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"Innovative. Fast. Secure.” is how you would describe GiroPay’s services. It’s one of those solutions that scrap the tedious parts of online gambling- leaving the player with only an exciting and hassle-free online betting experience



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GiroPay Overview

GiroPay is Germany’s top solution when it comes to online banking.

With the rise of technology in modern society, few can rival the popularity of online gambling when it comes to delivering the thrills of high stakes. Having the ability to play virtually anywhere with an internet connection is quite the temptation for players- to say the least.

Given this convenience, there are still a few things surrounding online blablabla casino which need to be addressed before you can actually start playing unbothered. One of them is figuring out the best payment method / system which ensures the easiest, fastest and safest way for you to fund your online casino account. For players in Germany, Austria, and the Netherlands, GiroPay is their go-to option in funding their online casino accounts. You will see why as we dive deeper in this article.

What is GiroPay and how does it work?

Developed in 2006 by Giro Solutions, GiroPay is an online payment method offered by several reputable online bookmakers. It currently operates in Germany, the Netherlands, and Austria and has partnered with more than 1,500 banks in those areas to provide quality service to its customers.

Fast is the word that is usually attached to GiroPay and its easy to see why. It’s process of handling transactions is largely based on the simple PIN (Personal Identification Number) and TAN (Transaction Number) methods that have defined home banking over the years. By using GiroPay, you have a secure way of transferring your funds to and from your casino profile without having to link your bank accounts, credit, or debit cards.

One of the great things about GiroPay is that it doesn’t require you to register or set up an account with them to make transactions. Paying with GiroPay is as simple as selecting it as a payment method in your deposits. You have to make sure, however, that you have an active online bank account for the transaction to move forward.

Upon choosing GiroPay as your payment option, you will be prompted to indicate the banking account you’ll use for the transaction. After choosing, you will be redirected to your bank’s page where you will have to fill out the necessary information in the transaction form. To authorize the transaction, you have to provide the TAN-code. After this, your funds will transfer immediately from your bank account to your casino account. The same process applies when withdrawing funds from your big time gaming casino slots account which makes things simple and easy to remember every time.

Is GiroPay secure enough?

GiroPay has earned hundreds of glowing reviews and recommendations from millions of users partly because of its emphasis in security for every transaction it handles. To start off, it uses a reliable encryption method to secure your personal information when making transactions. This means that its system guarantees that the information you are sending out is only available to you and GiroPay. On top of this, their servers do not store any of your data, so you can rest assured that all your information is safe from hackers.

In addition to all of this, GiroPay transactions are processed in real time, essentially crossing-out the possibility of third party infiltrations.

Other important things about GiroPay

User / customer support

GiroPay’s website is already a great place to start looking for customer support. It contains all the information the clients need, as well as a dedicated FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section. They can also be contacted via email for other concerns regarding payment and withdrawal processes or anything about GiroPay


The fact that you don’t need to register a GiroPay account means that you don’t have to worry about monthly or annual service fees to avail their service. As with any other payment method provider, there are transaction fees that apply when you choose GiroPay. The amount of these fees may differ depending on the bank, but they are often quite cheap for the service you’re getting.


GiroPay is currently only available in Germany, Austria, and the Netherlands- with support from over 1,500 banks in these areas. There are plans to expand operations into other regions, so players should get excited because GiroPay may soon be available to them.

Pros, cons, and some final thoughts

GiroPay is definitely one of the better payment options out there. It’s fast, simple, and secure which is why several reputable online bookmakers like offer it as one of their options. Real-time processing of transactions allows you to have funds in your casino account the minute you transfer them. Furthermore, there are no hidden fees or extra registration processes to be wary of.

The only downside to GiroPay is that it’s only available in a few regions at the moment. It has, however, indicated plans of expansion, so a lot more players will be able to experience their quality service.

Given all these, GiroPay is definitely easy to recommend to anyone who engages in online gambling.