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If you are an online casino aficionado but tired of the usual payment providers, you should definitely try paysafecard! It is a great alternative to the traditional e-wallets, debit cards and credit cards to fund your online casino account. If you have not heard of paysafecard, you should know that it is a reputable provider of prepaid cards to use for paying e-commerce purchases as well as online gambling sites. Here we give you a rundown of the benefits and drawbacks of paysafecard compared to other popular online casino payment methods, as well as how to use paysafecard to transfer money or withdraw funds from your online casino account from best casino sites. But first, let’s learn more about paysafecard.

paysafecard is a Vienna-based online payment processor and has been operating for more than a decade. It is one of the leading payment methods favored by online casino players. One can purchase a paysafecard from more than 300,000 sales outlets across the globe, in 45 countries. A customer can use it to buy products and services over the Internet without the need to own a credit card or debit card.

With a paysafecard, you can enjoy shopping at various e-commerce sites and providers like NetEnt slot games and you can use them to transfer funds to your online casino account! In Europe, paysafecard is one of the most popular payment options if you want to play at an online gambling site. To attest to the safety and great reputation of paysafecard, it is not just authorized to operate and monitored by the Financial Services Authority in the UK, paysafecard is also authorized to offer electronic money to various European countries. You can easily purchase a paysafecard if you reside in France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, and the UK.

There are so many payment options made available to online casino players but paysafecard receives plenty of attention despite the proliferation of online payment methods such as Skrill, NETELLER and PayPal. paysafecard was created to address the need to have a more secure and safe payment method for online purchases and payments. paysafecard payments go through a complex security system that is impossible to hack. One of the best security features of a paysafecard is the unique PIN codes provided by the paysafecard system. Every PIN code is unique and for single use only which means it would be virtually impossible for anyone to use your PIN to perform deposit or withdrawal transactions.

Thanks to its 128-bit SSL certificate, paysafecard’s site is so secure, it is guaranteed that your personal details are fully protected during the entire payment process. The company also continues to protect its customers from dangerous malware. The aforementioned features are just the tip of the iceberg; there are more reasons why you should choose paysafecard over other online payment processors.

Pros and Cons of paysafecard for Online Casinos

In order to know whether a payment method is suitable for you, you should first understand the benefits and drawbacks.

Advantages of paysafecard

  1. paysafecard lets you perform deposit and withdrawal transactions even without a debit or credit card because the money is readily available in your card.
  2. There are no transaction fees when making a deposit to your favorite online casino. The amount you deposit to the online casino cashier is the exact amount that will be reflected in your casino account online. It is also important to know that paysafecards does not have any specific use-by-date.
  3. Your personal information is safe when you opt to use paysafecard because you don’t have to disclose any sensitive personal information. You read that right – you don’t have to fill up any forms at all. Once you purchase your prepaid paysafecard, you simply perform a payment using it and it’s done. paysafecard is very popular in the online gambling industry which is why you will see numerous paysafecard casinos online.
  4. One of the best reasons to use paysafecard is that the company promises the utmost safety and security in every transaction. paysafecard uses the most updated SSL certificate on their site, a state-of-the-art security system to defend customers from malware, and generates 16-digit codes that customers will use to perform a transaction.
  5. Apart from being safe and secure, paysafecard has its own mobile app that makes it very convenient to check the card’s transaction history and remaining balance. The paysafecard app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices so it will be easy to download an app that can work for your mobile device’s operating system.

Disadvantages of paysafecard

  1. In order to top up funds at your online gambling account, you must use paysafecard since you used it to deposit the initial funds.
  2. A £2 monthly fee will be deducted to your paysafecard balance if you have not used it one year after purchase.
  3. If you have won some money playing online casino, you will definitely want to cash out some the funds. The bad news is that some online casinos do not support funds withdrawal using paysafecard. It is best to check with the online gambling site to be sure.
  4. Although paysafecard is highly popular in European countries and continues to generate interest among e-commerce users, it does not offer support to Australia, Canada, and the USA.