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Note: PugglePay has been rebranded and is now known as Zimpler. Learn more about this extraordinary payment method.

If you’re an avid online casino player, you are likely always on the lookout for new and innovative payment platforms. Luckily, there are many companies that attempt to create unique online payment solutions for the benefit of e-commerce users including online casino players. One such company is PugglePay, a Swedish company that hopes to change the way online payments are made, by empowering users with the ability to send payments using only their mobile devices.

PugglePay is an entry-level mobile payment solution that originated in Sweden. Although the company is relatively small compared to big-time competitors, it has gained a lot of fans especially those who play in online gambling sites. PugglePay is well-received by online casinos and players so it’s not surprising to see them become one of the market leaders in mobile payment solutions.

How PugglePay Works

PugglePay is a unique payment service in comparison to other online and mobile payment solutions providers. First of all, one does not need to sign up to use the service. Second, you don’t need to register a bank account or credit card prior to making a payment through their platform. When a user wants to make a deposit to their online gambling account, he or she will provider her mobile phone number and PugglePay will then send a confirmation through SMS message. After confirmation of the player’s or sender’s identity, PugglePay performs a quick verification. If there are no issues found, the payment will be reflected on your casino balance almost instantly!

How does it exactly work? PugglePay takes all the risks in the transaction since the customer will be billed by PugglePay at a later date and the online casino owner receives the deposit payment immediately. PugglePay makes it very convenient and utterly safe for the merchants and players. Players will no longer worry about sharing personal information in order to upload money into their casino account and will deal with the cost of the transaction later on. PugglePay paves the ways for a seamless and efficient transaction, benefiting both the customer and online casino operator.

PugglePay’s services are available to residents of Finland and Sweden. One of PugglePay’s required information is the registered person number which is found in a Finnish or Swedish ID. PugglePay will also look for the full name and mobile number of the customer which will help them confirm if a person is eligible to receive credit. PugglePay will perform a soft credit check to verify your personal information including your current financial standing. Other information may also be required such as the details of your driver’s license.

Making a Deposit at PugglePay Casinos

There are numerous companies trying to get their share of the pie in the online payment industry but there is still no leader when it comes to mobile payments. PugglePay is a mobile payment processor that has gained following mostly in the Scandinavian region. The reason the service is gaining a lot of attention is the fact that the process is simple, secure and efficient. Read on to find out how PugglePay deposits work:

To begin your deposit transaction using PugglePay, first, choose PugglePay as the preferred method when visiting the deposits section of the online casino. Key in your mobile phone number at the casino’s payment page. PugglePay will then send you a confirmation code through SMS. Once PugglePay receives your code, a quick credit check is performed. If there are no problems arising from the credit verification, the funds will then be transferred immediately to your casino balance!

Should You Choose PugglePay Casinos?

Apart from the valuable services that PugglePay provides its users, the company provides customer support via phone or email. There are online casinos that offer bonuses and rewards for depositing through PugglePay so you should take advantage of it while you can!

All online payment service providers have unique features and also have their own set of disadvantages. One of the drawbacks of using PugglePay is that you won’t be able to retrieve any money from your online casino balance since it does not offer an e-wallet function. This should not cause you any worries since you can still retrieve your winnings through another payment method.

Here are the other things that you need to know about PugglePay Casinos:

Are there online casinos that accept PugglePay?

Yes. There are many online casinos that accept PugglePay as a method of payment or deposit. You can also search online for online gambling sites that allow PugglePay payments, especially those from Sweden.

What are the fees associated with PugglePay?

There are no fees involved in making a deposit using PugglePay. However, you will receive a bill for the payment made and failing to pay the bill will result in a penalty of 49 SEK.

When is the due date of my PugglePay bill?

You will receive a notification from PugglePay either through email, text or postal mail. Your bill is due 2 weeks from the date of the purchase.

What will happen if I don’t pay my PugglePay bill on time?

When you sign up for the PugglePay service, you agree to the terms and conditions which include the fees involved in late bill payments. Should you fail to pay your bill on time, an interest amounting to 8% of the amount will be imposed and also a “reminder fee” of 6 euros. If you become delinquent on payments, the company may seek legal assistance to recoup their money.

PugglePay Casinos Conclusion

PugglePay is a unique electronic payment service that allows you to make deposits to your online casino account in an instant. You can enjoy quick and secure deposits with only your mobile number as the required information to process the transaction. PugglePay is very popular to online gambling aficionados because of the hassle-free process. But a word of caution – casino deposits using PugglePay are technically personal loans that you need to pay within the allowed timeframe to avoid penalties and charges. Therefore, people with uncontrolled gambling habits should steer away from this casino payment method. The availability of PugglePay’s service is very limited, so it can also be considered a major drawback. But in terms of reliability and speed, PugglePay definitely delivers.