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The best way to pay and play: POLi

POLi - or more commonly called as POLipay, is an online money transfer service provider operating in the Australia and New Zealand regions. It is currently Australia’s number one choice in terms of payment method. More recently, POLi has expanded its business by tapping into the online casino market and has found great success doing so.

One major reason why our betting friends from Australia and ANZ swear by POLi as their go-to online payment option is its straightforward nature. Unlike other popular options such as PayPal or Skrill, it does not market itself as an e-wallet. This means that players do not need to set up their own account, which can be used to store funds electronically. To use the company’s own words: “POLi is able to provide consumers a convenient and affordable method of payment by operating a proxy. The proxy service means that the customers are simply accessing their original bank site via the POLi servers.”

Basically, POLi is a favorite among gamblers because it does only one thing, but it does it very well.

Using POLipay for online transactions

Paying online casinos with POLi is as simple as they come. To start off, create an account with a site which lists it as a payment method. If you’re looking for a great casino choice, check out FreeSlotsCentral. It offers a wide variety of games and accepts POLipay for deposits. Take note that you are creating an account with the slot machines by big time gaming and not with POLi.

Once you have your account set up, you can make a deposit by navigating to the site’s payment or banker page. Look for POLi under the options. Sometimes these options are found under sub-categories such as “Online Banking”, among others. Once you’ve selected POLi, you will be prompted to choose your bank from the list of options provided. After this, you need to login to your bank account and follow the steps provided (it differs per bank). You’ll know that you have successfully completed the transaction once you receive a receipt and the amount you’ve deposited shows up on your online betsoft casino slots account. From there, the next step is to play!

Advantages of using POLi

As previously discussed, POLi is a great option to have when transacting online. In case you weren’t sold yet, we’ve detailed a few of the advantages users have when subscribing to this payment method.

Ease of use

POLi focuses on one aspect of your online experience- and that is payment. It doesn’t try to handle all your digital transactions, nor does it keep your electronic funds in one place. In this age where companies scramble to create platforms bloated with functionality, POLi is a breath of fresh air because of its simplicity.


POLi isn’t a slouch when it comes to security either. It facilitates payments via their own proxy servers which access your bank’s website but does not store any information you provide. Additionally, hackers would not get any user information by hacking POLi’s servers since no user is required to create an account with them anyway. The proof that these security measure work lies with the company’s ISO27001 certification, which is the global standard when it comes to information security management.

Focused, yet versatile

We’ve talked a lot about how POLi is a great choice for funding your online casino accounts, but let’s not forget that it started out as a payment method for all sorts of merchants. If you live in the ANZ regions, you can use POLi for virtually any transaction like paying bills or buying things online.

Less Fees

Because it’s not as feature-rich as other options, POLi does not charge you additional fees when you use it. Heck, it doesn’t even charge fees for any transaction you make! Be careful with this though, as the online casino / merchant or your bank may charge you their own extra fees per transaction. To be on the safe side, make it a habit to read your casino’s payment guides and FAQs upon registering.

“But…” -some disadvantages of using POLi


POLi is definitely a great way to pay online- if you have access to it in your region that is. It is currently only offered as a service in Australia and New Zealand, with support for a number of different banks. Hopefully it expands into other regions globally so that more customers can enjoy the service it provides.

Lack of advanced features

POLi is a great way for paying for stuff online, but some users might be more accustomed to the functionality of e-wallets. Before subscribing to any mode of payment, it’s important to ask yourself what you need first, and make your decision from there.