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NETeller Overview

NETeller is a well-known and reputable eWallet service. Millions of customers in over 180 countries across the world use this electronic wallet and payment service. NETeller has been operating for over a decade and the reliability, cost-effectiveness, and security of the service makes it very popular. It is one of the trusted payment options of casino patrons due to its quick and seamless service.

Opening a NETeller account is easy and simple. You just need to visit their website, which is available in 13 languages, and fill in your personal information. After successfully opening a NETeller account, you will be provided an Account ID as well as a Secure ID. Make sure to check your email inbox for the details of your account which will help you in performing future NETeller transactions.

Once your NETeller account is activated, you can now make an initial deposit to your NETeller account through bank transfer, debit card or credit card. As soon as your account has an existing balance, you can utilize your NETeller eWallet to buy products and services over the Internet, and also deposit cash to your favorite online casino! It is impossible to have a negative balance on your NETeller account since you will only be able to use funds that you have already transferred to the account.

Before transferring funds to your casino account using NETeller, verify with your bank if there are any fees or charges that will be imposed on you. You should also remember that your NETeller account can be charged a penalty if inactivity lasts for 14 months despite having a positive balance. To avoid such penalties, make sure to perform a deposit or withdrawal from your favorite online casinos using NETeller. Other than these, NETeller casino deposits and withdrawals are easy as 123!

Customer support for NETeller accountholders is available for many countries through phone and available across the globe for those needing email support. To reach NETeller from your country, visit their website at and you can also browse their FAQ section for quick inquiries.

Additional Features and Services

As if the discussed NETeller features and functions were not enough, you will be delighted to know that NETeller also has prepaid cards that can be used to deposit to your favorite online casino. NETeller’s Net+ card prepaid card is powered by MasterCard. The advantages of using Net+ card is you can decide how much money you want to add to it in advance. It also avoids the possibility of disclosing sensitive personal information to other entities or third parties. The Net+ card can be used to take out money from selected ATMs, but take note that this can come with a fee.

If you want to withdraw money from your online casino account to your NETeller eWallet, you only need to follow a few simple steps. Choose NETeller as your preferred withdrawal option and enter the necessary information. It is important to remember that many online gambling sites only allow you to withdraw to NETeller if you used the same payment provider to fund your online casino account.

In most cases, there are no charges in making deposits or withdrawals to your NETeller account. But the NETeller site states that there are fees involved when it comes to withdrawing or transferring funds. According to their site, transferring money to a NETeller account will have a fee ranging from 1.9% to 8%, which will vary based on the method of transfer that you use.

For example, if you upload funds to your NETeller eWallet through Nordea Bank, the fee is 2% of the amount that you transferred. Using POLi debit card, on the other hand, will charge you 1%-2% and funds transferred through Trustly will have a fee of 1.95%. For withdrawals, a fee of €25 may apply when using Bank Draft as the option, and Bank Transfers will have a €7.5 fee per transaction.

NETeller transactions are instantly processed but may have a window period of 24 to 48 hours if there are issues with the withdrawal transaction. A good option, therefore, is NETeller’s Net+MasterCards since it is the most convenient and cost-effective option to cash out. Do take note that there are daily limits to deposits and withdrawals, which is $10,000.

Online Casinos accepting NETeller

NETeller is one of the most popular and widely accepted payment options for depositing and withdrawing from an online casino account. You will hardly find any online casino that does not accept NETeller except if your country is restricted from accessing that certain online gambling platform. Although NETeller is widely used in most online casinos, it is still smaller compared to  PayPal and Skrill.

NETeller Conclusion

NETeller is a popular option among online casino players because of the quick and seamless process involved in making a deposit or a withdrawal. Their platform is easy to use and very secure so you need not worry about your personal information being disclosed at any of the online gambling sites that you choose to play at. The company has been in business since 1999 which speaks volumes about its reputation and competencies. NETeller has been actively processing deposits and withdrawals from online casinos since 2000 and has become highly favored by online gamblers. Unfortunately, NETeller is not accepted in some parts of the world, but this should not stop you from using NETeller since there are numerous online casinos that accept this secure and reliable online payment method.