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OchaPay Casinos

The online casino industry is continuously growing and this prompts companies and software developers to innovate and improve online payment systems. If you are an online gambling aficionado, you know how important it is to find an online payment processor that meets your requirements and preferences. There are numerous online payment processors but you need to consider the features they offer, their benefits and drawbacks, and other factors that make it worthwhile to use.

There are popular and reputable online payment processors that can give you the service that you need when it comes to depositing or withdrawing money from an online slot machines by betsoft. However, over the years, small companies have tried penetrating the online gambling industry and some have successfully entered the market through their innovative payment processing systems. One example is OchaPay, a relatively new online payment platform that is eagerly adopted by known and reputable online casinos. It offers a unique and safe way to pay for products and services online. OchaPay is a single-use money voucher used to pay and send money online without requiring you to disclose your personal and banking information to an online merchant. Are you ready to learn more about OchaPay?

OchaPay Overview

Ochapay is a company based in London that provides clients the option to purchase money vouchers for payments and transfers. They put a big emphasis on privacy by not requiring any personal information or banking details from their clients. The money vouchers can be used to pay for online purchases including making deposits to online gambling accounts.

Register to MyOchaPay

There are two ways to use OchaPay, first through the standard website and the second is through the OchaPay app. If you register as a member, you will have your very own My OchaPay profile which lets you pay more conveniently through OchaPay’s virtual payment card which has similarities to their OchaPay voucher.

As soon as you have registered to My OchaPay, you can start using their Web platform. This will allow you to easily connect, make payments or send money to any service provider or online merchant that accepts OchaPay payments. The great news is that there is an increased number of online bally wulff slots and gambling sites that accommodate players using the OchaPay payment method. Here’s how you can create your very own OchaPay account.

  1. Visit OchaPay’s official site at http://ochapay.com/default.aspx and hit the Register button.
  2. You will provide the necessary personal details and submit once done.
  3.  Wait for the notification email where you will see a link that will verify the account that you just created.
  4. After verifying your registration through the link you received in your email, your e-wallet will be activated and you can start using OchaPay.

How to deposit at an online casino through Ochapay

OchaPay aims to put its clients in control by giving them the option to pay securely and discretely. Here’s how easy it is to make a deposit using the OchaPay method:

  1. Look for an OchaPay-affiliated online casino that lets you play your favorite online casino games.
  2. Purchase a money voucher from an OchaPay-approved retailer by giving the exact amount of money that you want to use for your online purchase.
  3. Head over to the casino’s deposits page and select OchaPay as the method that you want to use.
  4. Indicate the amount for deposit to your online casino balance.
  5. Key in the required information from your OchaPay voucher (or your OchaPay virtual card number) and you’re all set!

After the information is processed, you will receive a notification that the money was credited to your account and you can start playing online casino right away!

Advantages and Disadvantages of OchaPay Casinos

Although OchaPay is relatively new compared to other online payment processors, it has attracted clients and customers who are looking for a reliable electronic payment method.

Pro#1: Secure and reliable

One of the most important factors to consider when looking for an electronic payment processor is that it should be safe and dependable. OchaPay is a secure and reliable e-payment system that will be appreciated by customers who are wary of paying online using their bank account information.

Pro#2: Quick and convenient

You can enjoy speedy deposit and payment transactions through OchaPay since they have a mobile app that you can use aside from their online platform. Even newbie online casino players and people who are not tech-savvy can use OchaPay without any difficulties.

Pro#3: Dedicated customer support

OchaPay has a dedicated and responsive customer service that will immediately help you if you stumble upon some issues or problems while using their virtual card or voucher.

Pro#4: Information remains confidential

Players will not be required to disclose their personal and financial information to third parties including online merchants and online casino operators.

Con#1: Cannot be used for withdrawals

OchaPay currently cannot be used to withdraw money from an online casino account. In case you were able to deposit money to your casino account using OchaPay, don’t fret since there are many online payment processors that can help you redeem your money when you need to.

Con#2: Limited availability

OchaPay is a new e-payment service which means that there are limited casinos offering it at the moment.

OchaPay Casinos Conclusion

In a nutshell, OchaPay is a simple and easy-to-use e-payment processor that can be used by online casino players whether they are veterans or newbies. Numerous online payment processors offer plenty of features but are sometimes too complicated for regular folks to understand. OchaPay’s process is very direct and unambiguous so customers will not have any difficulty understanding it. Although OchaPay is still new, which explains why only selected online casinos offer the service as of the moment, with its features and benefits, it will surely gain more traffic and a bigger audience in the long run. One of its biggest advantages of OchaPay is that it allows you to send payments without having to log in to your online banking account. If you are looking for an online payment method that is user-friendly and reliable, you should definitely try OchaPay.