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Przelewy24 Overview

Przelewy24, created by DialCom24 Group, is one of the most popular online payment platforms in Poland. Almost every bank in the country supports Przelewy24 and it’s highly preferred by most online casino players. The main reason why it has gotten popular is it provides services absolutely free of charge for customers. It’s also a highly secure way to transfer funds since it only acts as a middle man between banks and online casinos.

Przelewy24’s headquarters is located in Poznan, Poland. It’s an e-wallet system that offers several fund transfer options. It provides a high level of security which is why it has become one of the most trusted online payment platforms in Poland. This is a highly secure way of transferring funds since it does not release personal information and banking details to merchants. Its only major disadvantage is its limited availability to players from around the world. Everyone deserves to enjoy the kind of online payment services that only Przelewy24 can provide.

How it Works

Przelewy24 works just like an e-wallet. After opening an account with Przelewy24, you’ll have 7 options on how to transfer funds. As of this moment, Przelewy24 offers the following funding options: mobile payment, e-wallet, bank transfer, SMS, credit card, cash payment, and international payment. Customers can use Przelewy24 for all e-wallet services. Przelewy24 usually processes transactions right away. It provides instant bank transfers and instant online payments. However, the time it takes to complete a transaction also largely depends on the chosen bank.


When using Przelewy24 for deposit transactions, the first thing that you have to do is find a reputable online casino that accepts Przelewy24 as a deposit method. Then, you must create a user account at your chosen online casino. After successfully opening an account at your preferred online casino, log in to your new account using your username and password. Once you have successfully logged in, go to the casino’s Banking or Payment Page. Choose Przelewy24 from the list of available deposit options.

You’ll be redirected to a new page where you’ll be asked to provide the amount that you wish to deposit. You’ll be taken to another new page where you can choose from the selection of banks and funding options. Choose your preferred bank or funding option. You’ll be redirected to the online banking page of your chosen bank. Follow the instructions flashed on the screen and provide all the required details. Complete the verification process and confirm the transactions. Once you have successfully submitted the payment request, the funds will instantly be transferred into your online casino account.


Unfortunately, Przelewy24 can’t be used yet for withdrawal transactions. Players who prefer to use Przelewy24 for their online payment needs should choose a different payment method for withdrawal transactions. There are so many payment options to choose from, including Skrill, Neteller, and Paypal. These are all reliable and great choices. It’s also possible to just transfer your winnings directly to your bank account.


Since Przelewy24 is a highly popular and trusted payment method, it has a lot of advantages. Its main advantage is the kind of security it provides for its customers. Since it only acts as a middle man between a customer’s bank and his chosen casino, no private details will be released to third parties. A customer’s personal information or banking details will be kept safe and secure from hackers and thieves. Only Przelewy24 will have access to the customers’ private information and since it’s a highly trusted company, you can be absolutely sure that your private data will be kept safe and secure.

Another advantage of using Przelewy24 is its convenience to use. Customers don’t need to create an account before using Przelewy24’s services. It’s good news for customers because they won’t have to remember usernames and passwords when using Przelewy24 for online payment transactions. It’s definitely one of the easiest payment systems to use nowadays.

One of its major advantages is the fact that Przelewy24 does not charge fees for completed transactions. Customers won’t have to pay for anything when availing Przelewy24’s services. Instead, the company charges merchants for accepting transactions through Przelewy24.

However, you must be careful and make sure to read the terms and conditions of your preferred online casinos since some of them might try to make you pay for Przelewy24’s services. Another great advantage of choosing Przelewy24 is its availability. A lot of casinos accept Przelewy24 as a payment method so it wouldn’t be hard for players to look for online casinos that accept this payment option. Almost all online casinos in Poland include Przelewy24 in their selection of payment methods.


Since Przelewy24 is absolutely a great payment method with an amazing reputation, it only has a couple of disadvantages. Its main disadvantage is its limited availability to players. It can only be used as a payment method in Poland. Players from all over the world can’t avail the services of this incredible online payment system. Another disadvantage is that it can only be used by Polish bank account owners. Players will have to open a bank account before they can be allowed to use Przelewy24. If you want to try Przelewy24 but it’s not available in your country, the best options would be Sofort and Citadel Banking since they both offer similar services and perks that Przelewy24 has.


Przelewy24 has a lot of similarities with other online banking methods when it comes to the advantages. It gives players a chance to use payment systems they’re familiar with. Przelewy24 also provides fast and secure payment services for the convenience of players. This payment method has successfully gained the trust of its customers. It must be noted though that it’s only available within Poland. This piece of information is both an advantage and a disadvantage to Przelewy24. It’s a disadvantage because it definitely limits the scope of the payment option. However, it can also be considered as an advantage because the company has the time and resources to further improve its platform and its services as well.