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The online casino industry is continuously growing and more and more companies are creating software and platforms that aim to make transfers easier for casinos and players. Mobile phones have become an essential part of everyday lives, and with this in mind, payment processors realized the need to create mobile payment solutions for different e-commerce transactions. Siru Mobile heeded the call and developed a platform that lets users perform amatic gaming slots deposits through their mobile phones.

Siru Mobile provides a platform for people to perform payments and other electronic transactions directly from their phones. Mobile phone payments are extremely convenient since you can immediately perform a deposit without having to use your desktop computer or laptop. Nowadays, almost everyone owns a smartphone and these mobile devices are extremely helpful in keeping up with active and busy lifestyles. The great thing about Siru Mobile is that there are no special registrations required plus there’s no need to have an immediate funding method. Siru Mobile’s verification method is quick – it only takes a few minutes. Several countries are now part of Siru Mobile’s network and there are a good number of online casinos which allow this payment method.

More about Siru Mobile

Siru Mobile is a tech firm headquartered in Helsinki that focuses on mobile payment innovations. Siru Mobile’s vision is to fill a gap in the payment processing industry, which is to allow mobile e-commerce payments to better suit the modern lifestyle of customers. They were able to create an innovative, cloud-based payment platform. The company currently operates in different locations around the world: headquartered in Helsinki, and offices in Dubai, Hong Kong, Malta, Oslo, and Stockholm. Siru Mobile now has over 30 highly-experienced mobile tech specialists and continue to work with other firms to develop powerful systems for different markets.

Payments and Withdrawals using Siru Mobile

Unlike other online payment methods, there is not much complicated to do when using Siru Mobile. You will only a mobile number and an account with an online casino that allows Siru Mobile for deposits and transfers. To begin, you should go to the payment section of your preferred online casino. You will be asked to provide personal details and information, most especially your personal mobile number. You also have to indicate the amount that you want to transfer to your casino balance.

Before Siru Mobile processes your payment, you will be required to confirm the details in the form and submit the payment through your mobile phone. After submitting your payment, you will get a payment receipt which also serves as the confirmation of the transaction for aristocrat casino slots. Once the transactions are processed, you should see the funds in your casino balance, which means you can already start to play your favorite casino games online!

You have two options to pay your Siru Mobile transaction. First, for prepaid mobile phone users, the amount transferred to your online casino can be taken from your available balance. If you have a postpaid phone plan, the amount will be reflected on your next phone bill and you can settle it together with your postpaid phone bill.

Siru Mobile FAQs

Is Siru Mobile available in my country?

If you reside in Finland, Norway, Sweden, and the United Kingdom, you can take advantage of Siru Mobile’s mobile payment service. The company plans to expand to new territories in the near future.

Is registration required to avail of this service?

You don’t need to sign up or register anywhere to use Siru Mobile. The only requirement is that you own a mobile phone from any of the countries mentioned above.

What are the transaction limits and fees involved?

There is a €300 limit (or the equivalent in another currency) in a period of 30 days. This limit is also a rolling balance which means your available limit will immediately reflect your payments. Siru Mobile charges a small fee for every transaction which will be indicated on the payment page prior to approving the deposit transaction.

Can I use Siru Mobile to withdraw from my casino balance?

At this time, Siru Mobile cannot be used to withdraw funds. To cash-out from your online casino balance, you will have to redeem through a check, bank transfer or other online payment methods.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Siru Mobile Casinos

Siru Mobile offers online casino players a variety of advantages which makes it a great payment option. As discussed earlier, the only requirement to use the service is a mobile phone registered in a country where Siru Mobile payments are available. The payment process is relatively simple and quick so you can focus more on playing and winning instead of waiting for the money to appear in your casino balance. Siru Mobile provides utmost convenience for users since transactions can be done through a smartphone. You can also worry about paying later on since the funds you deposited to your online casino account can be included in your phone bill.

By choosing to play at a Siru Mobile, you can devote your time on playing your favorite online casino games and not in trying to figure out complicated payment methods. Plus, you can get exciting bonuses and rewards when you deposit using Siru Mobile casinos!

Every online casino payment method has its own set of disadvantages, and Siru Mobile is not an exception. The first disadvantage is the fact that Siru Mobile is only available in some European countries. So if you live elsewhere, you will not be eligible to use Siru Mobile payments. Another drawback is that Siru Mobile only allows deposits at this time and cannot be used to withdraw funds. There are also fees associated with the use of Siru Mobile, €4 for each deposit transaction, which may be higher compared to Zimpler or Boku. It may not be a suitable payment method for high-stakes players and high rollers since the deposit limit may not be sufficient for your betting preferences.

Siru Mobile Casinos Conclusion

Siru Mobile is a trendsetter in the online gaming industry and has revolutionized how e-commerce and online casino payments are made. The concept of Siru Mobile is not only unique and interesting, but it also offers a variety of benefits for online casino player looking for a quick and reliable payment method.