only the purchase of physical cards at any of the 650,000 sales outlets worldwide to make a digital purchase.

Paysafecard can be used in almost any field imaginable. The service is accepted for payment for games; online dating; social games & communities; VoIP, Telephony & messaging; internet service & travel; music, film & entertainment; sports betting, poker and more.

The amounts available for purchase ranges from 10 to 100 GBP. Each card has a unique 16-digit PIN that online merchants require before they let any purchase go through.

The paysafecard acts as the user’s personal payment account. Once the user has successfully signed up, all of the PINS purchased thereafter may be managed under one single account.

This account may be accessed either online at or on the go using the paysafecard app. Through either of these options, users may instantly be directed to the nearest sales outlet, check the balance and top ups with PINS, compare the paysafecard currency with that of the webshop’s, FAQs, and online safety reminders.