Trustly Casinos: Designed with Online Gamblers in Mind

Trustly Casinos are well-regarded by the European online gambling communities. This highly-popular payment solution is trusted because of its excellent and advanced features.


Trustly Casinos

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The European online gambling industry is vibrant and robust which inspires developers to continuously innovate gaming platforms and payment systems. One of the most notable companies to launch an innovative electronic payment system is Trustly, and you will find out what makes this online payment processor different from the rest.

Trustly was introduced in 2008 and was originally known as InstantBank. The company, which is owned by Trustly Group AB, is headquartered in Oslo, has offices in different locations such as Malta and Barcelona. Trustly is authorized to offer payment services by the Financial Supervisory Authority of Sweden. This online payment method allows customers to directly send payments from their own bank accounts to an online business.

Trustly has partnered with numerous financial institutions in Central and Northern Europe, namely, Handelsbanken, Nordea and Wedbank in Sweden; Aktia, Nordea, OP and Sampo in Finland; Bank Pekao of Poland; and Swedbank of Estonia. Any person with an account with a partner financial institution can use this service which is lauded from its simplicity and straightforwardness. If you are not an account holder with any of these banks, you will not be able to use the Trustly service.

Trustly is a duly-licensed and authorized payment solutions provider that is regulated by a government authority, so you can be sure that your money is in safe hands whether you are making a deposit or withdrawing money from your online slots by bally casino account. Trustly will never share any of their clients’ personal and financial information thus you can play with utmost privacy and animosity. Since your payment will course through your own bank’s online banking platform, you can be confident that transactions are protected by several layers of security and encryption.

There are no fees involved when you use Trustly to send money to an online casino, but do note that the online gambling site may charge a fee for the transaction. To be on the safe side, you should verify with the casino’s customer service and your bank what the fees are when you course your casino deposit through Trustly.

Trustly Casinos Deposits and Withdrawals

Performing a deposit or withdrawal transaction with Trustly is quick and simple. You don’t have to open an account or sign up to be able to use Trustly – just have your online banking details ready.

Making a deposit through Trustly

  1. When you are at the online betdigital slots casino, proceed to the cashier section and choose the Trustly icon from the list of accepted payment processors.
  2. A form will pop up which you will fill up with your banking details.
  3. Choose the bank that maintains your savings or current account.
  4. Verify all the details in the form and the amount that you want to transfer.
  5. The amount you transferred to your online casino wallet will appear shortly.

Withdrawing funds through Trustly

  1. Trustly is one of the payment solutions providers that allows online casino players to withdraw funds directly to their personal bank account. To make a withdrawal through Trustly, simply select the Payout Express from the online casino’s Cashier page.
  2. Indicate the amount that you want to withdraw. Another screen will pop up and you will need to choose the bank.
  3. Complete the required information in the form. You will be asked to input the details of your Internet banking details.
  4. Confirm all the details to close the pop-up screen.
  5. Check if the funds are transferred to your bank account – it will be there in an instant!

Trustly Casinos Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages of Trustly Casinos: Trustly had the needs of online gamblers in mind in developing their payment system which resulted in more than a hundred partner online casinos. Check out the advantages that Trustly Casinos have to offer.

  • Instant transfers and withdrawals

Compared to other payment systems, you don’t have to wait for a day or more to receive your funds in your online casino wallet. You can also instantly cash out to your preferred bank account with Trustly.

  • Wide acceptance all over Europe

Trustly is currently available to use in Europe – in over 29 countries!

  • Transactions are anonymous and secure

Your transactions through Trustly are not only protected with the latest encryption technology, but the company also guarantees that your sensitive and private information is not shared with the online casino operator.

  • No fees from Trustly

Trustly does not charge any fee for deposits and withdrawals from your bank to the casino and vice versa. You should, however, verify if the online casino charges any fees for the transactions.

  • Mobile device access

You can definitely use Trustly to transfer payments using your smartphone or tablet. The form that you will need to fill up is very simple and can be completed using any mobile device.

  • Very simple payment method

There’s no need to go back and forth different webpages when transacting via Trustly. You also don’t have to worry about being redirected to a suspicious-looking website since the form you need to complete will simply pop-up when you are about to complete a transaction.

Trustly, just like any other payment solutions provider, has some drawbacks. Find out the disadvantages associated with using Trustly for your online casino payments.

  • Not available outside Europe

At the moment, Trustly can only be used by citizens of the European Union holding an account with a bank than Trustly has partnered with.

  • Lack of customer support

The only way to contact Trustly if you encounter any problem is by heading to their website and filling up a feedback form. This is an obvious disadvantage for online casino players with urgent questions and needs immediate help.

  • Impossible to create a Trustly account

It is not possible to monitor your transactions since it is not possible to create your very own account with them.

  • Hidden charges

Although Trustly does not charge you any fees for the deposits and withdrawals you make, some online casinos and banks may charge you a fee for your transaction. It is best to contact your bank or the casino helpdesk to clarify the possible fees.

Trustly Casinos FAQs

Is it safe to play at Trustly Casinos?

Definitely! Trustly Casinos are recognized in more than 29 countries in Europe. This banking method is trusted for its fast, secure and safe transactions so players are guaranteed that their money will be handled well.

Is Trustly accepted by all online casinos?

At the moment, Trustly is only available to use in 29 European countries. It is widely accepted in all online casinos provided that you hold an account with one of Trustly’s partner banks. In case this payment method is not available from where you are located, you can still choose from a long list of reputable payment methods. When you choose to play at a reputable online casino, you can be sure that all the payment methods are safe and trustworthy.

What minimum amount can I deposit at Trustly Casinos?

When using Trustly, the minimum amount that you can transfer will always depend on the limits set by the online casino, which may range from 10€ to 25€. Simply said, it will depend on the terms of use of the online casino so it is recommended to check first with your preferred online casino.

What maximum amount can I deposit at Trustly Casinos?

Again, the maximum amount will be indicated in the terms and conditions of the online casino operator. Trustly facilitates payments between your bank and the online casino, so it is best to confirm the maximum amount that you can deposit from the bank and the gambling site.

What are the fees associated with Trustly Casino deposits and withdrawals?

Trustly does not charge any fees for facilitating deposits and withdrawals from your bank to the online casino and vice versa. However, the bank and the online casino may charge some fees which you should confirm first by familiarizing yourself with the bank’s and casino’s terms and conditions.

Can I enjoy instant deposits with Trustly?

Yes! If you choose to pay at a Trustly-affiliated online casino, you can definitely enjoy instant deposits (and withdrawals).

Will I be able to use Trustly Casinos anywhere in the world?

Trustly is currently supported by online casinos licensed to operate in Europe. In order to find out whether Trustly is supported at your preferred online casino, visit the payments section to confirm. If Trustly is not supported, you can still choose from the list of payment options suitable for your location.

Can I use my mobile device at Trustly Casinos?

Yes! Trustly’s platform is optimized for mobile use, so whether you are at home or on-the-go, you can use this payment method to transfer or withdraw money without any hassles.

Trustly Casinos Conclusion

For online casino players residing in Europe, Trustly is a handy and efficient payment method that is definitely gaining much attention. Despite its drawbacks as a payment method, many online gamblers continue to trust Trustly because of its excellent features and benefits. If you are looking for a convenient and efficient online payment facilitator, Trustly is definitely the method that you should choose and trust!