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Pay by Phone Overview

An incredibly convenient way to deposit cash at online casinos is finally getting popular. It’s the Pay by Phone deposit method where players can transfer funds to their online casino account through their phone bill or phone credit. It also ensures the safety and security of transactions since no personal and banking details will be provided. You only have to provide your phone number in order to process the deposit transaction. Although it’s not widely available yet, this is definitely a promising way to deposit cash at online casinos and rtg casino slots.


This short but informative guide will help you learn more about how deposits can be made through your phone bill or phone credit. You just need to follow these steps:

  1. Create a user account at your preferred online casino.
  2. Log in with your username and password.
  3. Go to the Banking or Payments page.
  4. Click the Deposit button.
  5. Choose the Pay By Phone option from the selection of available online casino payment methods.
  6. Enter your phone number and indicate the amount that you wish to deposit.
  7. Completely finish the verification process and wait for the transaction to be confirmed.
  8. The platform will send you a phone message, indicating that the transaction has been processed.
  9. It’s going to be your signal to check your online casino account balance since the deposited amount will be transferred quickly.

This is an easy way to pay your bills, especially if you to play but still stuck with a lot to do at home.


Unfortunately, this online payment method does not allow withdrawals yet. There are several methods to choose from if you wish to withdraw winnings like Neteller, Paypal, Skrill, and Debit Cards.


The fees that you’ll pay for online payment transactions using the Pay By Phone method largely depend on your preferred online casino. Some casinos charge a 15% fee for deposits which is quite a lot.


Pay by Phone has a lot of advantages. One of its main advantages is the convenience! You won’t have to open an e-wallet, open a bank account, create a user account, and even link your cards. Paying through your phone bill or phone credit is unbelievably convenient. When you search for a payment method to use, you even read reviews, check their licenses, and even find out every single detail about a particular payment method. Depositing funds through your phone will save you a lot of time and effort. You’ll be able to play your favorite mobile casino games anytime and anywhere you want.

Another great advantage is you can instantly load up your online casino account without spending cash right away. Since you can charge it to your phone bill or credit, you can pay for the deposited funds at a later date. You can use the funds instantly but you won’t be asked to pay right away. One amazing advantage of using Pay by Phone is the high level of security it provides for its customers. Just make sure that you’ll be playing at a licensed and reputable online casino to be safer. You won’t be asked to provide private details so this is absolutely a secure online payment method. The only detail that you have to provide is your phone number- nothing more, nothing less.

Even though you’re playing at mobile casinos, you can get the same rewards and bonuses they’re offering at the desktop versions. You can even enjoy a first deposit bonus. Players will also be surprised to know that mobile casinos actually have a great selection of awesome games where you can win massive prizes. Live dealer, video poker, and classic table games are also available.


Although Pay By Phone is a highly convenient and secure way to deposit funds into your online casino account, it also has several disadvantages. One of its major disadvantages is it charges fees for each transaction. If you wish to deposit funds to your online casino account using this option, your preferred casino will usually charge a fee amounting to 15% of the total processed amount. Before completing a transaction, make sure to read the terms and conditions so you’ll be aware of the possible fees they’ll charge you. Another disadvantage is how it has a daily deposit limit when using your phone for online payments. As of this moment, Pay by Phone can only be used to deposit funds up to £30 a day. For regular and occasional casino players, that amount is acceptable. However, it’s inconvenient for high rollers since they play higher stakes.

It also lacks a withdrawal option which can be very convenient to players since using the same payment method for both deposits and withdrawals is easier and more convenient. Users are not allowed to withdraw winnings to their mobile phones. Choosing a different payment method for withdrawals can be such a hassle but if you win big, then it’s absolutely worth it. Another disadvantage is how it’s accepted at several mobile providers only. Only the most popular mobile providers offer this feature. This method also prohibits the use of a BT landline to process funds, only mobile phone bills or mobile phone credit can be used for these transactions.


Paying at mobile casinos using just your phone bill or credit is definitely a great deposit option. It’s a very convenient way for users to process deposits. It’s also an ideal withdrawal method because of its high level of security. Although it charges moderately high fees for processing transactions, the amount of security and convenience that it can provide is definitely worth it. A lot of users now prefer this Pay By Phone online payment method. More and more mobile casinos are now starting to accept this payment option.