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Neosurf Overview

Just when you thought you’ve heard about every kind of online payment processor there is, comes Neosurf. What is Neosurf, anyways? Neosurf is a prepaid card that allows you to transfer funds without the need to provide sensitive personal and financial information. It has become very popular among online casino players as a method to transfer money to their favorite online gambling websites.

According to Neosurf’s CCO, Andrea McGeachin, the company aims to make funds transfers easy and convenient for its online gaming customers. She said customers are constantly looking for alternative methods of funding their online betconstruct casino balances. Neosurf believes that customers should enjoy the most convenient process of transferring funds anytime and anywhere they want to.

Neosurf is part of Delta Media Europe, which is a reputable distributor of phone vouchers. Neosurf is available in about 135,000 outlets all over the world. Neosurf was introduced in 2004 and has become a popular payment method in countries located in Africa and Europe. You will be able to buy cards with €/£10 value up to €/£100 in selected retail shops. Since you will be paying in cash, there is no need to disclose any personal information and banking details to make a deposit in online gambling sites using Neosurf.

How Neosurf Works

There are no complex processes to understand in order for you to use Neosurf. The product is similar to prepaid cards that one uses to reload credit on their mobile phones. When you purchase a Neosurf card, you will find a PIN code at the back of the card. You will use this 10-digit code to validate your online bgaming casino deposit. There are no time-consuming signups required in order to make a deposit transaction. So if you’re looking for the fastest and most convenient way to upload funds into your online casino balance, Neosurf beats other online payment processors by a mile.

Introduced in 2004 in France, Neosurf is one of the earliest innovators of online payment through a prepaid card. The company is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom so you can be sure you are dealing with a reputable firm.

Deposits and Withdrawals through Neosurf

Neosurf is a unique product that lets you make deposits to your online casino account in a quick and safe manner which explains why it has become a popular deposit option among online casino players. When you have chosen an online casino that allows Neosurf payments, you can start depositing funds using a Neosurf card. Visit the online casino’s payment section and select Neosurf as the payment option. There are only two important steps that you need to do to authorize the transaction: one, indicate the amount that you want to deposit, and two, key in the validation code provided at the back of the card.

It’s that simple – no time-consuming registrations required, no need to log in to your bank’s online banking platform! And one more thing, compared to other payment processors, there are no additional fees or charges when you use Neosurf to fund your online casino account!

Unfortunately, it is not possible to use Neosurf to withdraw money from your online casino account. Although depositing funds using Neosurf is 100% hassle-free, the card, being prepaid, does not have an e-wallet function. Fortunately, you will not have any shortage of withdrawal options to choose from.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Neosurf Online Casinos

Using Neosurf for transferring money to a favorite online gambling site offers many benefits, as well as some drawbacks.

Pro#1: No registrations necessary

Most online payment processors require some form of registration or sign up before allowing you to perform deposit or fund transfers. This won’t be necessary with Neosurf.

Pro#2: Secure transactions

Neosurf securely processes all transactions with SSL and 128-bit encryption so you can be sure that your deposits are safe and sound.

Pro#3: Instant payment

The money will be transferred immediately to your online casino profile once you finish the Neosurf deposit procedure.

Pro#4: Use cash to deposit

Well, not cash exactly. But since you will be purchasing your Neosurf card with cash, it will seem like you are indeed paying with cash to deposit money to your online casino balance.

Pro#5: Zero fees

There are no fees associated with Neosurf deposits, but you also have to check with the online casino if there are no charges on their end.

Pros Summary

Neosurf cards are the best payment option for people who don’t have credit cards, debit cards or bank accounts to use in transferring money. It is also great for people who do not like disclosing their personal information and sensitive banking information to play their favorite table games, bingo games, and casino slots online.

Con#1: Availability in retail stores

Unless you have bought enough vouchers to satisfy your gameplay, you may need to head down to the nearest retail shop offering Neosurf cards. It may not be a viable option for high-rollers due to the low denominations of Neosurf cards.

Con#2: Country restrictions

Some countries may not allow the use of Neosurf cards for online casino transactions. In some countries, the Neosurf system may simply not be available.

Con#3: Limited casino acceptance

Not all online casinos accept Neosurf cards so it is important to verify if your preferred online casino supports this payment method. Since there are hundreds of online casinos to choose from, you will be able to find one that accepts Neosurf payments.

Cons Summary

Similar to other online and mobile payment processors, Neosurf has its own set of drawbacks, but not enough to say that Neosurf is not a good online casino payment method. If Neosurf is not available in your area, another similar option that you can try is paysafecard.

Neosurf Casinos Overall

If you’re seeking a secure, anonymous and convenient way to deposit funds to your Internet-based casino account, then Neosurf is your best option. Aside from having no fees for their deposit transactions, you can be sure that your personal information and bank details will not be shared to any third party processor. This is a great option for cautious online casino players who value their anonymity. There is no need to wait for hours or days since Neosurf immediately credits your casino balance with the funds you transfer as soon as you authorize the transaction using the unique PIN present in every prepaid card that you buy. Neosurf is recommended for new online casino players and those who want to stick to their budgets.